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Free Science Fiction Books on Kindle
Free science fiction ebooksLunar Escape by C.P. MacDonald

Keep his ship flying and do a little smuggling. That’s all Captain Calin Aku wanted in life.

Then he discovered a secret society hidden from humanity for a thousand years.

As a smuggler and wanted outlaw from the Solar System Authority, is he also the reluctant hero the citizens of the Moon don’t know they need? Can he and his ship stop an apocalyptic event that threatens the survival of the Moon, and possibly Earth itself?

Toskaheart by Alia Hess

Is happiness worth the risk when your life is the wager?

In the depressing gray landscape of 2170 Moscow, Sasha Roborovskiy is fighting to make something of his life. Alcoholism, government-mandated medication, and a dead-end job create impossible hurdles, pushing Sasha into a daily routine of isolation, fatigue, and confusion. He dreams of a place free from the crushing thumb of Russia—blue skies, open roads, and a clear mind.

When a bizarre website on the darknet offers him a chance at a new life with a research team in America, it seems too good to be true. But no one has set foot in the Americas in over a hundred and fifty years, after a devastating virus wiped out much of the continent. Even if the stories of monsters and roving gangs aren’t real, the risk of contracting the virus is, and the experimental vaccine needed to live there doesn’t always work.

Freedom and a fresh start are just what Sasha needs, because he can’t survive his life of oppression much longer. But taking the trip to uncharted America is permanent—and fatal if the vaccine fails.

Sun's Fury by DJ Cooper

Mankind is only nine meals from anarchy — Alfred Henry Lewis

The electric is out, and no one knows for how long.

Quick thinking may save them, but death is right at the door. Jim and Ike begin to scavenge supplies, but they could never have imagined the horror lurking in the shadows. They must decide; stay and face pure evil in their own neighborhood or leave for the safety of friends and family and face the gangs.

Imagine if you will an event that will change everything; how quickly mankind will descend into anarchy. Take a journey of three days’ time and witness it for yourself.
Bug Out by Charlie Dalton

An elite military unit is sent to a remote human colony to investigate a communication blackout.

Rigel 4 was the setting for our victory over the Bugs. We claimed the territory and installed a colony. We haven’t heard from them in over a month. Something was wrong.

Setting down, we search the colony. No shots had been fired. Children’s toys lay scattered. Clothes hang on washing lines. Meals sit half-finished on desks piled high with papers.

The colonists had vanished without a trace.

Then we hear something, something none of have heard since the Ultimate Victory.


The sound of Bugs. They’re back.
Second Life of Mr. Hunt by Gerrit Overeem

In the fifty thousand years since Ryan Hunt was cremated, human history has taken several catastrophic turns. After nuclear annihilation came the volcanoes, and now there’s a plague bearing down on humanity. It’s going to take something big to save them this time.

And they get it, in the form of a resurrected Hunt, who’s been given a second life. His DNA, it turns out, is the key to rescuing the species. But it won’t be as easy as simply swabbing the inside of his mouth.

To survive in this new world, Hunt has to evade the kidnappers who are after him, hop from planet to planet, and even dust off his tux for a date to a ball. Even more challenging, he needs to navigate the waters with adventurous and beautiful scientist Dr. Kat Winslow, whom adventure seems to follow.

With help from a friendly robot named NORA and a newfound sense of daring, Ryan Hunt is ready to take on the future—whatever it brings.
New Science Fictions Releases on KindleUnlimited
Krimson Run by Julia Huni

The Federation will make you pay for your crimes, even the fake ones.

Tony, a spy from a rival star system who is the scion of a galactic crime family. Quinn, falsely accused former military betrayed by her husband. A conspiracy that intertwines their lives.

Where did the government go wrong? When they separated Quinn from her kids. She vowed to do whatever it would take to find them and rescue them.

They should have let her. Instead, they made her fight. Now Quinn and Tony will make the Federation wish it had taken the easy option.

Quinn’s escape starts today. Tomorrow will have to take care of itself.

Fitzgerald's Funny Sci-Fi Shorts

Seven quirky shorts by bestselling author Patrice Fitzgerald are gathered in this collection. They'll make you laugh... and they'll make you think.

A game show for aliens.
A robot who falls for her master.
A government that tells you what to eat.

And more...
Edge of the Splintered Galaxy Series by Eddie R. Hicks

Four books, 2,000+ pages, one incredible space opera fantasy journey across the galaxy!

The mission was simple. Discover and explore uncharted planets. What Captain Foster’s crew discovered was an ancient nemesis.

And they accidentally awoke it.

Now, Captain Foster’s mission has changed. Her crew has become the galaxy’s only hope to thwart the largest invasion to threaten the Milky Way, from a foe thought to only exist in myths and legends.

And the only way to do that is by building a mishmash team of explorers, marines, scientists, and psionic aliens, then prepare for a voyage to the edge of the galaxy, the origin of the ancient threat.

What they discover there will either be our last hope to prevent the galaxy from burning or valuable intel to organize us for the invasion’s final phase.

And we are so not ready for an all-out invasion.

Foster and her crew need to reach worlds at the edge of the galaxy. And they need to do it fast.

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