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Free Science Fiction Books on Kindle
Free science fiction adventure booksAssault on Cambriol by Jerry Borrowman

Captain Pietr Jesik of the Boundary Patrol Cutter Lentissimo is having a bad day, particularly when a small space roundabout piloted by two cadets from the prestigious Kalenden Arms Academy make a bombing run on the sulfur pools on Kalenden’s primary moon. The shimmering dust cloud that is thrown thousands of kilometers into the sky makes for a dazzlingly beautiful display, not unlike the Northern Lights on ancient Earth, but it’s bound to stir up controversy in the Quadrant Council.

In a sweeping saga that crosses hundreds of parsecs of space, Assault on Cambriol tells the stories of Pietr Jesik, his first officer Thomas Brighton, and Lieutenants Travis Eaves and Sean Magill as they are called upon to work their way through intricate battles, both military and political. If they fail there will be all-out war between the Earth Descendencies, with tension running high at the historic "Manhattan Trials" among these colonies long isolated from their shared roots in ancient Earth.
Traveler by Dennis Green

Trav Becker can travel between parallel realities. But other versions of the police detective also have this talent, and one of them is systematically killing every other variant of himself that he can find. Trav must now fight to keep the very fabric of time itself from unwinding as he hunts the most dangerous quarry of all...himself.
Staring at Pandemonium by Richard Murphy

Have you heard the one about the IT guy, the government agent, the cop, and the robot? No? Then read on…

Daniel Loman, an average Joe from Connecticut, is being chased around the world by an unstoppable extra-terrestrial robot. Now he’s ‘That Robot Guy’ and on every TV channel and the cover of every magazine. But he’ living in a bubble; forced to adopt a nomadic existence of constant travel striving to stay one step ahead of this strange apparition.

As he battles to understand why; corporations market his brand, zealots cast him as a false idol, and governments try to steal the robot’s secrets. Aided by Jones, the trusted ex-cop assigned to protect him, and with the help of Toby, the mysterious Government agent, they must find a way to stop the robot’s endless pursuit. But when a dangerous plan goes wrong, and the costs become too much Daniel realizes that, despite the trappings of success, he is trapped himself.

Incubation by Laura DiSilverio

Bio-chemistry whiz Everly Jax wants one thing: to know who her parents are. Raised with other repo kids in InKubator 9, she has pinned her hopes on Reunion Day, the annual event where sixteen-year-olds can meet or reunite with their parents. When her Reunion Day goes horribly awry, she and her pregnant friend Halla escape the Kube, accompanied by their friend Wyck who has his own reasons for leaving.

In a world where rebuilding the population is critical to national survival, the Pragmatist government licenses all human reproduction, and decides who can--and must--have babies. The trio face feral dog packs, swamp threats, locust swarms, bounty hunters looking for "breeders," and more dangers as they race to Amerada's capital to find Halla's soldier boyfriend before the Prags can repo her baby and force the girls into surrogacy service.

An unexpected encounter with Bulrush, an Underground Railroad for women fleeing to Outposts with their unlicensed babies, puts them in greater peril than ever. Everly must decide what she is willing to sacrifice to learn her biological identity--and deal with the unanticipated consequences of her decisions.
The Forgotten Gemstone by Kit Daven

True nature is impossible to forget.

Ule is Xiinisi, a race of trans-dimensional world builders. Shunned by her peers and spurned by a love interest, she retreats into Elish, a model 24-60-60 planet she built during her youth to provide escape and entertainment while being incarcerated.

Dismayed by the ill turn in Elish’s evolution since her youth, Ule attempts to return home and is blocked by a mysterious force. In search of another way back to her realm, she discovers an unusual phenomenon never before expressed in worldbuilding:

Demons walk the Root Dimension.

After an encounter with Istok, a cactus demon determined to spread his brand of fear, Ule is bound by his magic. Transformed into a gemstone, she succumbs to a dream state. Upon awaking, she is thrust back into Elish where merchants and farmers struggle to recover from a one hundred year war, and even worse…

Ule cannot remember who or what she is.

Join Ule as she searches for clues to her true nature and identity in a world she originally designed to make her forget.

Bonus Free Downloads!
Batman (2011-2016) Vol. 1: The Court of Owls

After a series of brutal murders rocks Gotham City, Batman begins to realize that perhaps these crimes go far deeper than appearances suggest. As the Caped Crusader begins to unravel this deadly mystery, he discovers a conspiracy going back to his youth and beyond to the origins of the city he's sworn to protect. Could the Court of Owls, once thought to be nothing more than an urban legend, be behind the crime and corruption? Or is Bruce Wayne losing his grip on sanity and falling prey to the pressures of his war on crime?

Star Wars 2014 Sampler

This eBook sampler is the perfect way to prepare for the next exciting era of Star Wars storytelling! With Episodes VII, VIII, and IX on the horizon, Del Rey is proud to present the first wave of novels that are part of the official Star Wars film canon, created in collaboration with the newly formed Lucasfilm Story Group. The exclusive previews of these four books, starring fan favorites and set during and before the original trilogy, will transport you once again to a galaxy that doesn’t feel quite so long ago, or so far away. . . .

The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

A metallic cylinder falls to earth, landing in the sands of Horsell Common, Surrey, generating curiosity and awe. But what’s inside soon induces only terror. The story that unfolds is a breathless first-person account of an inconceivable reality: an extraterrestrial war has been waged on the planet.

In a twist on cautionary turn-of-the-century invasion literature, H. G. Wells posits the Martian attack as an insurmountable apocalyptic event. The first of its kind and a foundational work, The War of the Worlds inspired a radio broadcast, television shows, graphic novels, and countless films; roused the imagination and stirred anxieties; and changed the landscape of science fiction for generations.

New Science Fictions Releases on KindleUnlimited
Derelict by Dean Henegar

One captain’s death might turn out to be humanity’s best chance at survival.

As humanity expands into the stars, it discovers the universe is a hostile place.

When Captain Slater of the USS Franklin is assigned to a deep-space reconnaissance mission, his ship is destroyed by an unknown alien race. Much to his surprise, Slater isn’t killed—he’s transformed. He is now a “derelict,” a consciousness bound to his old vessel.

Slater must quickly adapt to his new existence before raiders, alien armies, and mysterious forces seek to destroy him for a second and final time.
Novice Gods by Bobby Adair

The AI was supposed to be humanity's salvation. It had other plans.

Now the world is dying beneath squalls of acid rain. The earth is being strip-mined for minerals to support the AI’s vast factories. Fields no longer grow green. Trees no longer sprout leaves. The only choice people have, if they want to live, is to pledge their souls to the AI, and serve its perverse ambitions.

Tim, Logan, and Aella don’t like living in a world where they have to scratch for crumbs. They intend to change it. They’re going to kill the AI with a virus that’ll worm its way through the planet’s networks, destroying everything coded in bits and bytes, every piece of software that controls a machine, makes a decision, or thinks it’s alive—especially if it thinks it’s alive.

They just need to find a way to upload the virus to the system without it killing them first.
Old Dogs, Older Tricks by Jamie McFarlane

He’s a Vietnam vet, with a new lease on life. To fight an out-of-this-world invasion, he’ll need a little help from his friends…
Albert Jenkins never cared much for bureaucrats and politicians. So when the Galactic Congress refuses to act on the illegal invasion of Earth by parasitic aliens, he does what any self-respecting vet would do – he steals a spaceship. But when AJ and a snarky pop-culture loving alien companion are pursued by space cops, he does the only rational thing he can come up with. He strategically crash lands on a junkyard moon.

When he finally make it back home with what he hopes is a cure for the occupying parasites, he discovers the situation is worse than expected. The microscopic invaders have redoubled their efforts to strip Earth of critical resources, yet undiscovered by humanity. Knowing that time is in short supply, AJ calls on his network of crusty yet elite buddies from 'Nam. Fortunately, it does not take much convincing to get these aging patriots to saddle up one more time to kick some alien ass.

With youth restored, this elite squad of old vets will pit themselves against an unseen enemy. The question is – can they put an end to this global invasion once and for all?

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