Saturday #FrightNight 10 Free Halloween Reads for Oct 26, 2019

Saturday Night is #FrightNight

This Week: 10 Free Halloween Reads from Dark Alley Press!

Grab these free horror reads to download from Amazon for your Kindle!

Crime thrillers, dark satire, nightmare fantasies, classic horror tales, and chilling horror stories perfect for Halloween.

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Free Horror Books on Kindle
Free horror books for KindleChildren

New technology, old grievances, ageless crimes.

When a local girl goes missing, Chris’s world as a news editor runs the gamut when the case collides with a mysterious website in her old haunt, the arts beat.

Chris should be thrilled to get an exclusive on the developing story, a chilling website that invites readers into an abandoned house one image at a time. But a thick slice of office politicking stifles her quest for understanding at every turn. She can’t shake the feeling of that there’s something more than “art” behind it, and feels futility dogging her every move.

Chris watches, helplessly, as the scene is revealed one excruciating image at a time online, holding the town in thrall, but will she be able to solve the location of the mystery house and its horrific significance before her suspicions are proven true?

“Dark and gritty, told with complex descriptions and word-perfect dialog.”

Genre: Crime Thriller
Length: 59 pages
Free post-apocalyptic horrorJam Don't Shake

They seem so innocent: jars of jellies and jams. But the inhabitants of the town of Goodman know better.

An additive in Auntie Goodtimes Jams and Jellies turns good people into rioting murderers when their supply is cut off, the factory burned to the ground, and the National Guard closing in.

Doug is trying to survive in this post-Goodtimes world, sating his addiction with a carefully dosed tablespoon a day of jelly. And, when supplies get low, Doug, like others, finds that cravings can be quelled with the blood of fellow addicts.

Is it really murder when it’s a matter of survival?
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Horror
Length: 57 pages
free horror novelsBad Apple

Bad Apple is a dark, surreal ride that proves not all things in an orchard are safe to pick.

After an unfortunate incident on a Maine apple orchard, precocious teen Scree is left with a father she’s not sure is hers, a never-ending list of chores and her flaky brother’s baby, who she is expected to raise.

In a noble move to save the child from an existence like her own, Scree flees to a glitzy resort teeming with young men just ripe for the picking. But even as life with baby becomes all she’d dreamed, Dali-esque visions begin to leach through the gold paint…

"It is harsh, hard and unrelenting in its style and tone. The characters are real and that reality is stark, bitter, and at the same time maddeningly beautiful." ~ Sci Fi Saturday Night
Genre: Psychological Horror
Length: 195 pages

free horror novelsOld Hag Syndrome

For the last twenty years, Annette Chambers has been haunted by the same recurring nightmare of her beloved twin sister’s death.

When a cryptic stranger warns Annette that she is in danger of being murdered -- just like her sister -- by an ancient evil that dwells between dreams and reality, Annette initially dismisses the idea until she is attacked in her sleep by an unseen entity.

Annette soon learns what she experienced is known throughout history as Old Hag Syndrome, a horrifying affliction that causes victims to awake, paralyzed, unable to scream while they are tormented by hallucinations.

Soon Annette realizes the Old Hag she faces is real and has been killing off her friends and family. Her nightmare becomes a frightening reality where the only hope of survival lies somewhere between death and madness.
Genre: Paranormal Horror Length: 194 pages

Free Horror Novels for KindleThe Garden of Fragile Things

In the late 1970s, Joe Godwin was just twelve years old, living in a working-class neighborhood. Plagued by bullies and a volatile home life, Joe spends his time with his three friends in search of adventure.

The discovery of an abandoned mansion during a simple camping trip in a state forest sets of a series of consequences in motion between the boys, inhabitants of the mansion, and the others who occupy the garden behind the colossal home.

The Garden of Fragile Things is a literary dark tale that chronicles four boys’ coming of age against paranormal forces that operate between two worlds.
Genre: Occult Horror Length: 238 pages

Free zombie novels for kindleWormfood Island

You thought zombies could just eat you…

Wormfood Island is the story of a family on the verge of collapse. When they win a trip to a hedonism resort out of the country, Kevin Miller hopes this is the chance they need to save their marriage. But instead, they find themselves quickly facing a quest for survival against an infestation of parasitic worms that cause the infected to gain monstrous sexual appetites…which quickly turns to an appetite for living flesh.
Genre: Occult Horror Length: 244 pages

Free horror anthology for KindleInk Stains, Volume 4

Death. He plays a cunning role in our lives. Sometimes he uses us to do his bidding; other times, we can elude him, play him for a fool.

But in the end, he always wins.

In this volume of the Ink Stains anthology, our authors examine both Death and death and the power and pain that can accompany it.
Genre: Occult Horror Anthology
Length: 186 pages

free horror stories for KindleInk Stains, Volume 5

The human mind is an incredible organ. It shoots synapses through trillions of connections to the more than 100 billions nerves in our bodies.

But what happens when one of those connections goes bad? What happens when there is a misfire?

What happens when some minds break, and people stop functioning “correctly”?

Join the writers featured in the fifth volume of Ink Stains as they explore what happens when good people go bad or mad. When misfiring brains can no longer separate fact from fiction…or maybe it is all fact, and it is us, not they who are mad.
Genre: Occult Horror Anthology
Length: 206 pages

free horror books on AmazonInk Stains, Volume 10

Death. Murder. Betrayal. An inevitable undoing.

The selfish and terrible actions of humans rarely go unpunished in a world where Fate is a cruel mistress and Karma can be more vengeful than a woman scorned.

Hell is real, and it exists here on Earth as several characters in the stories contained within can attest as they face war, jealousy, domestic violence, and supernatural forces. Some face Hell on a literal level as others discover it is one of their own making. None were prepared for the reality of their consequences.
Genre: Occult Horror Anthology
Length: 248 pages
Free horror stories Ink Stains, Volume 11

Betrayal. Revenge. Death.

When all trust is gone, what is left is a dark, festering hole in one’s soul.

For some, this paralyzes them. They are caught in a loop of regret and fear to the point they are unable to function, leaving them with a shell of their previous life.

For others, the darkness grows until it renders them unrecognizable, and their actions become unconscionable.
Genre: Occult Horror Anthology
Length: 242 pages


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