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Free Science Fiction Books on Kindle
Free science fictions books for KindleStar Soldiers by Andre Norton

Andre Norton-Grand Mistress of science fiction-presents a grand tapestry of the far-flung interstellar future, in which the first starships from Earth have burst out into the universe . . . only to run straight into the restraining grasp of the stagnant alien federation known as Central Control.

Only as interstellar mercenaries can humans go to the stars; the aliens who already dominate the galaxy allow no other recourse. But when Swordsman Third Class Kana Karr and his comrades-in-arms are betrayed and abandoned on a hostile world by their alien masters, the warriors from Earth begin a desperate but glorious march across a planet whose every sword is against them. Their actions may doom humanity's future . . . or lead the way to an empire of their own!

Four thousand years later, galactic civilization is collapsing, and the underfunded crew of an exploration starship is forced to set down on an uncharted planet: a mysterious, abandoned world that is achingly beautiful-and hauntingly familiar. Ranger Sergeant Kartr, telepath and stellar Patrolman, searches with his crewmates for the source of a beacon which may mean escape for them all. What he finds is far stranger: the first clue to what may become the greatest revelation in galactic history!

The defining events of future historyas only Andre Norton could tell them!

Genesis Earth by Joe Vasicek

The ultimate voyage of discovery ends with the truth about yourself.

Michael Anderson never thought he would set foot on an Earthlike world. Born on the farthest edge of the solar system, he studies planets from afar. But when his parents open a wormhole and discover signs of intelligent life on the other side, Michael is the only planetologist young enough to voyage to the alien star.

He is not alone, but Terra, his sole mission partner, is no more of an adult than he is. Soon after their arrival, she begins keeping secrets from him. But she doesn't realize that her darkest secret is one that he already knows.

Twenty light-years away from humanity, what they discover on the alien world forces them to question their deepest beliefs about the universe—and about what it means to be human.
Relics of Andromeda by Jonathan Michael Erickson

Anka believed the stories since childhood: the alien relics bring ruin and madness. Ancient pieces of technology that have minds of their own, the relics interface with human psychology, granting the power to bend space and time—often inducing psychosis. When the colonists of Andromeda first discovered the relics, long before Anka was born, humanity was plunged into chaos.

Now Anka carries a relic in her pack, tasked with securing the object before it does any harm. She sets out with her companions across the desert by foot, marching towards the distant city— even as the relic begins to whisper in her mind...
Ferromancer by Becca Andre

Solutions aren’t always black and white—sometimes they come in shades of iron gray.

Captain Bridget “Briar” Rose wants for nothing. Each day is a new adventure, living the life she loves, running cargo on the Ohio & Erie Canal. That is, until her cousin decides to sell the family boat to finance a new business venture. He wants to build locomotives for the railroad—the very industry that could put the entire canal system out of business.

Not one to give up without a fight, Briar does a little snooping into her cousin’s new business partner. When she gets a sneak peek at the locomotive plans, she suspects that the man is either a genius, or a ferromancer—one of the dreaded metal mages of Europe’s industrial revolution.

Determined to reveal her suspicions, Briar takes the plans and heads for the newspaper office in Columbus, stealing the family boat in the process. Kidnapping her cousin’s handsome business partner wasn’t part of the plan, but when he shows up, demanding the return of his property, she can’t let him go. After all, if Briar can prove that the railroad is using ferromancy, she could save more than her boat. She could save her way of life.
Sci-Fi Short Stories by Jon Griffin

A collection of short science fiction stories by Jon Griffin.

Black Space
Rockets, Space, Death

In 2061, commuters shuttle from New York to the moon as easily as people once boarded a train. With eleven daily transits, it's business as usual. This flight is special, but why?

Sergeant Desh Arld Neck is months from retirement, having served the NYPD for 20 years. He's in the middle of an AA meeting when he gets a call. It's urgent. Something has gone very wrong, and he must get back to the precinct. Now.

The moment he spots the mayor and police commissioner, he knows this is no ordinary case. Not good, and,what does Galim Jerin have to do with space?

If you love science fiction thrillers, you'll love Dark Space. A short story about manipulation, psychological scars, and the human condition.

Despair, Hope, Triumph

Stranded on a planet light-years from earth, three children run out of food. They only know the rain. 10,000 days of it and someone has to leave the pod or they all die.

Dark Horse 1954
Demons, Fear, Resignation

I used to lead a normal life… until I turned ten. Then they showed up.

That night haunts me to this day.

Now, at thirty-two years old, I leave some unknown town yet again. Then they do the unthinkable. Lucky for me I have an ally.

Or do I?

Dead Justice
Hal Steadman works for the CIA. He knows how to kill people and how to get rid of the bodies.

He failed his mission in Eastern Europe, and has to pay the price. Small town Texas is the currency. You learn a lot at The Farm, but playing a US Marshal?

They never told him what he was protecting, but an accident reveals the truth... and it isn't good.

The Ark

Phillip Carmichael hit rock-bottom. Time to get out of town. Reno sounds good.

On his way he encounters a mysterious storm that envelops him. Emerging from the storm he finds himself at the edge of deserted town, in a different time. Time travel isn't possible... is it?

Will he find what he wasn't looking for, or exactly what he needs?

A time travel short story.
New Science Fictions Releases on KindleUnlimited
best new science fiction releases for Kindle UnlimitedPayback by Michael Anderle

Kaiden might be a genius when it comes to destruction, but the other side has the greatest warship on the planet.

It's about even.

Kaiden, plus the rest of the academy students and faculty, are working to take down the AO's greatest threat.

The City-Killer.

Will they be able to destroy the ship that forced them from their homes?

If they do, what will be the cost?

The League of Unusual Denizens by Mark Cain

The only thing worse than the end of the universe is … Casual Day.

Six denizens of Hell, one saint and a small blue alien join forces to stop the ultimate catastrophe: the destruction of the cosmos. That most of them are dead is of little consequence, for they possess great powers. Halos and horns, strength and sarcasm, courage and comedy, oh, and a management textbook: this team has them all. They are THE LEAGUE OF UNUSUAL DENIZENS.

LOUD: a superhero team par excellence on the ultimate voyage through what is truly the final frontier.

LOUD: a stupid acronym, though it fits well on a T-shirt. And this team of misfit heroes will need every advantage if they hope to save the heavens and the earth from returning to Chaos.

Here they go, into the breach. Get LOUD!

The Complete Magitech Chronicles by Chris Fox

Enslaved and Forced to Fight Dragons

Tech Mage (book 1)

Aran awakens in chains with no memory. He’s conscripted into the Confederate Marines as a Tech Mage, given a spellrifle, then hurled into the war with the draconic Krox and their Void Wyrm masters.

Void Wyrm (book 2)

Major Voria stands ready to accept the cost for her actions at Marid. Stripped of command and resources, Voria must find a ship and rally a crew. Somewhere within the Umbral Depths lays a hidden world, a world that the dead god Marid intended her to find.

Spellship (book 3)

Voria, Aran, and Nara survived their trip into the Umbral Depths. They retrieved the Talon, and are now searching for the First Spellship, the key to victory in their war against the Krox. Their search leads them to Virkonna, the home of the Last Dragonflight, a world where Dragons still rule. The world where Aran was born.

War Mage (book 4)

The Krox have finally reached their end game, and the sector will never be the same. Their relentless fleet darkens the skies of New Texas, home of the fabled Ternus shipyards. Their only hope lies with their sworn allies, the Shayans. But the Shayans refuse to help.

Krox Rises (book 5)

Nebiat has seized godhood, and now controls Krox, the most powerful elder god in the sector. Both Ternus and Shaya know she is coming, but their preparations cannot save them. She launches a strike at Ternus that cripples their home world, and shatters their fleets.

Nefarius (book 6)

Krox's assault on Shaya has been foiled, but the cost was bitter. Ternus lies in ruins, its gravity doubled by a god. Shaya is a paradise, but one populated by a mere handful of survivors. Only one power strong enough to oppose Krox remains... The Last Dragonflight.

Godswar (book 7)

Nefarius has risen. She is implacable. Unstoppable. God after god is fallen and consumed, and each time the terrible dragon-goddess grows stronger.

One possibility of victory remains. Aran, Nara, and Kazon discover their true purpose, left by the elder god Xal when he planned for his own demise. With this contingency they have one chance to oppose Nefarius. One chance to stop the goddess that will devour everything.

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