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Free Horror Books on Kindle
Free horror anthologyInk Stains, Volume 1 edited by N. Apythia Morges

Death. A permanent end. Termination of life.

Some embrace death as if reuniting with a long-missing old friend. Others fear it, try to outwit it, hide from it. And then there are those who are fascinated by it, mesmerized by it, chasing it down, taunting it, challenging it.

In Ink Stains, Volume 1, eight authors explore death in all its facets in a collection of short stories that range from fantastical to gritty to supernaturally creepy. Join them in a journey through the darker side of fiction.

This dark fiction and horror anthology series is a quarterly publication featuring occult horror stories and dark and chilling fiction.

Free horror novels to downloadGlen by Ciera Vaidya

Glen is a sociopath pushed to murder on the basis of religion. Once caught and up for sentencing, he meets a psychologist with a heartbreaking past who is very interested in his story. Faced with an increasing sensation of regret, Glen starts to experience the truth about the wicked deeds he's done...and it's Hell!

zombie fictionDead Days: Season 1 by Ryan Casey

How would you survive the Dead Days?

Riley Jameson is a regular guy. A little hard-of-luck and going through a rough time at work, but nothing he can't handle.

That was before the creatures rose. Feasting on human flesh, their hunger is insatiable. The zombies are unstoppable. The police are gone. The government has collapsed. The world as Riley knew it has changed, forever.

In this new, terrifying world, Riley is forced to think quick and act fast in order to survive. As he encounters numerous skin-crawling scenarios, his morals are pushed to the very limit, forcing the question: can humanity survive the onslaught of the dead, not only on the outside but on the inside? The answers often prove unsettling in this unique zombie apocalypse series unlike any other.

There will be blood. There will be tears. In the Dead Days, nobody is safe.

Brutal Bedtime Stories: A Supernatural Horror Story Collection

Is there anything as horrifying as what David's wife gave birth to?

How about that advertisement Tobias found that was selling a human head, condition used?

Then there's Hayong's experience in heaven (which isn't nearly as nice as it sounds)...

... and Kyle encountering that bionic cult that's a long way short of being human.

Spine-tingling terror from horror writers around the world. Dozens of diverse short stories containing gruesome murders, supernatural mysteries, grotesque hellscapes, and deranged psychopaths to keep you up at night. Surprise twists ensure you keep guessing until the last page.
Deadraiser by Stephanie Lyons-Keeley and Wayne Keeley

Necromancy is an ancient black magic used for the purposes of communing with the dead. It is believed that practitioners of the dark art may harness the ultimate power of life and death and raise the departed for their own nefarious, malevolent purposes. It also is alleged that a true necromancer may realize the ultimate gift of mortality.

DEADRAISER is the tale of a present-day practitioner who achieves what others have been unable to do for centuries -- to raise the dead. The problem is that he must sacrifice innocent victims in order to maintain his power.

Enter Fanchon (Frankie) Manning, daughter of the late movie star Erika Manning. She is the ideal sacrificial lamb for the Necromancer's perverse desires. The only thing that stands between the Necromancer and the girl is Christopher McGuire, a lost soul who long ago has ceased believing in anything. In order to save the child, he must somehow rediscover his faith and summon the courage to take on the darkest, most sinister being imaginable.
New Releases for KindleUnlimited
Oddjobs 4: Out of Hours by Heide Goody

Everyone is out of time…

Morag Murray is about to give birth to the Venislarn anti-Christ and her baby is eager to be born. With only the possessed doll Steve the Destroyer to help her through her labours, she knows that when this child is born, the earth will face its final day.

Nina Seth is literally out of her own time. An evil sorceress is causing havoc in eighteenth century England. With only Steve the Destroyer to help her prevent the premature end of the world, this clueless time-traveller has to save the past and find a way back to the present.

Vivian Grey is in hell — literally — and caught in a political conflict between warring Venislarn gods. With many human lives at stake, Vivian and Steve the Destroyer must join forces if they’re both to survive.

Rod Campbell knows that the world will end at midnight if he doesn’t rescue Morag from the secret organisation that wants to use her as a pawn in its war against the Venislarn. The clock is ticking down to Judgement Day and he hasn’t got a clue where she is.

One day and one night to save the world (again!) and no one’s getting paid overtime…
Best new horror releases for Kindle UnlimitedBook of Witness: Omnibus Edition by Erick Mertz

Most of these stories in this book are true.

Some are not, however. They are the exaggerations of fevered dreams and illusions.

Deciding which is the truth and which is fiction is entirely up to you.

Canyon County, Oregon is a place unlike any other. For as long as people have lived out amongst the creek beds, hills and hollers they have encountered strange phenomenon. They have been prone to unexplainable occurrences and visions that are not easily reconciled.

Some see things. Others feel, for a fleeting moment, that they are not alone. Still others hear strange dusk sounds, just beyond the tree line.

What is it? Nobody knows for sure. But according to legend, it is an evil as old as the mountains.

The Haunting of Creeping Fog Manor by Cat Knight

Dee was in two minds about buying the old manor. Her instinct told her not to. It would have been better for her if she had listened.

Dee didn’t know the history of the manor house, except that it was a steal a for house flipper and she really would be foolish to pass it up. Sure a few things were on the blink, but that was to be expected. The strange noises she put it down to ‘old houses’ and the cold spots, probably just normal –but when the house comes alive with paranormal activity Dee knows she is in trouble. As the stakes ramp up blood is drawn and the life of Dee and her friend hang in the balance. Can Dee find the answers to Creeping Fog Manor and put the old house to rest or will the Manor claim its next victim?


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