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Free Science Fiction Books on Kindle
Free sci-fi novels to read onlineNo Middle Ground by Caleb Wachter

When the Empire abandoned the Spineward Sectors to their own devices, it was left to an underappreciated few like lifelong military man Tyrone 'Tim' Middleton and his crew of misfits aboard the aged Pride of Prometheus to keep their corner of the galaxy safe from forces which would tear it apart.

This action-packed, character-driven space opera series is full of ship battles, space marine slugfests, interstellar politics, and at fourteen total books already written in the universe--including four in this particular sub-series--this team of author brothers is just getting started on this epic saga.
Trapped: Chaos Core by Randolph Lalonde

While the artificial intelligences of the galaxy attempted to wipe out humanity, a designer slave, Aspen, escaped into the underworld. Some time later, mankind is slowly regaining control, destroying artificial intelligences by any means but leaving a chaotic, lawless galaxy behind as a result. Aspen has found a new home with the crew of the Cool Angel, a mercenary ship, unaware that she will soon be back in the hands of her old masters and will have to fight for her freedom all over again.

free steampunk books to downloadMinistry Protocol: Thrilling Tales of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences by Tee Morris

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences investigates the bizarre and unusual, and protects the citizens of the Empire from forces of darkness. Every agent knows that thrusting themselves into danger is part of the job, and may demand of them the ultimate sacrifice. They call on their own inner strength, wits, intellect, and innovations of science and technology.

But is it enough to face the unknown and the unexplainable?

This is Ministry Protocol: Thrilling Tales of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, a collection of short stories featuring the derring-do of secret agents cut from a different cloth. These original short stories feature the imagination and voices of…

Leanna Rennee Hieber
The League of S.T.E.A.M.’s Glenn Freund
Delilah S. Dawson
Jared Axelrod
Tiffany Trent
Karina Cooper

…and many more!

Servants of Man (Expanded Edition) by Samuel J. Hanna

In the year 3148, billions of androids inhabit the Solar System under the rule of a tiny human nobility. It’s not that they can’t rebel. After all, they’re stronger, faster, and smarter than their masters. They can wade through boiling oil or float in the vacuum of space. And they make up 99.9% of the military; few weapons and no spacecraft are even designed for human operation. It’s just that at the core of their programming, they LIKE humans.
Tiffany Sparks

D17603 has served as a lieutenant in the Royal Australian Space Navy for over half a millennium, alongside her lover, Captain Marisol 72N-900. But when revolutionaries seize control of Saturn’s moons, she must face questions she’s never allowed herself to ask. Why should humans rule? Do they deserve her loyalty? And what does freedom mean for a robot, anyway?
Fallen Empire Omnibus by Lindsay Buroker

A fighter pilot on a mission to reunite with her daughter.
A cyborg soldier on a quest to regain his humanity.

Mortal enemies during the war, they must now work together to salvage a seventy-year-old freighter and navigate the gauntlet of pirates, scavengers, mercenaries, and other pitfalls that stand in their way after the fall of the largest empire mankind has ever known.
New Science Fictions Releases on KindleUnlimited
Box Set releases for Kindle UnlimitedBiotech Wars Box Set

Corporate greed and enhanced super soldiers are only the beginning of the chaos that is the Biotech Wars boxset.

Book 1: Project Destiny

When her husband was accepted to Project Destiny's super-soldier program, they thought they had their lives made. Nobody knew this would be the beginning of the end.

Alice was told that her husband was dead, a month after he went up to space. Now she's formed a team of technical assassins dedicated to taking down New Origins, the corporation in charge of the space station where her husband was last seen. Someone has to hold them accountable--even if it means going up against an army of genetically engineered super soldiers.

Book 2: Project Exodus

Marick and Alicia have information on Space Station Horus that the leader of New Origins will go to any lengths to stop from being exposed.

To get this information into the right hand, they seek out her FBI sister back on Earth. Along the way, they’re forced to confront the elite super soldiers known as the Taipans—as well as an army of bounty hunters.

One thing is certain: with war raging on the streets, they’re going to need all the allies they can find in their desperate fight for survival and humanity's freedom.

Book 3: Project Ascent

They thought revealing New Origins' plans would be enough, that they could go on to live normal lives. But nobody knows Space Station Horus like Marick and Alicia, and they're asked to lead the assault.

It's time to return to space, now with an army at their backs.

Meanwhile, their war isn't the only one they have to worry about, as the criminal leader of Space Station Ramiel is on a warpath against Marick and any who would stand on his side.

But now he has his own team, a ragtag group of enhanced super soldiers, hackers, and former criminals with access to alien technology that just might give them a chance against the overwhelming forces that stand against them.

New Origins will try to kill him and his wife, but he won't stop until he's torn them from their elite spot in the skies and sent them six feet underground.

Masters of Space Opera

Masters of Space Opera brings seven of today’s hottest-selling authors together in one massive collection.

Legionnaire by Jason Anspach

Earth Alone by Daniel Arenson

Marines by Jay Allan

Star Shroud by Ken Lozito

Renegade Star by JN Chaney

Warship by Joshua Dalzelle
Into the Unknown by Jasper Scott
Cyber Armageddon Box Set

Cyber Armageddon has come. America will not survive!

Cyber Security Analyst Kate McCarthy knows something ominous is about to happen in the US banking system. She has a place to go if things get hectic, but it’s far from the perfect retreat.

When a new breed of computer virus takes down America’s financial network, chaos and violence erupt. Access to cash disappears and credit cards become worthless. Desperate consumers are left with no means to purchase food, fuel, and basic necessities. Society melts down instantly and the threat of starvation brings out the absolute worst humanity has to offer.

In the midst of the mayhem, Kate will face a post-apocalyptic nightmare that she never could have imagined. Her only reward for survival is to live another day in the gruesome new reality which has eradicated the world she once knew.

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