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Free Horror Books on Kindle
free horror books on AmazonInk Stains, Volume 10

Death. Murder. Betrayal. An inevitable undoing.

The selfish and terrible actions of humans rarely go unpunished in a world where Fate is a cruel mistress, and Karma can be more vengeful than a woman scorned.

Hell is real, and it exists here on Earth as several characters in the stories contained within can attest as they face war, jealousy, domestic violence, and supernatural forces. Some face Hell on a literal level as others discover it is one of their own making. None were prepared for the reality of their consequences.

Authors Michael Barron, Eric M. Battaglia, Eddie Cantrell, Michael R. Collins, Patrick Hackeling, Matthew Lett, J.A.W. McCarthy, Karen Metcalf, Ben Nein, Liam Quinn, RL Schumacher, Caleb Stephens, C.J. Thomson, Jackie Valacich, and J.S. Watts weave together dark tales that question how far one is willing to push to get what they desire and explore the consequences of those more interested in themselves than their fellow men and women.
Survival Instinct by Kristal Stittle

On the surface, the city of Leighton is just like any other city: tall buildings, busy streets, and populated by a wide variety of people. It also has rats. These vermin are unlike the average pest, because they are carrying a deadly contagion. Havoc ensues as the devastating virus seeps into the unsuspecting populace, turning friends and family against each other. Atrocities of savage behaviour are spreading faster than people can outrun, and the citizens get recklessly desperate. Whether by joining forces, or by standing alone, survival is on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, not everyone will escape with their life.
Confessions of an English Psychopath by Jack D. McLean

After unscrupulous young Lawrence is recruited as an assassin for the British Secret Service, he accidentally uncovers a terrible secret.

Lawrence’s newfound knowledge forces him to choose between going on the run, or engaging in a life and death conflict with his employers.

Monsters Inside by Ric Rae

Have you ever looked at an orange and it looked back at you?

Pepper Anderson spends her time partying with friends trying to forget about all the A-holes she has to deal with. One weekend Pepper is attacked and something inside her switches.

After she decides to kill her attacker she’s plunged into a world of bizarre technology, and weird and wonderful characters. As Pepper fights for her survival to its climactic end, she uncovers a dark secret Bright City doesn’t want revealed.

Do we all have monsters inside us?

Pepper is about to find out, and so are you.
Tethered by Vaughn Ashby

In 1982 Moe killed a man while defending his son.
The next day the man came back.
In 1982 Moe went missing.
The man continued to come back.
In 2014 events are repeating themselves.

In a race against time, reason and more time, Shane has to unwind mysteries of the past in order to save his friend Jason who has gone missing.

Also, there's a ghost dick monster, apparently.
New Releases for KindleUnlimited
The Seances by Michael Richin

This is the most dangerous part…waiting in the dark, not knowing which spirits will respond…

Jon Olson wasn’t comfortable performing a high-stakes seance for his client, the wealthy Julia Marstead. Though Julia was willing to pay any price to contact her lost daughter, Jon felt she was not completely honest, concealing things from him. As the seance began, he sensed overwhelming danger. Suddenly, Julia dragged him into her twisted world, setting off a chain of events that would change Jon’s life forever.

Through the Mountains by Kelvin Teo

Four friends, a road trip through the mountains and some car trouble. What could possibly go wrong?

After graduating from high school, four friends head for a week-long trip to a mountain cabin to spend one last time together before heading off to college. Some major car trouble puts the skids on their plans.

Taking refuge in a lonely mountain motel, the friends find they may have wandered into a nest of vipers. Who can they trust? Who is behind the terror they all feel? How in the world will they get off the mountain alive?

The Apocalypse Collection by Sean Deville

Previously published as stand-alone short stories, these 9 apocalyptic tales can now be found in this anthology.

A Mother's Love - A desperate mother must flee with her daughter to escape the Vampire hordes that are threatening her city.

Angel Face - During the zombie apocalypse, a young woman goes to the aid of a child in distress...only to discover there are worse things than zombies out there

Black Cross - World War one and the Germans are about to unleash their new weapon. It chokes, it burns and it kills...but then it resurrects the dead.

Children of a Fallen Son - A psychiatrist is told to examine a serial killer to assess his competence for trial. He claims to be the son of the devil... but what if that turns out to be true

Facility 468 - Deep in the Ural mountains, a scientific experiment goes drastically wrong. When all contact is lost with facility 468, a special forces team is sent in. There mission? Kill everything and close the portal to Hell that has been opened.

Inquisitor Wrath - For hundreds of years the Inquisitors have defended the Earth against the demon menace. Now the battle continues on the streets of London

London Lost - A radio talk in host is about to realise the zombie apocalypse is unfolding during his live broadcast

Tooth - What's worse than being caught in the zombie apocalypse? Try adding a healthy dose of mind-numbing, soul-crushing toothache

Virtual Death - In the future, there are worse things than death


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