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Free Fantasy Books for Kindle
Free historical Fantasy for KindleKnight Prisoner

A hilarious romp through an alternative 15th century, where two great literary minds meet and pull off a jailbreak of legend.

In 1470, in the great City of London, the great French poet, François Villon, was in trouble. He had a talent for it. Carted off to Newgate prison, he is thrown into the company of that master of English crime and prose, Sir Thomas Malory.

This humorous medieval alternative history tale is told by Fremin—Villon’s put-upon secretary -- who has never had an adventure of his own. He tells the story of the meeting of these two masters of writing and crime, while looking back at their early criminal adventures. Both men’s lives curiously echo their literary work. It also becomes the story of Fremin himself, as he grows from being the servant of two great men, into his own manhood.

The legal and romantic situations go from bad to worse until there is only one man they can turn to, the old Knight in the prison.

Free epic fantasy books to downloadThe Lost Dawn

Welcome to Genievon. On the surface, the king's capital is a beacon of might and prestige; below lies a cutthroat underground slum.

Here is where Keia Atlos, an average magical thief, survives. She dreamt of being a soldier-but destiny has greater plans for her, as do others.

Keia must distinguish ally from enemy: a mysterious wizard, a relentless captain, an immortal king, a foreign sword master, and a violent outlaw. A forgotten shadow rises as ancient evils stir.

Under attack from every angle and not knowing who to trust, Keia will face her destiny-even if it means staring down her worst nightmare, or being dragged into the bloodiest war the Kingdom of Gaddeaux has ever seen.
Kingdom in Turmoil

Magic. Death. Treason.

Will a boy of 12 save the kingdom from its impending demise? Will a young witch use her new found powers for good or evil? Will an assassin discover that he's been given an order that is not best for the kingdom?

Kingdom in Turmoil introduces you to five legendary heroes whose actions will change The Seven Islands forever.
How to Kill a Wizard

Fact: Some people need killing. Fact: Sometimes it is hard.

“It’s so horrible. He controls her mind. She follows him around like a slave, he dresses her how he wants, uses her for sex, and has her cooking for him. She’s a slave, she doesn’t know me or anyone, and she’s happy about it, because of his magic,” the boy said.

Some people needed killing, Gunnolf had always believed that, still he was a mace-man , a thug for hire. He didn't kill wizards, he certainly didn't kill this one, Yolland the grand, head of their little school. At least he had a chance unlike this angry boy and he was pretty sick of his life, it might be his last chance to get the gods to notice him.

"50 gold and if i die trying you pay the Carthian temple for me. I want two bulls sacrificed in my name."
Islands in the Mist

In Islands in the Mist, we meet the great warrior, Bran, who is called home from the battlefield to his mother's deathbed. He honors her final wish by vowing to solve the mystery of what fatally attacked her and the clan's chieftain in the night. Though many have dismissed it as a wolf attack, she insists it was not, and encourages him to seek the counsel of Talhaiarn, druid advisor to their clan.

On his journey, Bran encounters the fiery Lucia, widow to a Roman centurion, and her strangely-gifted stable boy, Gwion--an enigmatic child graced with understanding beyond his years. Lucia possesses "the Sight," an ability that has plagued her from the time she was a small girl, tormenting her with disturbing visions of events that invariably come to pass. Fate leads her to discover many of her maternal ancestors were masterful women gifted with similar psychic abilities and that some of them have been watching her from the shadows for years.

Upon returning to his village, Bran finds himself at odds with the hot-tempered Aelhaearn, who is determined to become their clan's next chieftain. To Aelhaearn's disappointment, Bran's sister, Seren, now priestess in her mother's place, convinces the clan to choose Bran for the honor instead. In the aftermath of their conflict, Bran discovers something shocking about his rival that causes him to rue his sister's decision.

They must all work together, however, to defeat the creator of their nocturnal enemies—a creator who, one by one, is patiently pulling all who oppose her deep into the seductive maelstrom of her power.
New Fantasy Releases on KindleUnlimited
New Fantasy releases for Kindle UnlimitedDragon Mage Academy

She stumbled upon a murder. Now this princess must save a dragon from certain death.
7 books. 2500+ pages of action-packed dragon adventures, following a young woman’s magical adventures as she battles for survival.
Seventeen-year-old Princess Alba will do anything to escape her tyrant father’s arranged marriage. Disguised as a boy to enter an all-male academy, her plans turn upside down when she bonds with a dragon accused of murder. And if she can’t prove her new friend’s innocence before the execution, they will both die…

Escaping her academy ordeal by the skin of her teeth, Alba and her dragon battle an angry uprising when priceless eggs are stolen. And after Alba is blamed for a mass plague, she’s forced to join forces with an old enemy to stop the fatal disease consuming their kingdom.

Can Alba unlock her unique magical heritage to save the realm from disaster?

Dragon Mage Academy contains books 1-7 from the action-packed fantasy series. If you like determined heroines, colorful creatures, and surprising twists and turns, then you’ll love Cordelia Castel’s engaging adventure.
Black Dragon Boxed Set

Magic has returned to the land. And so has the Black Dragon.

An epic dragon riding adventure from Jada Fisher, author of the popular Brindle Dragon series.

Blessed with a magic she doesn’t understand, Ukrah must find her way in a world that doesn’t always embrace her and her gifts. Accompanied by a talking bird and a strange young man who took her in, she must find the legendary dragon rider who saved the world from the Blight. Can Ukrah escape from those who would enslave her, or worse, and find the only person who can help her realize her destiny?

The Black Dragon Boxed Set contains the first three stories in the Rise of the Black Dragon series which follows the story of a young girl blessed—and cursed—with a magic she doesn’t understand and a dragon who will save—or destroy—the world.

Stories Included:


New Beginnings

Black Dragon
Dragon Assassin Boxed Set 2

Crossing the Bitterwaters is dangerous. Fulfilling her oath is twice as deadly. Will Carmen survive?

She has promised her dragon that she will assassinate a target for him. But he won't name the person or thing he wants her to kill. And he keeps taking her further and further into the deadly land of Drachia, where dragons rule. And, as if that's not enough, every single one of those dragons wants to kill Brax.

This 2nd Dragon Assassin Boxed Set contains the 4th, 5th and 6th episodes in the Dragon Assassin series.

Stories Included:


Elder Magic

Royal Blood

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