Saturday #FrightNight: Free Amazon Kindle Horror for Feb 1, 2020

Saturday Night is #FrightNight


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Free Horror Books on Kindle
Free horror novels for KindleLast Wish by M.D. Thomas

Emergency physician Linh Davies is cursed with the ability to possess the soul of someone who dies when she’s touching them. Each new soul arrives with a story and a last wish. If she can grant their wish, they’ll move on and leave her be. But that isn’t always possible and her head is getting crowded...

Three weeks from taking a new job, Linh gets fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Bauer stuck in her head. Another voice is bad enough, but Linh is horrified to learn that the girl’s last wish is for her father to die. When Linh refuses, Elizabeth decides there’s only one way to get what she wants—to take over Linh’s body and kill her father herself. During the struggle that follows Linh is forced to decide what’s more important—her life and the lives of those around her or her oath as a physician to do no harm.
Dolly Biters!: The Vampire Girls of Victorian London

Welcome to the Gothic London of the 1800's.

These saucy tales quicken the pulse, thrill the mind and excite parts of the body that other, lesser books fail to reach.

Novellas and short stories featured in this sweet confection of blood, sex and gothic melodrama include Holmes of the Baskervilles, Miss Katie Bell - Victorian Vampire, Joan Dark is Lost, and The Vampire Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Here, vampires walk the streets and your favorite characters from Victorian literature are twisted until they snap.

Stories: An Anthology of Short Paranormal Suspense Stories by
Tomi Farrell

Divining the difference between reality and the fantastic may not be as simple as it seems. Because the world you think you know may not actually exist…

STORIES is a collection of six short stories loosely based on legends and folklore. Each is set in a modern context, giving the reader an unusual take that yields interesting insight on these traditional tales.

The Snow Woman: a spirit in Japanese folklore who traps people in snowstorms, then uses her icy breath to leave them frost-coated corpses.
The Slit-Mouthed Woman: a figure from Japanese urban legends who, mutilated by her husband, returns as a vengeful soul.
Mare: an evil spirit from Germanic and Slavic folklore that rides on people’s chests while they sleep, bringing on nightmares.
Doppelgänger: the double of a living person that sometimes appears when death is near.
The Bell Witch: a poltergeist that haunted the 19th-century Bell family in Tennessee.
Ondine: the supernatural heroine who tells her husband, “I shall be the shoes on your feet…I shall be the breath in your lungs,” with the caveat that, should he deceive her, he will die.

Amador Lockdown by Coral Russell

You always save the best lies for yourself.
Something is going on in the newly renovated Amador Hotel. The Paranormal Posse is called in to either debunk the haunting or get rid of the ghost that's causing the problems. The surprise arrival of a teenage son,throws the paranormal investigation into chaos. Whatever is haunting the Amador Hotel has its sights set on becoming human again no matter what the cost.
Host of the Unforgiven by G.D. Sheehen

Demons return to haunt him. Now he must find out why.

Philip Quinlan finally has his life back on track after years of addiction, homelessness and prison. But cruel destiny intervenes and sends him into a spiral of self-destruction and depravity.

Demons from stories of his youth appear all around him, voices beckon him to dig up buried memories, and a notorious drug dealer, Razor Ray Bresnan, chases him through the Irish countryside in search of revenge for a fateful night on the streets of Dublin.

As he clings to the weakening reins of sanity and life, will he yield to the ghosts of his past or confront the horrors that threw his life into disarray twenty-five years ago?
New Releases for KindleUnlimited
Best new horror releases on KindleUnlimitedNeolithica by Dan Soule

Some things should stay buried...

The discovery of a young boy's body, brutally murdered and preserved for thousands of years in a Scottish peat bog, brings with it more than a find of a lifetime for archaeologist Mirin Hassan. After the death of her husband, Mirin wants life to get back to normal for her and her young son. But media attention and professional rivalries become the least of her worries. Something other than cameras followed the corpse back to the university. A malevolent force grows unseen. The weather turns biblical. Violence and death spread beyond the university. Could it be connected with the strange discovery? The city grasps for a rational explanation, but time is up. Chaos has arrived, as Mirin realises some things should stay buried.

Nightmares: Beneath the Tavern by Carrie King

Something is hunting. Reaching out with cold, dark tendrils of evil, will it pull back the girl who once escaped?
FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Nightmares have plagued Julia’s life for as long as she can remember. Dark spirits haunt both her dreams and her waking hours. She has to find out what happened, even against her parent’s wishes. They moved her to Australia to get away from an English Tavern. They would never speak of it. They would never hear of her going back.
It doesn’t matter she has to.
Julia has to know what they are hiding. Has to know if the Tavern will give her the answers she needs. Will knowing what happened, stop her visions, and her nightmares of falling down into evil?
As she gets closer, she tells herself, she is in control. She can find her answers and then leave. Her parents need never to know. It is just a trip down memory lane, and after all, she is in control.
Deep beneath an English Tavern, evil waits. Is Julia returning because she wants to, or has she been pulled back by something old, evil, and hungry?
The Haunting of Dark Angel Tunnel by Cat Knight

Lucinda had the perfect venue to open her Goth Club. What could be better than an underground tunnel deep in the heart of London? It was going well until the first whispers began.

Lucinda’s dream was to open a thriving Goth Club. She had an investor, and the tunnel, with its deep alcoves and creepy corners, was seriously dark and ideal for the atmosphere she had in mind. Sure it needed work but her investor was happy to foot the bill. All was going well until the first whispers began. Whenever Lucinda was alone, strange and disturbing things happened in the tunnel. Whispers that taunted her were only the beginning. Doors shut tight and closed her in, and there was the unmistakable sensation of someone breathing on the back of her neck. And the stench… When Lucinda finds herself plunged into darkness with no escape, terror descends upon her. As shadows dash around her forcing her into a game of cat and mouse Lucinda understands she is in the fight of her life with the force that inhabits the tunnel. Can Lucinda figure out how to survive. Or will she lose the game and become part of the horrific history of the tunnel.


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