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Free Horror Books on Kindle
Free horror anthology books for KindleInk Stains, Volume 6

In life, we draw many lines — between good and evil, guilt and innocence, real and unreal, life and death.

And having drawn these lines, we cross them because humanity is curious, careless, devious, and, sometimes, downright wicked.

So what happens if you cross the line? Does it change you and what is waiting on the other side?

In Ink Stains, Volume 6, ten authors explore what it means to cross the line and the price we pay to do it.

Free Horror Novels for KindleThe Garden of Fragile Things by Richard O'Brien

Joe Godwin is just twelve years old, living in a working-class neighborhood. Plagued by bullies and a volatile home life, Joe spends his time with his three friends in search of adventure.

The discovery of an abandoned mansion during a simple camping trip sets off a series of terrifying events.

Will the boys survive their encounter with the inhabitants of the forsaken mansion and the mysterious others who occupy the garden behind the colossal home?
The Boy, The Girl, and the Wooden Box by Shane Emmett

Through the Obscura, Paris is upside down. Wolves, darkness and terror rule the streets…

Our story begins in complete darkness with a death and a vanishing. A man mysteriously drowns in the River Seine and two children enter a dingy sideshow but never come out.

In the shadowed world of the Obscura, everything that was once light is now dark and nothing is as it seems. The Gaslampers enforce brutal laws and terrorise the city with their wolves. The Calibrators attempt to resist the evil while they await the return of their hero, the Aigle. And the children desperately search for a way home.

But Phillipe and Angelique didn’t arrive here by accident. The Maire of the Obscura sought them out for a dark purpose. With no way of getting out, the only man who may be able to save them is their father. A simple man whose quiet, gentle ways could not possibly triumph in this dark, violent world.

Kill Cycle by Ike Hamill

The town I grew up in is dying, and I know who’s killing it. At least I think I do. But he’s a master manipulator and nobody will believe me. It’s up to me to prove that he’s the serial killer who has been stalking the streets. I have to stop him before he targets me, or worse, my family.

Underleaf: A Collection of Dark Short Stories

A house with a disturbing secret, jealousy which turns deadly, heartbreak in more ways than one, and people who aren’t quite what they seem make up a few of the stories within this collection.

Turn the pages and discover that there is more to each tale as you venture Underleaf...

A collection of sixteen short stories.
New Releases for KindleUnlimited
Secrets in the Dark by Darcy Coates

Winterbourne Hall is not safe. Even as Clare and Dorran scramble to secure the ancient building against ravenous hollow ones, they face something far worse: Clare's sister has made contact, but she's trapped, and her oxygen is running out.

Hundreds of miles separate Clare from Beth. The land between them is infested with monsters, and the roads are a maze of dead ends. Clare has to choose between making a journey she knows she might not survive, or staying safe in Winterbourne and listening as her sister slowly suffocates.

At least, whatever her choice, she’ll have Dorran by her side. And yet there are eyes in the dark. There are whispers in the mist. There is danger lurking in the snow, and one false step could end it all…
Sorcerie by Russell Gillwee

Oliver and Abby, a childless couple from London mired in a slowly-decaying marriage, flee the British mainland for the chance of a fresh go of it on a small rugged isle in the middle of the Irish Sea. Settling into a small stone cottage with a quaint marram-thatched roof beside a jagged cliff of black slate overlooking a pounding gray sea, their best of intentions are only too quickly dashed by cold suffocating fog, thrashing wind and rain, and queer hinterland locals who offer welcoming smiles, but mostly keep to their own, whispering in the shadows, and keeping watch with suspicious eyes. And then there is the dark woods at the edge of the property just past a ramshackle barn. And a thin path that seeks to tempt one deep into its dark trees, but may not lead one back out again.

And this is only the beginning of their nightmare.

For there is an unseen resident inside the stone walls of this small stone cottage beside these dark woods and this jagged cliff of black slate and this pounding gray sea. Something moving about in its darkest corners and deepest crevices.

Something that has been waiting. Patiently. An ancient evil thing.

The Ruin of Delicate Things by Beverly Lee

Barrington Hall is a place of secrets—something Dan Morgan has worked hard to forget. But when a heart-breaking loss brings him back to the place where he spent his childhood summers, Barrington Hall will do what it must to make him remember.

Faye Morgan blames her husband for the death of their teenage son. She doesn’t want to leave the place Toby called home. But after she catches a glimpse of a strange boy in the midnight woods and learns of his connection with Barrington Hall, her need to learn more pulls her further and further into a nightmare world filled with past atrocities and the burning flame of revenge.


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