Saturday #FrightNight New Release & Amazon Kindle Horror Freebies – May 4, 2019

Saturday Night is #FrightNight

Check Out the Latest Volume of Ink Stains!

They say that blood is thicker than water…but some family members take that old adage a little too far.

Our family and friends are the only things that stand between us and a frightening and dangerous world. But what if members of the “fam” aren’t quite what they seem on the surface?

They say that everyone has a hidden monster inside them, waiting for the quiet click of the lock that will unleash them. What do you do when you find yourself holding the key?

In the twelfth volume of Ink Stains, authors Adan Berkowitz, Michael Martin Garrett, James Harper, Marty Keller, Jamie Landry, K. L. Lord, Paul Lubaczewski, Jose Gabriel Siles, Lani Steele, and Alyssa N. Vaughn explore the secret hostilities and inner demons that lie beneath the seeming calm waters of those we love the most.

We may even find out how thick blood really can be.

Ink Stains, a quarterly anthology published by Dark Alley Press, is about shining a stark light on the shadows of life, exploring those dimly lit corridors, and unearthing those long-buried secrets. We don’t believe good will always triumph over evil or that someone will always be around to save the day.

Sometimes all we have is ourselves. And the stories that keep us turning the page.

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A collection of six supernatural stories by bestselling Kindle author Scott Nicholson, including "Homecoming," "The Three-Dollar Corpse" and "She Climbs a Winding Stair."

From the author of THE RED CHURCH, SPEED DATING WITH THE DEAD, LIQUID FEAR, DISINTEGRATION, DRUMMER BOY, and the collections FLOWERS, CURTAINS, and THE FIRST, these stories visit haunted islands, disturbed families, and forgotten pasts as Nicholson serves up chills, thrills, ghosts stories, and paranormal fantasy. Collected from the pages of Cemetery Dance Magazine, The Book of Dark Wisdom, Black Static, and more.
Eye of Fear

There’s no turning back once you’ve entered the Eye of Fear.

Award-winning and best-selling authors from across the genre spectrum join forces in this edgy collection. These deliciously frightening and reflective tales of phobias will cause your heart to race and your body to perspire.
Bad Karma

"I'm coming for you. You will never escape me."

She's the most dangerous inmate in the hospital for the criminally insane...and she just broke out.

When Trey Campbell takes his family to Catalina Island, his escaped patient leaves a trail of bodies behind as she hunts for her one true love – from a previous life.
Haunted Houses

Five-hundred pages of spooky haunted house stories from 11 authors!

What happens when the place in which you’re meant to feel the safest turns against you? Where do you go when the world inside your four walls is scarier than the world outside?

Get ready to find out!

From the authors who brought you HAUNTED: GHOST CHILDREN comes a spine-tingling assortment of haunted house tales.

Join 12 authors as they lead you down dark hallways through spooky houses where you’ll be caught frozen in a maze of terror.

Travel to an old farmhouse in New Hampshire where a single woman encounters unspeakable terror.

Help Sidney unravel the mystery of his quiet suburban street…before the mystery unravels him.

Spend the night in the spooky old estate with Claire as she attempts to come to terms with a gift she might not want.

Journey to New Hampshire where a middle-aged woman slowly realizes she’s not the only person living in her country estate-and that someone might even be trying to kill her!

Over the course of 12 short stories and novellas you’ll be treated to dark, twisted hallways, scary old houses, and sinister spirits who have never quite moved on from the houses they lived (and died) in.

So sit back, wrap up in your favorite blanket, grab a drink, and turn down the lights.

Houses can’t really be bad…can they?

Eric can't remember the recurring dream that keeps waking him in the middle of the night with an overwhelming urge to leave, yet he spends each day feeling as if he desperately needs to be somewhere.

With no idea how to cure himself of this odd compulsion, he decides to let it take its course and go for a drive, hoping that once he proves to himself that there is nowhere to go, he can return to his normal life.

Instead, he finds himself hurled headlong into a nightmare adventure across a fractured Wisconsin as the dream reveals itself one heart-pounding detail at a time.

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