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Free Fantasy Books for Kindle
Free fantasy books for KindleThe Priestess of Camelot

A Nordic pagan priestess falls in love with both Merlin and King Arthur and bears their sons. Along with her daughter, she constructs a plan that will endure 1,500 years.

Anya, a pagan priestess of the Nordic Rus tribes, leaves her home country and arrives in Britain. There, she joins the sisterhood of Avalon, headed by the scheming Morgaine.

When Anya runs afoul of the Avalonian high priestess she is sent to Camelot to spy on the court while acting as healer. But there, she falls in love with the High Druid, Merlin, and King Arthur, bearing sons to both of the great men of her time.

After losing both of the men she loves to Morgaine’s treachery, she embarks on a plan that unfolds over the next 1,500 years to return Goddess worship to the island nation and save it from a danger Anya can see but cannot understand.
Genre:YA Arthurian Fantasy
Rating: 4.6 / 5 Stars
Length: 360 pages
Free  LitRPG for KindleWelcome to the Probet

What if you really were transported to a fantasy world and expected to kill monsters to survive? No special abilities, no OP weapons, no status screen to boost your stats and no cheat mode. Never mind finding the dragon’s treasure or defeating the Demon Lord, you only need to worry about one thing—how to stay alive.

A group of teenagers wake up in a strange, fantastical land with creatures from myth and legend. They are given archaic weapons they don't know how to use and told to do their best.

Convinced it has to be some kind of virtual reality RPG, all the people summoned form parties and set off on their adventures, leaving behind the people nobody wants in their group.

Story of my life, thinks Colin.

It looks like a game. It feels like a game. It isn't a game.
Genre:L LitRPG
Rating: 3.8 / 5 Stars
Length: 145 pages
Free humorous fantasy booksThe Fury Clock


Malix Shandy, the best-looking scoundrel in the kingdom, sets off on a hopeless quest to find the dreaded Fury Clock. If he doesn’t find it in seven days, he’ll suffer a fate worse than death. Teamed up with an enormous ogre and a psychotic dwarf, Shandy starts to think maybe death would be restful after a week in such company. But he doesn't have time to die, not with all the necromancers, vampires, and dragons out to get him.
Genre:Humorous Fantasy
Rating: 4.1 / 5
Length: 363 pages
Free Epic Fantasy books for KindleLost Lore

Hidden pasts. Secrets untold. Legends half-remembered. Fifteen fantasy writers gather to bring fifteen tales to life, each one a unique glimpse into a wholly original world.

On the Emerald Road, a dead Sage triggers a brutal trial beneath the forest floor. There, a young man must fight--and kill--both friends and enemies to become the next wielder of the fabled Emerald Blade.

In Midgard, a priestess of humble birth forges a strange bond with an ancient being as she searches for justice in a land that often rewards cruelty, betrayal, and bloodshed.

And in the Yarnsworld, the Magpie King teaches two brothers a dangerous lesson about the power of stories. Sticks and stones may indeed break bones . . . but they cannot hurt the Bramble Man.

In worlds ravaged by flood, fire, and frost, mere mortals strive to make their own legends amidst demons and deities alike. And in lands racked with human strife--where evil endures and no one is ever safe--scarred heroes fight forces even darker than their own personal demons.

Why do they fight?

Some seek to better the world, or themselves. Others are out to right old wrongs. But whatever their goal - reward, redemption, or just respite - the truth will out eventually. For no story is ever truly lost so long as there exists one to tell it.
Genre:Fantasy Anthology
Rating: 3.9 / 5 Stars
Length: 381 pages
Free Nordic fantasyThe Furyck Saga

Jael Furyck is Brekka’s greatest warrior, destined to be the queen, but when her father dies, her uncle steals the throne. And now he plans to marry her off; eager to remove the threat she poses to his reign; keen to forge an alliance with his arch-enemy that will fill his empty coffers with gold.

Eadmund Skalleson is broken by grief, sinking further into an ale-pit of despair. But his father is out of patience. He wants Eadmund to be the heir to the throne he so desperately needs, before it’s too late. Before he has no choice but to turn to an unthinkable alternative.

And as the scheming kings of Brekka and Oss embrace their newfound alliance, plotting to conquer their rich southern neighbours, Jael and Eadmund find themselves desperately searching for an escape from the fast-approaching destiny neither of them wants.

A destiny planned by the gods themselves.
Genre:Nordic Epic Fantasy
Rating: 4.7 / 5
Length: 2,035 pages
99¢ Fantasy Books
Fantasy books on AmazonSaving the Dark Side

Cole was three when he first went missing. He repeatedly vanished for days on end, only to appear back in his bed where his mother left him. The problem was slow to fade, so he grew up isolated from anyone who might get close enough to learn his secret.

By high school the vanishings have all but stopped, and Cole is finally free to claim a life of normalcy. But when faced with a deadly encounter, a mysterious presence appears and takes him away. For good.

He finds himself on Aeneria, an exotic world inhabited by giants, demons, and magic. Cole's arrival reignites an ancient war and unleashes three evil gods, threatening not only Aeneria, but Earth itself. His only hope lies within a sect of warriors who show him the ways of magic, and for the first time in his life, friendship.

In order to save this world and his own, Cole must temper himself in the fires of nightmares, all while trying to find his place in a world where he doesn't belong.
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Rating: 4.8 / 5 Stars
Length: 400 pages
99¢ or Free with KindleUnlimited
Through the Veil

War is coming!

The only escape is through the veil!

Lindes lives an enchanted life.

As the daughter of Thilion and Eliadis, Lord and Lady of the Elves, she wants for nothing.

Niece of the Queen and next in line to the throne of Sylvana, she is protected and kept safe from the outside world.

Until one day her world comes crashing down.

The King of Aendaria is power hungry and greedy. He cannot wait for her to come of age.

His orc army is ready.

Elf blood will flow.

Lindes must flee for her life to the human realm.

The time has come for her to grow into the woman she is meant to be.
Genre:Young Adult Fantasy
Rating: 5.0 / 5 Stars
Length: 126 pages
99¢ or Free with KindleUnlimited
The Shadow Beasts

In a world that mirrors our own...

A dimensional world is hidden from our view. Kingdoms are ruled by royals with unique abilities. Tribes with deep roots of loyalty and honor dominate the landscape. An ancient organization continues to seek infinite knowledge. All are bound together by the thread of magic.

Seventeen-year-old Emily had always thought that she was ordinary. Suddenly, her life is turned upside down as a childhood friend's troubled past catches up with him. Emily finds herself in the Kingdom of Sunclaire alongside her friend, James, and her aunt. Stranded in a world that is not her home, she must figure out how to survive.

The world is in turmoil as dark forces rise and gather on the horizon. In this unknown world, she must figure out who her real friends truly are. Shadows lurk at every corner and Emily finds herself held captive by the prince of Sunclaire Kingdom.
As Emily starts questioning everything about herself, her newfound powers may put her into even more jeopardy.
Genre:Young Adult Fantasy
Rating: 5.0 / 5 Stars
Length: 180 pages
99¢ or Free with KindleUnlimited
The Singing Stones of Rendor

Endowed with a magical ability not seen since the ancient Rendor Empire, life for K’Las just turned dangerous—and he’s not even born yet.

His parents hide him in plain sight for several years until they learn of a plot to seize an heirloom and enslave the powerful magical voices that blend with the family treasure. The family manages to escape the clutches of cold-blooded zealots from the Grand Peer that chases them to one of Rendor’s mysterious great henges.

A wild and shrewd wizard who hides within the henge, learns of the family’s secret treasure and vanquishes one of the zealots, but not out of altruism. He too is covetous of the powerful treasure the family holds dear.

Trapped between a ruthless killer and a crazed wizard, K’Las must quickly learn to control his nascent skills to help his parents best their foes. If he can’t, it won’t matter which of their foes wins—his family will surely die. Even if he does succeed, the hostile and unstable world order will not permit such unrestrained magic.
Genre:Epic Fantasy
Rating: 4.7 / 5 Stars
Length: 346 pages
99 cent fantasy box sets for KindleThe Keeper Chronicles

When Mallon the Undying threatened the land years ago, the elves stopped him—and then disappeared.

Now Mallon's followers seek to bring him back to finish what he started.

Only the Keepers—storytellers, historians, and magic-wielders—are left to stand against them.

Alaric, who betrayed everything he believed to save his wife — and still failed.

Will, a storyteller who’s convinced his weak magic makes him useless.

And Sini, a former slave girl with unimaginable power but no way to wield it.

Can they survive being hunted by dragons, attacked by frost goblins, and betrayed by traitors their midst?

Or will Mallon's minions overwhelm them and plunge the land into darkness?
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Rating: 4.9 / 5 Stars
Length: 826 pages
Free with KindleUnlimited

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