Saturday #FrightNight Amazon Kindle Horror Freebies – Aug 31, 2019

Saturday Night is #FrightNight

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Free Horror Books on Kindle
Free horror anthologies for KindleInk Stains, Volume 6

In life, we draw many lines — between good and evil, guilt and innocence, real and unreal, life and death.

And having drawn these lines, we cross them because humanity is curious, careless, devious, and, sometimes, downright wicked.
So what happens if you cross the line? Does it change you and what is waiting on the other side?

In Ink Stains, Volume 6, ten authors explore what it means to cross the line and the price we pay to do it.

This is a collection of short stories that range from fantasy through science fiction to horror and from the fantastical to the grit of day to day life. Join writers Monica Carter, George Kelly, Alison Garsha, Ken Goldman, Elana Gomel, Christopher Locke, Morrison, Thomas Olbert, Evan Purcell, and Nicole Tanquary as they step over the line to find what waits on the other side.
Genre: Horror Anthology
Length: 226 pages
Free horror anthologies for KindleEasy Reading for Difficult Devils

Strange things come down from the heavens. A medical ward is full of patients who explode. A man must dispose of a corpse for his idiot brother. A little boy finds himself trapped beneath an outhouse. These, and others, are the strange tales contained within Easy Reading for Difficult Devils, a dark fiction anthology featuring stories by Kevin Sweeney, C.V. Hunt, Edward Martin III, and many more, as well as classics by Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Jack London.
Genre: Horror Anthology
Length: 175 pages
Free horror novels on AmazonRise of the River Man

Welcome to the Conguise’s Laboratory Level Five....

In a world filled with human-animal hybrids, Guards are bred to serve the Almightys until they’re no longer wanted.

Mutter waits for his execution. It’s inevitable. He was a fighter and he lost. No one wants an ex-fighter. He’s too big, mean and ugly. Death will be the only way he gets out of this cell, but then the unthinkable happens. An Almighty visits in the dead of night and offers him a chance to leave. A chance to live.

All he has to do is obey and Guards were bred to obey.

When Mutter is taken to his new home, something isn’t right. There’s food and a bed but there are sounds and smells from the other cages. Things that move like nothing he’s ever encountered.

For the first time in his life, he’s afraid. Afraid of the creatures that lurk nearby. Afraid of the shots his new master is giving him.

He knows he’s supposed to obey, to always follow their rules but if he doesn’t escape, he’ll become food for one of those things in the other cages. Or worse... turn into one of them.
Genre: Horror Novella
Length: 154 pages

Free ghost stories for KindleThe Skipton Haunting

In 2016, John Davidson and his family moved to Skipton Road, a quiet cul-de-sac situated within the heart of a northern industrial town, in the hope of improving their lives. However, they had no idea of what evil terrors awaited them. Things appeared normal at first... apart from the pungent smell of rotten flesh in their kitchen, recurring scratch marks along the walls, and an overwhelming sense of always being watched by someone or something. Overtime, through a series of vivid nightmares and intrusive whispers, the Davidsons came to learn of a malignant menace that still dwelled within their new home – a witch named Sabina, who sought out vengeance upon those who had betrayed her in life, and an ancient demon that referred itself as "Baal". Throughout these horrific events, John struggled against his growing depression, his new reliance on alcohol, and the overall strong desire to keep his family from falling apart... which it sadly was. This terrifying period in their lives would forever haunt the Davidsons, as it did with countless other victims before them.
Genre: British Horror Length: 397 pages

Free occult horror novels for KindleBroken Window

No-one ever knew his name, or why he killed, or why he stopped. Until now...

Lost and alone one night on the streets of London, Maddie Harper knows she shouldn't go near the abandoned house on Cathmore Road. She's heard stories about the place, about how everyone keeps away. But tonight Maddie's scared and hurt, and she's being hunted through the city's dark, rain-lashed streets. So when she sees a broken window at the back of the house, she decides she has to take the risk.

But this is no ordinary house. This house once belonged to England's most notorious killer. To a man whose true identity has remained a secret... until now.

Soon, Maddie starts to realize that something in this house is very wrong. For one thing, the basement is set out more like an old operating theater. For another, there are tattered notebooks detailing a series of gruesome medical procedures. And then there's the bell in one of the old bedrooms, which seems to ring from time to time, even though it's covered in a thick layer of dust.

Maddie is about to learn not only that the house's previous owner hid a dark secret, but also that - as she explores these old and abandoned rooms - she might not be quite so alone after all. And the truth of an English legend is about to be revealed.
Genre: Occult Horror
Length: 202 pages

99¢ Horror Books on Kindle
The Ghost of Briarwych Church

The year is 1940. In the picturesque English village of Briarwych, Father David Perkins tends to his work at the local church. The shadow of war has fallen across England, and the local airbase provides a constant reminder of the horrors that have been unleashed. For Father Perkins, the struggle to provide guidance for his parishioners is an everyday battle.

And then Judith Prendergast starts hearing voices in the church.

A faithful and devoted woman, struggling to raise her daughter Elizabeth, Judith takes a dim view of the happenings in Briarwych. Soon, however, she's offered a terrible deal, the consequences of which she doesn't fully understand. She tries desperately to escape, only to fall deeper and deeper under the spell of pure evil. And as she tries to set right her awful mistake, Judith sets in progress a chain of terrible events that will haunt the village of Briarwych for generations.
Genre: Ghost Fiction
Length: 310 pages
The Peeling and Other Terrifying Tales

The world's most deadly disease is loose.
Anyone who catches it is doomed.
Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, abdominal pain, and rotting of the flesh.
There is no cure. Infection is 100% fatal.

Stay calm. Please do not panic. The situation is under control.

It is under control.

The Peeling & Other Terrifying Tales is a collection of novellas and short stories from bestselling horror author Iain Rob Wright. It begins with the 80-page novella THE PEELING, and also includes several short stories, most of which have never been published before.
Genre: Horror Anthology
Length: 438 pages

This isn’t hell… it’s far worse.

Insidious experiments are being carried out at Arlington Asylum, and the only way the inmates ever leave is inside a body bag.

Adrian is a prisoner here. And he is next on the list to receive the strange medicine that is being administered. Medicine that causes certain… changes… to those who take it.

If he is to survive, Adrian must find his self-worth and start fighting for his life while chaos erupts in the asylum around him.

Because these experiments open up a gateway to a place worse than hell. And the nightmarish inhabitants of that place break through and intend to tear our world apart.

Can Adrian stand against impossible odds and end this threat before it’s too late?
Genre: Occult Horror
Length: 338 pages
Worthe's Village

How much fear can one man take?

Marcus Holt thought his worst memories were behind him. A veteran of the Vietnam War, the tough old soldier is haunted by nightmares of brutal conflict. But he’s about to discover that his battle for survival has only just begun.

Professor Abel Worthe is brilliant, wealthy, and utterly immoral. He is an expert in a very particular field: the study of fear and death. Using his vast resources, Worthe has purchased a collection of haunted houses and paranormal sites, hidden across the world. And he intends to subject a captive to each location in his collection of horror, all in the name of science.

All he needs is a test subject, a human lab rat to undergo his experiment in terror. And the target of his sinister attention is Marcus Holt. The aging veteran soon finds himself snatched off the streets, and forced to endure a never-ending barrage of horror.

But Marcus is no stranger to fear and death. He’s a fighter. And he is determined to survive long enough to find and kill his malicious captor.

Let the games begin.
Genre: Occult Horror
Length: 209 pages
The Undead: The First Seven Days

The Undead. The First Seven Days Compilation Edition. Days One to Seven
By Washington Post best-selling author RR Haywood, author of the smash-hit time travel series - Extracted
A deadly infection spreads across Europe.
Genre: Zombies!
Length: 802 pages


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