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Free Science Fiction Books on Kindle
Science fiction by David BrinThe Giving Plague by David Brin

Not all villains succeed at being evil. Not all diseases deserve the word plague. Fate can be ironic indeed. The chilling short story, The Giving Plague, follows microbiologist Forry, a self-proclaimed cynic, jealous of his “boy wonder” colleague who discovers a unique virus that could change humanity. Transmitted by blood donations, the virus manipulates humans toward altruism and charity. Forry decides that he will do anything to take credit for this discovery…until a more deadly alien virus infects the human race, forcing him to wrestle with his own inner demons.
Theocrates and the Crystal Cavern by Bryan DeWeese

One day out of the blue, Theocrates began hearing voices. They wanted him to go to the crystal caverns. No one had been to the crystal cavern in over seventy years! But the Fate of Terexia was in the balance and Theo knew, somehow, that the voices were correct in what they were telling him. He had to go. The first step was to get permission, but even asking could be viewed as a criminal offense. Little did Theo know that these voices would catapult him into an adventure that would change his life forever.
Rise of the Protector by Winn Taylor

AT SEVENTEEN, Jinx is doing a below-average job of staying out of trouble.

In her defense, being the first and only reject from the Virtual World she was born to enter was a bit of a bummer.

While every other denizen on her space station trains for their future life in the VR (a virtual reality designed for discovering higher wisdom and recording it), Jinx prepares for Galactic Release by shifting her trouble-making into overdrive.

When she isn’t sneaking into restricted areas, she’s devising ways to check on, Laris — the only denizen she cares for.

But when the space station’s VR goes into lockdown, trapping Laris and thousands more, Jinx is pulled into a mystery. Her race to uncover the truth reveals galactic thugs hunting her kind, an annoying zealot undermining her every move, and a hazardous virtual landscape to navigate.

So yeah, Jinx has got her hands full.

Fortunately, she’s got a waggish geek and an ice cream addicted tween AI who’ll risk their backsides to make sure she fulfills her so-called destiny. Not to mention a few new powers that’ll come in handy . . . if she can stay alive long enough to discover them.

Fingers crossed she’ll master her inner hero. The survival of Laris, humanity, and all organic life depends on it.

But hey, no pressure. She’s got till the end of the day.
Silver Rising by Mel Enderby

Financed by the wealthy, the migration from the old world promised equality for all who joined the venture but, after the arrival on New Earth, the wealthy quickly resumed their old roles and old ways. The natural resources of New Earth, and what they could be converted into quickly,
became the global currency for all. The importance of these resources led to humans adopting a native trend - naming people by them.
Both natives and newborn humans had names like Ruby, Steel, Sapphire, Mica, Clay, Olivine and Topaz.

It would be decades before the communications technology and manufacturing base of Old Earth could be replicated, so parts and machines were taken to provide simple technology and transport: sailing boats, airships and steam engines. The new world would be a deliberate technological step backwards.

Many humans were ignorant of the new world’s sleeping threat. But a few had formed a secret alliance with the natives to deal with it - a solution had been seeded in the population. Some of the humans born in the new world would form part of an army.

No one imagined that the arrival of humans would disturb the sleeping monster sooner than expected. All the natives knew what the first sign would be - black bullets left on the beach at low tide.

The sign comes and unfortunately, the army is too young to fight - Silver is rising. He has sensed something new, alluring, and irresistible in humans.

Have humans travelled the galaxy only to be consumed by a monster?
Free science fiction novels to downloadCode Red by John Minx

You Cannot Hack Your Destiny . . .

A genius hacker is plagued by strange visions which haunt his dreams and hint at a mysterious destiny. Caught red-handed with US military designs, Jacob Wylde is sent to PROPS, a top secret research facility where a handful of tech criminals are trained for active duty as cutting-edge cyber spies. Here he meets Rebecca Kent, a committed hacktivist with secrets of her own and a burning desire to secure her freedom.
As their relationship develops, dark forces are already at work, plotting the pair’s ultimate destruction. And it's only a matter of time before these fugitive cyberpunks must battle for survival and seek redemption on the fly.
New Science Fictions Releases on KindleUnlimited
best new sci-fi releases for Kindle Unlimited subscribersAtomic Comets: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection by Gabriel Tuggle

Somewhere in another world, this is all happening right now: a mysterious book found in the ancient waste of a nuclear holocaust, a World War One soldier crosses into a future battle, a mentally-ill man's childhood friend is brought back to life, farming colonies on the moon, and more. Experience total escape into new worlds. Meet the android military of tomorrow. Witness a society who has never set foot outside. Each story brought to you from the unknown reaches of a new imagination.

Gabriel Tuggle, an award-winning author best known for horror works, has ventured beyond reality in "Atomic Comets", an adventure unlike anything in your dimension. Readers have said Tuggle has "an innately strong ability to tell a story," and is "undoubtedly the finest writer I've encountered."

Freelance On The Galactic Tunnel Network by E.M. Foner

Can a food writer turned investigative journalist uncover financial fraud on a galactic scale?

It's been less than a century since ancient alien AI saved us from financial suicide by adding our planet to their interstellar tunnel network. Over half of Earth's population has emigrated to live and work on alien worlds and orbitals, and humanity now aspires to that signature vessel of advanced species, a jump-capable colony ship equipped to support millions of pioneers on the search for a new world. With trillions of creds at stake, are humans doomed to repeat the mistakes that led to Earth's first galactic bail-out? Or might a more experienced investigative journalist look for fraud closer to home?

Join the intrepid reporters of the Galactic Free Press, a senior EarthCent Intelligence agent, and an independent trader, as they try to make a living and do their best for humanity with a little help from alien friends. Freelance On The Galactic Tunnel Network is a standalone novel that is the twentieth book in the EarthCent Ambassador / EarthCent Universe sequence, and can be read without starting back to the beginning.
The Vanished Birds by Simon Jimenez

A solitary ship captain, drifting through time.

Nia Imani is a woman out of place. Traveling through the stars condenses decades into mere months for her, though the years continue to march steadily onward for everyone she has ever known. Her friends and lovers have aged past her. She lives only for the next paycheck, until the day she meets a mysterious boy, fallen from the sky.

A mute child, burdened with unimaginable power.

The scarred boy does not speak, his only form of communication the haunting music he plays on an old wooden flute. Captured by his songs and otherworldly nature, Nia decides to take the boy in to live amongst her crew. Soon, these two outsiders discover in each other the things they lack. For him, a home, a place of love and safety. For her, an anchor to the world outside of herself. For both of them, a family. But Nia is not the only one who wants the boy.

A millennia-old woman, poised to burn down the future.

Fumiko Nakajima designed the ships that allowed humanity to flee a dying Earth. One thousand years later, she now regrets what she has done in the name of progress. When chance brings Fumiko, Nia, and the child together, she recognizes the potential of his gifts, and what will happen if the ruling powers discover him. So she sends the pair to the distant corners of space to hide them as she crafts a plan to redeem her old mistakes.

But time is running out. The past hungers for the boy, and when it catches up, it threatens to tear this makeshift family apart.

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