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Free Horror Books on Kindle
Free horror stories for kindleUnnatural: A Collection of Supernatural Stories

From the vault of Author Michael Loring’s warped mind comes this brand new collection of short stories. UNNATURAL: A COLLECTION OF SUPERNATURAL STORIES is as the title says: a collection of shorts revolving around the supernatural and paranormal.

THE FOX IN THE FIELD: A mischievous fox makes a plan for an engaged couple…

THE WEREWOLF’S MATE: A vampire tries to steal a werewolf’s boyfriend…

NO FORGIVENESS: A man takes a demon lover…

NUMBER 18: A rapist stalks his eighteenth victim…

DEATH’S EXPRESSION: A man faces the Grim Reaper…

CARPE DIEM: A man learns the intricacies of the afterlife…

THE WALLFLOWER’S COLLAPSE: A woman tries to shed her wallflower ways…

This collection of stories will shock you, horrify you, make you wonder, and caution you. Each tale with its own genre, its own world, and its own story to be told.
Free horror anthologies for kindleInk Stains, Volume 9

Relationships are complicated at best.

Some are beautiful, some are beautiful disasters, and some are just deadly.

This edition of Ink Stains explores some of the most fantastic, frightening, and fascinating dysfunctional relationships ever put down on ink, be it with a parent, a friend, a would-be lover, or Kurt Cobain.
Authors Clay McLeod Chapman, Mario E. Martinez, Matt Meyer, Ted Myers, Adam Michael Nicks, Jay Outhier, Doug Russell, Ryanne Strong, Bobbi Thomas, Lynden Wade, Kathleen Wolak, and Todd Zack give us a look at interactions between people behind closed doors and in the dark corners of their minds where dangerous, delirious thoughts sometimes turn into actions.

free occult suspense novelsA Rarer Gift Than Gold

The Illuminati Are Not The Only Secret Society...

Abigail Argent stands out: some admire her lean figure and beautiful dark eyes, others notice that she always wears gloves and shudder when they know why. The ones that know her best notice her ability with metal.

Her particular skill lies in the colouring of sculpture. She has a gift for seeing the beauty in a plain piece of metal and being able to draw it out. With a background in chemistry, Abigail's knowledge of her craft is academic as well as practical, which is how she makes a chance discovery of a link between her own craft and that of her favourite childhood myth: the ancient art of alchemy.

But danger is lurking where the worlds of art and myth collide.

And Abigail piques the interest of one of the world’s oldest secret societies.

Set in Venice and Florence, Abigail must draw on all her practical know-how to keep herself alive, but what will she learn from The Golden Illuminati?
Free horror novels for kindleThe Ash House

Why would anyone ever return to a haunted house?

For Diane Mercer the answer is simple. She's dying of cancer, and she wants to know once and for all whether ghosts are real.

Heading home with her young son, Diane is determined to find out whether the stories are real. After all, everyone else claimed to see and hear strange things in the house over the years. Everyone except Diane had some kind of experience in the house, or in the little ash house in the yard.

As Diane explores the house where she grew up, however, her son is exploring the yard and the forest. And while his mother might be struggling to come to terms with her own impending death, Daniel Mercer is puzzled by fleeting appearances of a strange little girl who seems drawn to the ash house, and by strange, rasping coughs that he keeps hearing at night.
Free horror novels on AmazonThe Legend of the Swamp Witch

Angelique Clairvoux lives in St. Martinsville, Louisiana, free of the slavery in other parts of the south. Living together with her grandmother, she practices voodoo and makes her living telling fortunes and selling charms and remedies.

When the slave catchers arrive, Angelique is captured and assaulted, but manages to escape to the wilds of the bayou with her meager belongings, only to be never heard from again. Soon after, several men in the area enter the bayou in search of Angelique's treasure... unaware of the danger for those who hold evil in their hearts against women.

Years later, Raquel Clairvoux - distant relative of Angelique - begins to research Angelique's incident. But can she unravel the Legend Of The Swamp Witch?
New Releases for KindleUnlimited
New horror novels on KindleUnlimitedThe Praying Mantis Bride

A deadly black widow has eliminated three husbands and counting. But Nameless knows her one weakness. To bring truth and its consequences to her crimes, the vigilante must spin a web of his own in part three of the Nameless series.

Lucia—current last name, Rickenbah—has made a fortune by marrying rich men who tend to drop dead. But the superstitious blonde believes in more than money and murder. Nameless’s job is to scare a confession out of Lucia, and as the psychological warfare escalates, even he may be in for a shock.

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz comes The Praying Mantis Bride, part of Nameless, a riveting collection of short stories about a vigilante nomad, stripped of his memories and commissioned to kill. Follow him in each story, which can be read or listened to in a single sitting.
new occult horror book releasesThe Poor and the Haunted

2019 New York City Big Book Award Winner - Horror

“This thought-provoking tale makes a strong argument for letting go of past pain.” –Kirkus Reviews

As a child Jimmy Lansford and his sister Kelly suffered crushing poverty, their father’s unexplained and frightening suicide, and their mother’s constant abuse and cruelty. Having grown to be a successful adult, Jimmy must contend with the sudden re-emergence of memories from his childhood in Oklahoma and unexplainable events occurring inside his own home. Is it more than memories that haunt Jimmy? Did his parents suffer from mental illness and addiction, or were they possessed by something even worse—and has that presence arrived to take Jimmy?

The first horror novel from acclaimed author and journalist Dustin McKissen explores the nature of hauntings, the ghosts from our past that haunt our present, and the unbreakable bond between siblings who learn early on they can only rely on each other.
If It Rises

Armageddon was averted…for now.

The seal has been hidden and without one, all of them mean nothing.

Arinna is brought back into the fray when the dead realize that there is another route, a path they can take to get what they want regardless of the seal. It’s tied to her and the mysteries that live in her past.

With a slow-burn tone, the slow unraveling of a past that she’s not quite ready to face, and the demons that slowly inhabit those that she’s learning to trust, she has no idea whom to turn too when it comes to her life and the lives of those around her.


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