Late Night Up in The Laboratory

By J.S. Watts


Here it comes
Another one for the lab
slab, honey pot grab
Keep your hand on your glue pot
Igor’s getting busy
as he writes this all down
wears a beetle-browed frown
or a red satin gown
It’s all one and the same
when the peasants lose the metre
peter out
but the consonants keep coming
a vowel at a time regardless
of meaning

Glue your songlines together
We’re off to found a new genome
when scent’s significance gets left behind
but let’s not go there
What a find
amongst the test tubes and bric-a brac
and frail canopic jars
Fresh liver anyone?
and those little itty bitty tubes
that poke and pry
into the darkness of places
but come out smelling of violets
every time. Red wine?
and what of those sharp shards of metal

but let’s not go there
Let’s just wait for the lightning strike
No need to feed the meter, Peter
I said no need
the cushions are just to die for
Are we creating something lively
something futile, new
for the sake of it?
Who took the glue? Snifter anyone?
but let’s not go there
because others have, will, went
I’ll just lie here
and plug myself


J.S.Watts is a British writer. Her poetry, short stories and book reviews appear in a wide variety of publications in Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the States and have been broadcast on BBC and Independent Radio.  J.S. is the author of five books. Her poetry collections, Cats and Other Myths and Years Ago You Coloured Me, plus a multi-award nominated SF poetry pamphlet, Songs of Steelyard Sue are published by Lapwing Publications. Her novels, A Darker Moon – dark, psychological fantasy and Witchlight, a paranormal tale, are published by Vagabondage Press. For further details see:


Featured image via Adventures, Pixabay