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Free Horror Books on Kindle
Free horror stories for KindleInk Stains, Volume 7

Decay. The word inspires images of mold-encrusted carpets in abandoned hotels, forgotten toys in the rain, and rusting roller coasters.

Those of us who call ourselves urban explorers are obsessed with it, perhaps because of its profound sense of sadness; if we are still and listen, we can hear the whispers of a brighter past.

This pervasive ghost doesn’t only haunt the physical world; it invades our bodies, minds, relationships, and societies. It is inevitable; we are helpless to stop it.

In these stories, one man is suddenly stalked by the same hooded figure that pursued his terminally ill father, while another stalks the world’s evil at great cost to himself. A woman who’s recently picked up smoking undergoes a monstrous transformation, another reels when she sees her boyfriend for what he truly is, and North Pole elves experience heartbreak for the first time. There are more; fifteen tales in all.
These are the things we lose; we die a little each day.
Genre: Horror Anthology
Free horror novels on AmazonThree Nights of the Vampire: Complete Trilogy

One woman. Two vampire brothers. Three nights of terror.

As she waits by the window for a long-promised visit, Chloe Carter begins to tell her granddaughter the story of her life. It's a story that begins with a younger Chloe moving to Paris to make a fresh start. Everything seems to be going well, but then comes the battle between two ancient, dying vampires, followd by a journey back in time to World War Two Paris.

Matthias Bane is a hellraiser, with no interest in anything other than the pleasures of the world. His brother Hugo is intense and driven, and dedicated to scientific discovery. When they arrive in Paris, Matthias is badly wounded and Hugo is desperate to find a way to save his brother. But when the brothers make a deal with a Nazi leader, they set themselves on course for a destiny that neither of them can accept.

Three Nights of the Vampire is an epic love story about three people trapped in time, and about the dangers of refusing to accept death. Originally published in three volumes titled The Vampire Falls, The Vampire Burns and The Vampire Rises, the trilogy is now available together for the first time in this omnibus edition.
Genre: Occult Horror
Free zombie books for KindleMalady

William Rivers is dead one way or another.

If the zombies don't kill him, his worsening pneumonia will.

For the last few months, ever since everything went to hell, William has been surviving however he can in a small Colorado mountain town. Unable to get home, he's been living on the roof of a gas station at the edge of town with a Ukrainian cook named Anton. But as William's cough worsens and his lungs fill with inevitable death, the young man is faced with the deadly prospect of going into town and braving the zombie horde to find some antibiotics from the pharmacy there. When he and Anton encounter new terrifying zombies that they haven't seen before, will the two of them be able to find the antibiotics William needs and get back to their gas station sanctuary alive? Can William cure his malady?
Genre: Zombie!
Free horror anthologies on AmazonThe Dark Verse

Twenty-six short stories of occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror that will follow you to the visions of your sleep.

The Dark Verse is a multiverse of Lovecraftian horror, spanning different realms and times, that touches upon evils that transcend the knowable. Whether a galactic entity that casts flesh off the wicked, a scientist harnessing the power of metamorphosis, or a diabolical overlord that torments souls in a dimension of unrelenting pain, there is no escape from the occult horrors that await you within the innumerable folios of The Dark Verse.

This is Sharkchild's first collection of grim and ethereal tales.
Genre: Horror Anthology
Free Grimdark fantasy books for KindleImmortals' Requiem

There are beings that live a shadow's breadth from our reality...
They are the dreams and nightmares of humanity, the ancient seeds of fairy-tale and superstition. These are the Immortals, creatures of magic that should live forever... and they are fading.

When a horror two thousand years dead returns to contemporary England, creatures long thought lost to myth and legend collide in a scramble for survival that could tumble civilisation back into the dark ages of blood and death.
Genre: Grimdark Fantasy
New Releases for KindleUnlimited
New Kindle Unlimited Horror novelsNext Door: A Horror Anthology

The year is 2019 and technology has come so far that we spend more time staring at our mobile devices, and screens in general, than getting to know our next door neighbour. Gone are the days of knowing everyone who lives on the same street, or in the same village. Instead we leave our houses, avoid eye-contact or give the bare minimum of grunts to those we see and go about our daily lives without a care for anyone else. No more street parties, no more kindly neighbours checking in on you, no more Christmas cards from the little old lady who lives across the street. There's only "us" and our technology.

This anthology takes a look at who lives NEXT DOOR and what secrets they may be keeping. And who knows, maybe it will serve as warning to you that, really, you should be paying attention to those living close-by. After all, Fred West was someone's neighbour once...
Genre: Horror Anthology
Release Date: Nov 11, 2019
Free horror trilogies for Kindle UnlimitedA Terrifying Trilogy: Escape!, Dark Ride, & 12 Steps

Three terrifying modern horror classics from master of the genre, Iain Rob Wright. Guaranteed to keep you awake at night.

BOOK 1: Escape!

Cheryl is about to learn that the people she works with are keeping a secret. One they are willing to kill for.

Cheryl is the new girl at work, which is why she feels like she doesn't have a choice when she's asked to go on a "company outing." She and six of her colleagues are to be locked inside a room with only their wits to aid them. If they escape in time, there'll be prize money. Fail, and the repercussions could be deadly.

BOOK 2: Dark Ride

'Bright Lights' AJ Starr is a pro wrestler on the rise, and his life is about to change forever. Knowing this, he plans one last party with all of his best friends. The venue? Saxon Hills theme park, abandoned ten years ago after its flagship ride burned down and killed nine innocent people. Some people say the place is haunted, but AJ knows from his time inside the squared circle that fantasy and reality are totally separate things.

Or so he thought.

AJ has no idea how nightmarish things are about to get, and eventually he'll be left wondering whether he brought his friends to Saxon Hills theme park to have fun. Or to die.

BOOK 3: 12 Steps

A rainy night. A storm incoming. A group of alcoholics trying to stay clean.

But staying clean is impossible when you have blood on your hands. Justice will always catch up with you.

Adam lost his entire life to alcohol, but tonight he is one year sober. While he never expects to ever again be happy, he is at least back in control of his life. That is until a ghostly face appears at the window and turns his world into a nightmare. Now the only people he can rely on are his fellow drunks, and some of them are keeping secrets.
Genre: Horror Box Set
Release Date: Nov 13, 2019
Horror novels on Kindle UnlimitedAnger and Death

A bloodthirsty evil has been unleashed. And only one man can stop it…

Dan Tate is alone. His PTSD drove his wife away years ago. Now he is left with two children he barely sees, and a head full of nightmares that grow worse each day. But Dan has one very special gift… the spirits of the dead speak to him. With the help of a young ghost, Dan works to bring peace to these restless souls.

As Dan struggles to heal his own mental scars, a dark presence grows in the shadowy streets of his small town. Janet Ladd, a greedy and unscrupulous medium, has unleashed a terrifying force of evil from beyond the grave—a violent entity consumed by anger and rage. And as this sinister new ghost begins its bloody rampage, the town is gripped by fear. Panic and chaos consume the local populace, as the police find themselves at a loss to explain the mangled corpses on the streets.

As the body count grows, Dan soon finds himself on a collision course with the wrathful spirit. But can Dan summon the strength and resolve needed to banish this wraith back into darkness?

Or will his own tortured past drag him into the shadows of death?
Genre: Occult Horror
Release Date: Nov 8, 2019


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