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Free Fantasy Books for Kindle
Free epic fantasy books for kindleAfter the World by Maire Brophy

After the war is lost, all that remains is to survive. And when you know what you’ve done, you can’t hope for anything more.

Bereft in a hostile world, an orc general struggles to come to terms with his role in the destruction of his people. Running and hiding from the humans and elves that hunt him down, he searches for other orc survivors.
When two human wizards finally pin him down in an abandoned orcish mountain fortress, he must use his wits and cunning to prevail, redeeming himself and the magic of his people.
The Magic Factory by Morgan Rice

THE MAGIC FACTORY: OLIVER BLUE AND THE SCHOOL FOR SEERS (BOOK ONE) tells the story of one very special boy, Oliver Blue, different than those around him and unloved by his hateful family. Obsessed with inventions, Oliver is determined to escape his horrible life and make his mark on the world.

When Oliver’s family moves again, to another awful house and school, he is bullied and excluded, and sees no way out. But when he stumbles across an abandoned invention factory, he wonders if this could be his way out. Who is the mysterious old inventor hiding in the factory? What is his secret invention?

And might this factory be a portal to somewhere else?

Azaroth and Sefalin by Leonard G. Mokos

To restore one man, they will unearth and unleash the ultimate summoner's manual, a relic from The Twilight. It contains secrets of magic and is a devastating weapon. It also hides a brutal secret...

A race against a horde of cannibals, an army from oblivion, an avenging knighthood, the wrong kinds of metamorphoses, catastrophic contagion, a love that endures, a friendship that transcends and an apocalypse that reveals the greatest casualty of all.
Highmage's Plight by D.H. Aire

Professor George Bradley, computer staff in hand, “envisions” an archaeological site, which could turn history on its head. The he falls through a ripple in reality.
He enters a world where: trolls think they are human; elves believe humans can’t do magic since they don’t have souls; a child of prophecy is dying of a curse; a seeress keeps too many secrets; and an ogre and a boy struggle to save each other from a terrible evil.
This is a world where a starship crash landed, bringing about a war, which led to the laws of magic defeating those of science.
Here a demon rages, intent on destroying all life, its minions intent on killing the human mage from another world.
If that wasn’t bad enough, George’s computer is now rather sarcastic…
Ranger Rising by Salvador Mercer

When EVIL rises, GOOD needs a hero.

A thousand years ago, on the world of Claire-Agon, a war raged between men and dragons, destroying the creatures and the land's many civilizations.

When his family is enslaved, Targon Terrel must battle the sinister Kesh wizards to save them, but a desperate group of refugees from his home country of Ulatha needs his help, too.

With the unexpected aid of a Druid of the Arnen, Targon discovers his destiny as a Ranger, but far from solving his problems, this discovery will soon reveal a personal betrayal. Targon's fate brings him closer to long-buried truths about the ancient war between wizards and dragons -- truths that could plunge his world into darkness forever.

New Fantasy Releases on KindleUnlimited
A Snake's Life by Kenneth Arant

The afterlife isn't always what you think…
A loving father of three children, Albert lived a life of few regrets. He served his country far from home. He outlived his soulmate. He died alone.

However, his assumptions about a peaceful eternity, reunited with his wife, are thrown out the window when a meddling god digs his fingers into Albert’s afterlife.

The positive? He will have a chance to see his wife again.

The negative? He has to survive the dangers of the legendary World Tree for the next three hundred years. He’s been reincarnated into a world full of magical evolutions, monstrous deer, sassy ten-year-old elves, and untold hidden dangers. It won’t be easy, but if life has taught Albert anything it’s this: If something is worth having, it's worth fighting for. And he intends to fight.
Ultimate Mage by Simon Archer

If a strange, beautiful woman offered to take you away from your dead-end life to a wonderful new world, would you go?

What if, in this strange new world, your greatest talent was the key to restoring magic and saving a kingdom? Still on board?

How about if you would win the hearts of a beautiful elven princess, a noble warrior woman, and a cunning fox-elf? All sounds good, right?

But what if there was an army of beasts and twisted elves standing in your way, trying to kill you and your friends? And how about the maniacal mastermind that stole the magic away in the first place? Think you could handle him?

Well, you could... if you were an Ultimate Mage. Ready to get started?
Scions of the Black Lotus Box Set by JC Kang

For an imperial assassin, assignment as a courtesan feels like a waste of her talents... until killers target her clan sisters.

As the Black Lotus Clan’s most formidable operative, half-elf Jie hoped the emperor would send her on critical missions to safeguard the realm.

Instead, she’s ordered to infiltrate the legendary Floating World, where elite courtesans wage wars with wit, vanquish the staunchest warriors with threads of silk, and coax out secrets with gentle whispers.

It’s a set of skills she lacks. An utter waste of her talents…

…until conspirators try to murder her clan sisters.

Now, with seeds of insurrection finding fertile ground in the Floating World, uncovering ringleaders could mean sacrificing her friends.

Jie must decide who lives and dies.

Because when faced with a nascent rebellion, your choices could save an empire.

Or topple it.

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