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Free Science Fiction Books on Kindle
Free science fiction books on KindleGaldoni

They Are Genetically Engineered For One Purpose: Fighting To The Death
“This is the Arena, and here we live to die.” These are the words carved into a holding cell where genetically-altered gladiators, winged humans called Galdoni, are trained to fight. A life of combat is the sole purpose for which they are created, and for which they live.

˃˃˃ A Chance At A New Life
Kale, a Galdoni who is rescued by three high school students and nursed back from the brink of death, is given the chance to experience life as a human. When he is recaptured and returned to the Arena, he must use what he learned in the world outside the Academy in order to free the other Galdoni and return to the human girl he loves.

Dark and exciting, Galdoni pushes the boundaries of love in a world of violence.
Fractured Unity

Deep space is dangerous and humans are fragile beings. Few know this as well as Chief Safety Officer Kenik Duncan. He and a close-knit prospecting crew arrive at Drium, an unexplored world some twenty light years from their home on Unity Station. He has just one job: keep the crew alive. When the unthinkable happens, he finds himself reliving the same crisis that nearly killed him as a younger man. As the reality of isolation gnaws at the crew, Kenik has to make a choice. He can't save them all. But, he can save one ... if he can escape the snare of a fractured unity.
free science fiction books on amazonStar Colony

By the beginning of the twenty-second century, Earth's man-created problems, including overpopulation and climate change caused by global warming, caused Earth's powers to look to the stars for living space. A search began immediately for a likely new home for humanity.
It seemed a hopeless task, but after a long and intensive search a planet that was almost a twin of Earth was discovered in a nearby system. After a short exploratory period, colonists were hurriedly recruited, prepared both mentally and physically, and placed in cryogenic pods for the five-year trip.
Young Mark Jennings's father and mother, older brother Jeremy, and Jeremy's beautiful fiancee Mary Beth Anderson were among the first group of colonists selected. Mark was finally allowed to be a colony member provided he worked aboard ship and completed his education with curricula uploaded to the ship's computer.
The planet looked Earth-like and benign, but when the ship began its journey back to Earth leaving them alone on their new home, the colonists realized that they were five years from home and had little knowledge of what was in store for them.
Mark was sure of only two things--he was head over heels in love with Mary Beth Anderson, and that love could never be returned.
Free cyberpunk fictionLunatic City

A detective off the job. An offer he can’t refuse. Will the moon’s shadowy underworld pay the bills or surround him with darkness?
Lunar Colony, 2250. Detective Frank Parker never lets the law get in his way. After an unauthorized investigation into his partner's murder gets him suspended, the only way he can make ends meet is to take on a dodgy contract. And in the blink of an eye, a mafioso entertainment mogul becomes his new boss…

As he tracks down a desperate thief, he discovers a street gang's hitlist that features his estranged wife and his daughter at the very top. Struggling to protect the innocent from the wrong side of the law, Parker must break more than the rules to keep his family alive.

Can Parker restore justice before the dark side of the moon buries the people he loves?
Gameland Box Set

6 Hackers, 1 Game... and 10,000 Undead.

Everyone loves Survivalist, a live-action, virtual reality show based on Arc Entertainment's The Game, where cybernetically controlled zombies do battle in a video arcade in the middle of a Long Island wasteland. It's to die for.

If you're rich enough, you can buy your way in. If you're desperate enough, you can volunteer to become one of the Undead Players. Jessie Daniels and her gang of computer hackers plan to break their way in.

Welcome to GAMELAND. Access Restricted.
New Science Fictions Releases on KindleUnlimited
New science fiction releases for Kindle UnlimitedQuantum Series Box Set

Forget everything you know about reality. The quantum world doesn't play by those rules.
Daniel Rice is a government science investigator whose specialty is solving seemingly intractable problems through scientific inquiry.

But Daniel's intellectual strength is sorely tested by the bizarre realities he finds in the quantum world. Extra dimensions of space trap the unwary, probability replaces cause and effect, and time isn't what anyone imagined. The other side of the mirror is a place full of dangers, but it's also somewhere a dedicated scientist can uncover secrets that connect humans with something greater.
Alpha Centuri Trilogy

Now, the first Alpha Centauri voyages, complete in one volume.
Mankind's first voyage to the stars almost fails before it begins, and gets wilder and weirder from there.

In this prequel to T-Space, a multi-ship, multinational expedition to the two Earth-like planets in the Alpha Centauri system results in dangers, double-crossings, and surprises that shake humanity's view of the universe. Yet for the crew, it strengthens their faith in themselves and each other.

This omnibus edition contains the complete text of the books Alpha Centauri: First Landing, Alpha Centauri: Sawyer's World, and Alpha Centauri: The Return.
Darkside Dreams

Three interconnected stories that capture the insidious high-tech world of the not too distant future.

Two heart-pounding stories that capture the tumultuous reality of a world where organic and synthetic humans struggle to coexist.

The two-part series finale of Darkside Dreams – Series 1.

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