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Free Science Fiction Books on Kindle
Free science fiction for KindleThe Watchers of Eden

Her gift is her curse. Her world is her prison. Her fate is bigger than she knows...

In the hot and harsh farming region of Agricola, 16 year old Cyra prepares to be tested to discover what duty she'll hold for life. All school leavers across the regions are in the same position, and few expect anything more than to follow in their parents' footsteps and stay in the region they live in.

For Cyra, there was never a choice. With her father dead and brother and sister assigned elsewhere, she's desperate to stay close to her sick mother so she can take care of her.

On the day of the Duty Call, however, Cyra's world turns upside down in one stroke. She's to be assigned to Eden, the largest and most powerful sea city and central hub of control. Only the most important live there, and no one from Cyra's town has ever been assigned there in her lifetime.

So, she sets off on a journey away from everything she knows, without knowing what her duty will be. Soon, she discovers that she, along with a small number of school leavers from across the regions, has a special power; a gift that will pit her as a secret protector of the nation.

Only, it's not a gift, it's really a curse, and before long Cyra will learn that her once small world is filled with a great deal more corruption and injustice than she ever thought possible.
Free sci-fi fiction on AmazonFloss

What happens when a cyborg on probation falls in love with a human?
Chaos, blackmail and intrigue ignite when Floss plunges into a romantic liaison with journalist, Jan Oort.

When Floss and Jan accidentally open a gateway in spacetime to another part of the galaxy, an alien menace is drawn to their planet and hovers over the multi-species city they call home.

Floss's freedom and her very existence are threatened when she discovers the key that will re-open the gateway; a key that their alien visitors, are looking for.
But if she hands it over, an interplanetary war will erupt; and if she doesn't, people on her planet will die. How can she make such an impossible choice? Her cybernetic brain, now freed of all controls, was never designed to cope with such emotional conflict. Will she survive whatever terrible decision she makes?
free sci fi books for kindleZero

When a Trump-like President Quinn rose to power, he ended democracy, cast out the poor and built a wall 1,000 meters high. 150 years later, his descendants have infinite wealth and control the Sanctuary, a high-tech paradise for the rich where money equals rank. A young woman from the slum with a murky past vows to end the madness and bring the people back together. With no money or rank, she’ll have to rely on the only weapon she has. Zero.
free science fiction ebooks Carl Sagan's Hunt for Intelligent Life in the Universe

Sometimes intelligent life is right in front of your whiskers.

Hsissh is a member of The One. There are some newcomers to The One's homeplanet. They call themselves "humans," and they are, frankly, mentally deficient--they can't warp the quantum world with their minds. However, Hsissh is becoming attached to one of them, a Miss Noa Sato.

When The One decide they will wipe out the humans and Noa's life is on the line, Hsissh is forced to take sides ... he might find intelligent life where The One least expect it.
Transgalactic Antics

Watch out! Carrie Hatchett has a plan.

Carrie’s impulsive, reckless nature gets her in trouble again, and if she wants to keep her job as a Transgalactic Intercultural Community Crisis Liaison Officer, she has to pass remedial training.

Little does she know that her survival and the future of the galactic empire are also at stake.

With the help of her level-headed bestie, Dave, and her fellow alien trainees—an intelligent slug, a mysterious box, a large green blob, and a cylinder of hair—she might just succeed. But so much stands in her way. A brain scan confirms that she isn’t cut out for the job, and a blast from the past rears her beautiful head, sending Carrie into a crisis of self-doubt.

When the evil mechanical aliens, the placktoids, return, Carrie must put together a plan that actually works. A plan to rid the galaxy of the placktoid menace, and save her life.

Transgalactic Antics is book three in the comedy sci-fi romp, Carrie Hatchett, Space Adventurer.

Follow Carrie on her adventures today!
New Science Fictions Releases on KindleUnlimited
The Last Migration

One deadly conspiracy. One chance to save millions before they perish.

After Sam discovers the lies behind the Chimera Promise he knows he has to act fast. Every hour he allows the conspiracy to continue thousands more will perish. But he knows he can’t take down his father’s company, Chimera, and the Syndicate of Truth, the most powerful organization in the world, alone.

Even after enlisting the help of Riva the task won’t be easy. They both must risk everything to try and stop millions of bodies from entering Life Pods only to come out dead instead of in a virtual world. And with the odds stacked up against them, their mission to stop the genocide of tens of millions will be the hardest challenge Sam has ever had to overcome.

Some things are worth dying for. And others are worth killing for.
First Encounter

The Forerunners set out from Earth to colonize neighboring star systems
And to search for intelligent life...
The United Nations of Earth sent out the Forerunner ships to explore and colonize the four most promising star systems within 50 light-years of Earth.

Forerunner One left Earth under the command of Captain Clayton Cross, heading for Trappist-1. After a ninety year journey to reach it, the crew encountered not only a habitable world, but alien life already inhabiting it, and dark secrets lurking beneath the surface.

The revelation of who these aliens are and what they want proves more terrifying than promising, and Captain Cross is forced to make tough decisions that will affect not only his crew, but the fate of the entire human race.
Tales of Talon

Epic starship battles, alien magic, and a warrior hero with a plasma axe. Over 1000 pages of Space Opera adventure…

In a galaxy of chaos and conflict, a gladiator from a desolate arena rises to become a hero. His past is a mystery. His battles are legendary. His adventures will shape history…

Wielding a plasma axe and an iron will, the man known as Talon must carve his own path to destiny. To conquer the evil forces that threaten the galaxy, he must be more than just a warrior. He must become…

Talon the Slayer.

This boxed set includes the complete Tales of Talon series, plus an exclusive bonus novella.

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