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Free Science Fiction Books on Kindle
free science fiction books for KindleThe Communication Room

Leonard Ackerman lies low in a mysterious lab filled with strange communications devices and telephones -- a last-ditch experiment to save Earth from an alien invasion. Then the first telephone rings. The only thing Ackerman can do is answer...

In this tale of post-apocalyptic survival, Leonard Ackerman works at a remote army base trying to solve the greatest threat facing mankind -- an alien invasion has eroded our species down to very few numbers. His base is compromised, and Ackerman retreats to a laboratory he has never been seen, locking himself there with the enemy right outside his door. Inside the lab are thirteen telephones -- from the American civil war through to Ackerman’s present day.

This laboratory seems to be some sort of closed experiment, and Ackerman discovers that he cannot exit the lab until the experiment has run its course. The method and ultimate goal of the test is beyond his reach for now... but the first telephone rings and the only thing Ackerman can do is answer...

free science fiction thriller ebooksWelcome to the Madhouse

In space, medicine can be murder…
Grace Lord, combat surgeon in training, has just landed her dream job aboard a medical space station. Attacked by a powerful gorilla-enhanced combat soldier the moment she steps onto the station, she quickly realizes this assignment will be far from typical. She treats the wounded space marines of the Conglomerate under the watchful eyes of stalking androids who all look alike and a mentor with a serious case of megalomania. Meeting a drop-dead gorgeous psychiatrist almost makes it worth it, until the station docks with a mysterious vessel…

The ship is void of crew. There are only some suspicious-looking oily puddles instead. Then Death comes hammering on the station with a flying fist. Before she knows it, Grace and her companions are on a race against the clock to find a cure for the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known before the medical station is blown out of existence…


A former naval starfighter pilot, Maarkean Ocaitchi once fought to protect the Alliance and its principles of freedom and democracy, but his sister's rebellious past forced them both into a life of smuggling. He nevertheless refuses to believe her assertions that the whole system is corrupt... until she is arrested and condemned to death as a traitor.

Now, Maarkean must decide where his loyalty lies, and will either spark a rebellion or help crush the spirit of democracy once and for all. The experience will challenge everything he thinks he knows about resistance, loyalty, and friendship.
Prophet of the Godseed

When you travel between worlds, time slows. In the depths of deep time, travelers become ancient. They become gods.

Alone, Padalmo walks through the eternally sunlit desert of Terranostra. He prays for the return of the Seeders, the race of gods who instilled all worlds with life, and that they would make him into their prophet. Above, Malcolm Macbeth watches a world that has changed radically in the 2000 years since he seeded it with human life; a world which now walks the razor edge between two kinds of annihilation: nuclear war and cognitive singularity.

As war breaks out and the fate of the world races toward a grim conclusion, the Clan Macbeth must find a way to save the world - if it is worth saving at all. Moses, a refugee from Earth's ancient singularity may hold the key in his union with technology, but can the clan make use of him in time?
Through Stranger Eyes

Flesh comes cheap in a machine world
Doctor Rick Stenslandt has always advocated against the fusion of man and machine. But after a near-fatal accident, he is forced to accept ocular implants or go blind, end up unemployed, and without social status.

But something goes wrong. Now he remembers people he has never met before—influential members of the corporate elite that governs the world. And they have all been murdered.

Worse, it seems he’s the next target.

On the run from the police and a pair of augmented assassins, Rick seeks refuge in the infamous alleys of the megacity. But to protect the ones he loves, he cannot hide forever. Now he must figure out his borrowed memories and his connection to the victims, before it’s too late.

New Science Fictions Releases on KindleUnlimited
New Science Fiction releases for Kindle UnlimitedNew Year on the Anvil

We're heading for New Year 'cause Christmas is gone
But fables and magicks won’t leave us alone

Christmas is done aboard the Anvil. But one crew member won't let go of the Christmas magic. Cue strange happenings!

Why is it snowing in the hallways? What's inside the mysterious package from Jack? Can Tiger Bread be trusted?

Find out this and more in this rip-roaring seasonal sequel to Michael Penmore's popular spin-off story, Christmas on the Anvil.

Casey Lewis led the best Special Operations unit in all of the Confederation until it betrayed her. Taking revenge, she expected to die in a blaze of glory and gunfire but that was not to be. Now she's Chef of the Navy and it's her job to teach, tutor, and investigate each and every kitchen in the fleet. On her own terms. When she accidentally uncovers a plot against not only the battleship she's on but the Confederation as a whole, all hell breaks loose. Bad Casey is back and she's not fooling around this time!

Faulty Prophet

Colin’s supposed to deliver a prophecy. Problem is, he forgot what to say…

Evangelist Brock T. Hanson believes Colin Douglass to be the prophet he’s been waiting for his whole life, the man who will lead the faithful back to Earth and trigger the most momentous event since Creation itself. But there’s a problem.

Actually, there are several.

First, Colin Douglass himself doesn’t believe a word of it and is the kind of chap who’d rather stay at home with a nice cup of tea than cross the galaxy on some foolish, idealistic crusade. Second, Earth lies within the territory of the Transhackers, a race of cold-blooded, trigger-happy cyborgs who don’t easily forgive those who trespass against them. And third, Colin Douglass might not even survive a trip to Earth because he is succumbing to a life-threatening illness.

When Hanson kidnaps Colin and takes him to Earth anyway, Tyresa Jak sets off in hot pursuit to rescue Colin before either the Transhackers or his disease can destroy him.

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