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Free Fantasy Books for Kindle
Free epic fantasy books for kindleAfter the World

After the war is lost, all that remains is to survive. And when you know what you've done, you can't hope for anything more.

Bereft in a hostile world, an orc general struggles to come to terms with his role in the destruction of his people. Running and hiding from the humans and elves that hunt him down, he searches for other orc survivors.

When two human wizards finally pin him down in an abandoned orcish mountain fortress, he must use all his wits and cunning.
Free epic fantasy books for KindleThe Sharded Boy

Hate is a powerful motivator. Pain runs a close second.

Jahl must cope with both if he hopes to fulfil his dream of becoming a master wielder.

He teams up with the best friend that abandoned him and the girl who ridiculed him. Rouen has a secret to keep and needs Jahl to make it happen. Donya needs Jahl to teach her how to wield, never mind that it could get them killed.

And he needs them both if he's to survive the danger he refuses to believe awaits him.

It's a relationship that will force them to face both the cruelties of love and the miracles of friendship.

When a stranger hires Jahl for a job only a master wielder can perform, it seems the perfect first step to take him to the destiny he is certain is within his grasp.

Will the cost of being recognized as a wielder of magic be worth the loss of those he loves most?
Free sword and sorcery fantasy booksApprentice Fool

The village of Mottle offers thirteen-year-old Keth few opportunities to rebel against cruel Prince Dorian, who usurped the throne ten years ago. But Keth has a dangerous secret, he keeps faith with the old rituals and dances that the prince has banned.

When the prince’s grain collector leaves Mottle with so little grain that they face starvation over the coming winter, only Keth is prepared to do something about it. His attempt to steal back the grain goes wrong, and he only escapes capture by joining a band of traveling players, as their apprentice fool.

Can Keth keep his audience laughing and his secrets hidden, while working to overthrow the prince?
The Dragon Collector

DRAGONS EXIST? And he must collect how many of them to dethrone the absurdly powerful evil king and free the people of Zandador?

Fifteen-year-old Javan believes he is simply an ordinary orphan abandoned by his mother at birth—until he is whisked away to another dimension and his destiny as the chosen one from the Collector Bloodline is revealed.

Armed only with an ancient weapon, a trio of old advisors, and his determination to win, Javan is soon caught up in a dangerous Battle for the Throne.

Now his choices could save—or destroy—the people and dragons of Zandador, including the mother he just met.
The Prince of Abaddon

A doomed prince. An infernal god. Whose power threatens to plunge the world into darkness?

When an ancient feud reignites between the Druids and the Black Wizards, violence and bloodshed engulf the remote land of Abaddon. Christopher flees for his life after the massacre of his royal family, taking refuge in the Druids’ Grove.

No longer able to hide from his bloody past, Christopher must return and reign over hellish Abaddon.

Mentored by the Druid Ferox, the idealistic young Prince embarks on an epic odyssey to banish his dynasty’s invincible foes, the Black Wizards and restore peace to his homeland. Yet as the seasons pass, he finds himself enthralled by the power of the Wizards’ secret Orders and their wicked God, Baal.

Tempted by haze of decadence and lust, will Christopher lead Abaddon to a new age of prosperity, or will he doom his princedom to an eternity of darkness and fire when Baal demands his soul?
New Fantasy Releases on KindleUnlimited
New fantasy releases for Kindle UnlimitedAxiom

A town put to the sword. The young forcibly recruited. An old man out for revenge.

After his town is put to the sword and the children are taken to replace the fallen, an old man is out for revenge. He’s ready to fail at the most difficult challenge in the world: cultivation.

Too corrupted to even take the first steps, the sly old elder simply agreed with those who told him that it was impossible. Then he quietly ignored them, rubbed his hands together, and started anyway. He had always failed in what he did: he lost his way from the academy, his command was devastated by a Mage, he lost his town, and now his last hopes for the future had been stolen by a group of raiders. The only thing that had never failed him was his sharp mind and philosophy. He would cultivate... no matter what it cost him.

A lifetime of failure can dull and dampen a soul. A reason to live, a goal, can change that in an instant. It is always darkest just before the dawn.
Hard Mode

The choice is made. One hundred lives remain. Immortality is no longer an option.

After setting the game's difficulty to Hard Mode, Ethan learns his wife is in terrible danger. The game has labeled Melody an ‘unregistered personality’ and turned her into a quest objective.

Now a ruthless band of raiders are after her for their own reasons. Some want experience, others are looking for a new challenge. One of them—Lord Beast—pursues a darker objective. If he succeeds, Melody's personality will be destroyed forever.

Nothing in Mythian is what it seems, nowhere is safe, and every bargain has an expiration date. Even Ethan’s promise to himself.
Of Shadows and Blood

A half-elf seeks a cure in the mysterious Shadowlands. But followers of The Blood stalk the lands and there are whispers of ancient demons returning...

Kealin Half-Elf has only been like this for a few weeks and already he is changing.

He feels a hunger he has never felt before.

Before this, he had mastered the power of his ancient Dwemhar heritage, destroyed an ascended being, but was mortally injured.

Vampirism saved him.

But now he must hurry to reverse the effect before he is eternally trapped in a state of maniacal blood lust.

But the worst part?

The Shadowlands are not a place for a pale elf... and even more so one that has the ancient Dwemhar lineage. Not to mention his traveling companions have their own secrets, especially the mysterious wizard Evurn -a shadow elf returning home after generations in hiding.

Kealin knows it unwise to ask him directly.

In the darkness of what is to come, Kealin will have few choices if he is to save himself and those he cares about. But the one choice he might need to make will mean losing everything else he fights to hold on to.

In the end, should he just embrace the darkness and release his hold on sanity?

He might not have a choice.

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