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Free Horror Books on Kindle
free horror suspense novelsUmbrella Man by Willow Rose

In your dream, no one can hear you scream.

When the body of the teenage boy, Julian Long, is discovered in the Green Swamps of Florida, the citizens of Bushlake know the city will never be the same again. Julian was popular, loved by all, and the circumstances of his death are more than strange.

What secrets is the boy in the swamps hiding?

Stephanie Boulder has returned to the town after fifteen years to take care of her grandmother, who is terminally ill. She writes for the local paper and as soon as she starts digging into the story of Julian Long, she discovers secrets deep within the town’s history. Secrets so cruel, so profoundly buried, uncovering them will put her life in grave danger.

What if dreams weren’t just dreams? Would you dare to sleep again?

Desperate for answers, Stephanie embarks on a journey that spans beyond her beliefs, heading towards a terrifying nightmare, trying to figure out who the Umbrella Man is.
Free horror novels for downloadThe Pull by Daniel Blackmore

The Pull, throws the reader headlong into a maelstrom of mayhem when an ill-fated seance goes wrong.

Using a makeshift Ouija board, Chris and is best buddy Darren unintentionally alter the lives of two girls forever and place Chris's sister, Janet, directly in the path of a relentless evil.
The Ghost of Normandy Road by John Hennessy

Three Legends. One True Horror.

An old house stands on Normandy Road, uncared for and uninhabited for years, until one day, believing an urban legend that no-one dares to live there, a young boy decides to cross its threshold.

Yet the house is far from empty - within its walls, a terrible evil has been disturbed.

It will take one brave soul three of the longest nights of his life to unlock its secrets, but will he live to tell the tale?

Psychosis: Tales of Horror by Matt Dymerski

Explore the true anatomy of horror through these thirteen tales of despair and terror, each written by the author of the original short story "Psychosis."

The Bonewalker
The Fire of the Soul
"Come Closer"
The Lodge
Strangers in a Graveyard
The Lonely Grave
The Basement
Strange Things
The Seven Horsemen of the Apocalypse
A Stillness of the Sun by L. E. Erickson

He’ll make them into weapons. It will be up to them to become heroes.

Philadelphia, 1806. Tales of water ghosts haunt the docks, violence stalks the streets, and Indian uprisings fill the news. Kellen Ward and Vincent Bradley are down on their luck and low on options. When Vincent is offered a job outside the city, he has to take it—even though it means leaving Kellen behind.

Alone in Philadelphia, Kellen struggles to stay a step ahead of a murderous supernatural threat and an equally murderous madman. Meanwhile, Vincent gets caught up in the plots of a charismatic military leader with big plans for the men he's recruited—plans which include experimental and irreversible changes to their bodies and minds that might make more of them than they ever dreamed.

If it doesn't kill them first.

New Releases for KindleUnlimited
Beckoning The Empty In: A collection of tales to disturb and provoke

This latest collection from Tom G.H. Adams contains nine stories that explore the power our fantasies hold over us and the price they exact:

A biotronic assassin is on a mission to destroy a key player called the Synchro-Dog. But who is a greater threat to the grand order?

A young boy holds an uncanny power over insects. Such an ability can be used for selfish or noble purposes. Surely he will choose the righteous path?

When you’re incarcerated in a medieval gibbet there are many thoughts that pass through your mind. Most prominent of all is how long it will take you to die.

What happens when reality breaks down, when the very ground you walk on threatens to open up and swallow you at a moment’s notice? Maybe you don’t want to think about it. Maybe oblivion is a better option.

Nightmares come in many forms. Being eaten alive by something you can’t even see must surely rate as one of the worst imaginable.

What is life’s greatest addiction? Joni has experienced some of the strongest available but now he’s looking for a way out. Will the Rainforest Queen give him what he wants?

Curiosity killed the cat, and a well may be the death of this unfortunate investigator. Will it come from the thirty foot fall or the two figures he thought were his rescuers?

We all have mountains to climb. Some are physical, others metaphorical; but they all have the power to fixate.

Corvids get a bad press, but they aren’t all harbingers of doom.

We long for that which will release us, but we must always weigh the rewards against the consequences of beckoning the empty in.

From the author of The Psychonaut trilogy and Mycophoria, this collection will disturb and provoke. It is most definitely not a cosy read.
Best new horror releases for Kindle unlimitedThe Void Beyond by P.W. Hillard

In the vastness of space, something lurks in the darkness.

Captain Morgan Starling and her crew travel the stars, shipping cargo from one system to the next. Easy work, until first contact with another race devolved into all-out war.

Now, they’re under attack from humanity’s mysterious alien foe, ambushed in the void between systems. When an unknown vessel comes to their aid, events spiral out of control, a twisted secret within its haunted corridors threatening to consume them, body and soul.

What they discover within will shatter what they know of life and death. Dragged into a battle with monstrous, unfathomable forces, they must escape the nightmare creatures that lurk out amongst the infinite black of space.

Forced into a desperate struggle for life, the crew must survive, if they ever want to get home.
Lullabies for Suffering: Tales of Addiction Horror

Addiction starts like a sweet lullaby sung by a trusted loved one. It washes away the pains of the day and wraps you in the warmness of the womb where nothing hurts and every dream is possible. Yet soon enough, this warm state of bliss becomes a cold shiver, the ecstasy and dreams become nightmares, yet we can't stop listening to the lullaby. We crave to hear the siren song as it rips us apart.

Six stories: three novellas, three novelettes, written by a powerful list of talent, all featuring the insidious nature of addiction--damaged humans craving for highs and wholeness but finding something more tragic and horrific on the other side.

Caroline Kepnes, author of You and Hidden Bodies
Kealan Patrick Burke, author of Sour Candy and Kin
Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Pretty Little Dead Girls
John FD Taff, author of The Fearing
Mark Matthews, author of Milk-Blood
Gabino Iglesias, author of Coyote Songs


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