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Free Fantasy Books for Kindle
Free fairy tale fantasyOnce: Six Historically Inspired Fairytales

Six fairytales you thought you knew, set against a tapestry of historical backgrounds.

A lonely girl plots revenge in the shadow of a mountain. A stolen princess fumbles a century backward. A dwarfish man crafts brilliant automatons. A Polish Jew strikes matches against the Nazis. A dead girl haunts a crystal lake. A terrified princess searches a labyrinth. A rich collection of six historically inspired retellings, Once is a new generation of fairytales for those who thought they'd heard the tales in all their forms.

Featuring the novellas of Elisabeth Grace Foley, Rachel Heffington, J Grace Pennington, Emily Ann Putzke, Suzannah Rowntree, and Hayden Wand.
Free fantasy box sets for KindleAwaken: A Fated Fantasy Quest Adventure

Saviors or Destroyers? Their arrival was prophesied long ago and it's only the entire magical world hunting them--to protect them, to use them, or to end them... but is the prophecy even real? Or are they just pawns in someone else's game? Download the Saga Over 500,000 Readers Have Already Binged and Start Your Fantasy Adventure Today!

Free historical fantasy books for KindleLegends of Wales Box Set

Myth and legend come to life in Dark Age Wales ...

The Last Pendragon: Rhiann knows that demons walk the night. She has been taught to fear them. But from the moment Cade is dragged before her father's throne, beaten and having lost all of his men to her father's treachery, he stirs something inside her that she has never felt before. When Cade is revealed to be not only Arthur's heir but touched by the sidhe, Rhiann must choose between the life she left behind and the one before her--and how much she is willing to risk to follow her heart.

Cold My Heart: Love. Magic. Faith. By the autumn of 537 AD, all who are loyal to King Arthur have retreated to a small parcel of land in north Wales. They are surrounded on all sides, heavily outnumbered, and facing near certain defeat.

But Myrddin and Nell, two of the king's companions, have a secret that neither has ever been able to face: each has seen that on a cold and snowy day in December, Saxon soldiers sent by Modred will ambush and kill King Arthur.

And together, they must decide what they are willing to do, and to sacrifice, to avert that fate.
Free fantasy box sets for kindleKelenya Chronicles: Books 1 to 3

Sometimes magic comes to those who least expect it…

Jacob Clark doesn't have time to believe in fantasies. He goes to school, works his after-hours job hard, and does what he can to keep his family above water. So after a mysterious girl tells him he's a prince from another world, he laughs the story off as fiction. But when his family is kidnapped by very-real attackers, Jacob has no choice but to team up with the girl to get them back…

In just 48 hours, Jacob must cross worlds to retrieve a magical key and rescue his family. With only the girl's misfit band of traveling companions and his own untested abilities at hand, the quest seems doomed to fail. But this is one job he can't bear to lose. To save his family and the kingdom, he'll have to live up to his princely legacy…

Kilenya Chronicles Books 1-3 is the first three books in a series of teen epic fantasy. If you like original magic systems, imaginative monsters, and fast-paced action, then you'll love Andrea Pearson's series.
Free epic fantasy book bundles for KindleSorcery & Warlocks: Six Dark Fantasy Novels

Six complete dark fantasy novels.

Fire & Ice - Patty Jansen

Darkness Rising - James E. Wisher

Requiem For The Wolf - Tara Saunders

The Prince’s Man - Deborah Jay

The Ring And The Flag - William L. Hahn

Muse - Kylie Quillinan
New Fantasy Releases on on KindleUnlimited
Fantasy Box sets for KindleUnlimitedFractured Throne

Never trust the promise of a dragon.

Emethius Lunen is learning that lesson the hard way. Emethius is the commander of the Red Company, the most elite lancer corp in Merridia. He has spent his life serving the royal family. But his oath is challenged when the Crown Prince attempts to overthrow the High Lord, forcing Emethius defend the royal family from itself.

Most assume that Prince Meriatis longs for power, but Emethius has his own dark theory. He believes the prince is afflicted by the Blackheart, a sickness that causes its victims to slowly lose their mind to an ancient deity known as the Shadow. Torn by his friendship to Prince Meriatis and his loyalty to the High Lord, Emethius doesn't know what to do.

But when a mysterious dragon named Ftoril offers Emethius a way to save both the prince and the realm, Emethius can't refuse the offer. Ftoril claims to know of a sorceress who can cure the Blackheart. The only problem - the sorceress has gone into hiding in the fallen Empire of Cella, a place where the madness of the Blackheart runs rampant and nightmarish creatures known as the Cul reign supreme. The dragon promises to guide Emethius to the sorceress, that is, if Emethius is willing to betray both the High Lord and his gods.

The box set includes:

The Promise of Dragons (Fractured Throne Book 1)
The Wayward Prince (Fractured Throne Book 2)
New Release book bundles on amazonAgents of the Crown

In a far away kingdom, an immensely powerful soul is trapped in a jewel called a dragon tear. Whoever holds it has access to great magical power, but, as in all times and places, power is seductive and dangerous.

And, as with all trapped souls, this one wants to escape.


Orphaned at a young age, Zenia Cham has fought and scraped her way into a position of honor as an inquisitor for one of the city's temples. But an even greater destiny awaits. Impressed by her deeds, the king offers her a prestigious position as one of his elite Agents of the Crown.

The missions will be dangerous, and she’s not sure she wants the partner she’s being assigned—a cocky noble lord from a wealthy estate—but she has the opportunity to distinguish herself as she serves not only the city but the entire Kingdom.

How could she say no?

There’s just one problem. The king gives her a mysterious dragon tear that’s nothing like the other magical gems she’s seen. She may need its power to stay alive in this perilous new job, but dare she rely upon it?

For a limited time, you can get the complete Agents of the Crown fantasy series for a massive discount.

Books included are:

Eye of Truth
Blood Ties
Duty Bound
Elven Fury
Dragon Tear
New box sets for Kindle UnlimitedThe Stormborn Saga

Valrin has always sought adventure... He's about to get it.
On a desolate island in the far North, Valrin is an orphan surrounded by empty oceans with a yearning for life beyond the icy shores of his home. Little does he know that this morning would set him on a path he never expected. Chosen by the ascended and destined for darkness, he will soon learns what it means to be Stormborn.

Facing dwarven pirates, exploring forgotten ruins, and eventually obtaining a sailing vessel with the secrets of a lost race, he'll race across the oceans as he prepares to take the helm of his destiny in this coming of age adventure like none other.

THREE entire trilogies and a bonus novella await you in this true epic fantasy adventure! Dragon riders, sea monsters, vampire lords, a sneaky rogue, a shadow elf wizard (and his albino sea snake, Rasi!) ... if you can imagine it, Valrin and the crew will likely meet it, friend it, or face it in battle!

If you're expecting the typical coming of age story... you couldn't be more wrong. This saga is a blending of epic fantasy and the Mahābhārata with a sprinkle of DnD inspired characters! Hold on to the rails of the sacred ship of the ancients and grab this limited-time massive omnibus now!

Included in this set:


Mage Soul

Elf Bane

Ranger's Fury

Black Moon



Shards of Etha

Shadow Cry

Dark Compass (book one of a new trilogy)

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