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Free Horror Books on Kindle
Free horror stories on AmazonThis Poisoned Ground by Kristi Peterson Schoonover

They say you hurt the ones you love most.
No one ever talks about when they hurt you back.

Just after dawn on the hottest day East Providence has endured in a hundred summers, Todd, a bit of a ladies’ man, finds his prized rose bush dead. This is only the first in an ever-more-ominous series of events, and someone…or something…is trying to invade his home.

In the tradition of The Fall of the House of Usher, Ligeia, and Aura comes a gripping tale of love, lust…and regret.
Ink Stains, Volume 8

The world is a beautiful and terrifying place, where the lands have secrets of their own.

There’s a rustle in the trees in the French countryside. Is it the wind? Or the soldiers who should have died just once?

The fields of India encircle the shaman as he performs rituals that can take away a life or bring it back.

The woods next to a lake in New England hide a camp full of archetypes and a psycho who may or may not wear a mask.

There’s something about a place in time folded into a tale that becomes a character of its own, something that tantalizes and mesmerizes. From the twisting, gravel roads of New Zealand to the dusty, hard-lived ranches of the American West, we travel the world to find the disturbed, the mysterious, and the heart-wrenching.
Authors Luke Bandy, Nick Barton, S. B. Roark, Michael D. Burnside, Gwyneth Cooper, Dana Himrich, Brooke Reynolds and introduce us to their worlds and invite us in to see it as they do.
We might never be the same.
Secrets of the Greek Revival by Eva Pohler

Ellen and her two best friends share a mid-life crisis by hatching a plan to renovate an 1860's Greek revival in the nearby historic district of San Antonio. Although Ellen isn’t one to believe in ghosts, she comes face to face with something inexplicable in the attic.

Her ghost-enthusiast friends convince her that they must help the spirit find closure, and as they dig deeper into the past, they uncover a shocking history that someone in the neighborhood doesn’t want exposed. But Ellen and her friends don't give up easily. They realize they've been called to give voice to the invisible women who suffered behind the walls of the house for decades.
Badwater by Travis Liebert

There's a place in the river where not even search and rescue divers are supposed to go. It's called Badwater.

But when Joseph Albright dives into this forbidden region, he discovers something beyond comprehension.

Intent on solving a mystery as old as the earth itself, he comes into contact with forces beyond fathom.

Get this riveting new horror story and learn of the terrors that pervade our world.
Fallowgrave by T.E. Hodden

The past does not die easy, in the town of Fallowgrave.

Years ago May thought she was in love with the charming and handsome Devin. But the sticky heat of summer drew out jealousy, rage, and a moment of madness. Devin stained his hands in the blood of tragedy.

Now he lays dying, and he calls May to him, with the daughter he has never known. He reaches out with an offer to set right some of his many mistakes.

Flint Markham, the new preacher, is trying to outrun the tragedies of his own past. Ken, an ex cop, is sent to watch over Markham, to keep him to a strict regime, and contain the shadows that haunt him.

Something else is coming to Fallowgrave. Something ancient and undying. Something that can see your deepest desires and twisting them to your worst nightmares.
New Releases for KindleUnlimited
Tears by Caroline Clark

Menace and evil stalks the streets of Donborough, searching out those who have escaped justice. Look deep inside, if there is guilt, it will find it.

Each night Lola wakes to the sound of screams. Will it ever end? Will she find her way once more? Nothing is the same since she was trapped down a well. Alone and exhausted, she nearly drowned, but something saved her. Now her only friend is the mysterious voice in her head.

Following a brutal attack by six boys, she withdraws into her own world. That is until the boys start to die. Who is responsible? Lola's special forces father, the local pedophile who enjoys playing rough, or another father looking to avenge his daughter?

Is it retribution or is something ancient and sinister prowling this sleepy town looking to spread evil in its wake?

Silence of the Whippoorwill by Ditter Kellen

Vengeance is mine...

Legend has it, when the whippoorwill sings, death is soon to follow...
But Detective Breezy Anderson doesn’t believe in myths. Until a hiking trip to the mountains of Arkansas with some friends, takes a dangerous turn.
Breezy soon discovers, they’re not alone. A group of crazed psychopaths are hunting them, picking them off one by one. With no hope of escape, Breezy is forced into a cat-and-mouse game of death and survival.
But her attackers made one mistake. They left her alive…

The House on Boulby Cliff by Kevin Corby Bowyer

Newlyweds George and Alice live an idyllic life. George is an archaeologist – Alice, the pretty daughter of a Hertfordshire baker. But trouble is brewing for them, threatening not only their marriage but their very lives.
Rose – quiet, middle-aged and keenly missing her recently dead mother – lives alone in a remote clifftop cottage on the North Yorkshire coast. She’s the very last of her family. A few of her ancestors were blessed (or cursed) with special gifts. Some called them “wise women”, others called them “witches”, but those powers faded out of the family decades ago – or did they?
Binding George, Alice and Rose together is the Boulby Cliff House garden. There are secrets in the soil – and the potting shed seems oddly inviting…


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