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Free Science Fiction Books on Kindle
Into Twilight by P R Adams

He does the government’s dirty work. When he’s double-crossed by one of his own, he’ll stop at nothing to take out the trash.
Korea, 22nd Century. Surrender isn’t in Stefan Mendoza’s DNA. So when a traitor betrays his black-ops team, he alone pushes through the torture and escapes with revenge burning in his mind. On the verge of a systems failure, he taps into his underground network for a set of cybernetic limbs. But his high-tech recovery comes at a heavy price—an assassination hit on a rising political star.

Filled with resentment for the cutthroat world of contract killers, he uses the hit job as a cover to track down the traitor. When he discovers he’s competing with other assassins for the same political target, he starts to piece together a sinister conspiracy that could lead him straight to the shadowy figure behind his betrayal.

Trapped within a hotbed of corruption, can Mendoza exact his revenge and win his freedom or will he spiral deeper into the twisted game of brokered death?
The Man Who Sold The Earth: Classic Sci-Fi Stories by John Russell Fearn

"The atom war destroyed the world in which beings of your type existed. Continents went under the waves; radioactive force was everywhere. There were survivors on mountain tops and islands, but they too had changed..."

Jacob Mastervil controlled the world through money. His iron grip around the world was ruled by a cold, disinterested view of humanity, no love for any fellow human, and no seeming moral compass. Bruce Calthorp, the man's secretary, is increasingly uneasy at Mastervil's moves. However, standing up to Mastervil leads to peril...

The Man Who Sold the Earth is a collection of short science fiction stories by the masterful John Russell Fearn.
Free humorous sci-fi for KindleOpposable: The Halteres Chronicles by Kirk E. Hammond


The fate of the world couldn't rest in worse hands.

It's up to psychotic, cyborg cats, a combustible alien, the punk rock alchemist, a spaghetti-strapped, pistol-strapped merc, and a severed head to convince Dr. Vanderbilt only he and his cats can prevent the imminent alien invasion.

It'll take every gram of effort (and drugs) they can find to knock some sense into Dr. V as they cut a swath through the Rocky Mountains and Southwest on their way to head off the attack.
The Running Game by L.E. Fitzpatrick

Rachel’s father called it the running game. Count the exits, calculate the routes, and always be ready to run. She is a Reacher, wanted by the government and the criminal underworld for her psionic powers.

Charlie and his brother John have a reputation for accomplishing the impossible. But after losing his family, Charlie is a broken mess and John is barely keeping him afloat. In desperation, they take a job from a ruthless crime lord, only to discover the girl they are hunting is a Reacher. One of their own kind.

With the help of dangerous and dubious allies, can Rachel turn the game around and save herself?

Free science fiction anthologies to downloadTHE DAWNING LIGHT: 45 Sci-Fi Novels & Stories in One Volume

e-artnow presents to you this meticulously edited SF Collection, jam-packed with thrilling intergalactic adventures, supernatural mysteries and lost world tales:
Psi-Power Series:
Brain Twister
The Impossibles
Pagan Passions
Anything You Can Do...
Quest of the Golden Ape
Unwise Child
Short Stories:
The Highest Treason
Despoilers of the Golden Empire
But, I Don't Think
A Spaceship Named McGuire
The Eyes Have It
Nor Iron Bars a Cage
Damned If You Don't
By Proxy
The Foreign Hand-Tie
The Penal Cluster
Hail to the Chief
His Master's Voice
The Judas Valley
Cum Grano Salis
...Or Your Money Back
The Bramble Bush
The Unnecessary Man
The Asses of Balaam
With No Strings Attached
A World by the Tale
Dead Giveaway
Suite Mentale
The Man Who Hated Mars
Thin Edge
Instant of Decision
Heist Job on Thizar
Fifty Per Cent Prophet
The Destroyers
Hanging by a Thread
What the Left Hand Was Doing
Belly Laugh
In Case of Fire
The Measure of a Man
Time Fuze
...After a Few Words
New Science Fictions Releases on KindleUnlimited
CoffeeSide Fictions : Of the real and the imaginary by A.A.J. Drew

Nine tales, multiple spins; preposterous beginnings and ends. If you enjoy SF comedy mixed with a bit of truth interwoven together all diced and spliced and mashed into spectaular goo, then this is for you. Enjoy these stories and prepare yourself for upcoming additions that will be just as twisted as the works herein.
Alter Ego: The Other Me Graphic Novel by David Terruso

Would you help kill the world's only superhero if the price were right?

Self-centered sleuth Chris Club despises Blue because he failed to rescue Club’s only friend. So when Club gets recruited to uncover Blue’s secret identity, he jumps at the chance, hoping to prove to the world that whoever’s behind the mask is a villain.

Club's psychotic boss, an actual villain, wants to kill Blue—not for some grand scheme, just to make the whole world sad.

The invulnerable superhero with the decapitating uppercut has no reflection, only comes out at night, and never leaves the Centro city limits.

As Club unravels the mind-bending truth about who and what Blue is, he learns Blue truly is a good guy, and starts to care about him. And he realizes if he doesn’t betray his boss, Blue's blood won’t be the only blood on his hands.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction September/October 2019

The White Cat's Divorce – Kelly Link
American Gold Mine – Paolo Bacigalupi
Kabul – Michael Moorcock
Erase, Erase, Erase – Elizabeth Bear

Little Inn on the Jianghu – Y.M. Pang
Under the Hill – Maureen McHugh
Madness Afoot – Amanda Hollander
The Light on Eldoreth – Nick Wolven
Booksavr – Ken Liu
The Wrong Badger – Esther Friesner
Ghost Ships – Michael Swanwick
Homecoming – Gardner Dozois

Last Human in the Olympics – Mary Soon Lee
Halstead IV – Jeff Crandall

Three Score and Ten – Robert Silverberg
Books to Look For – Charles de Lint
Books – James Sallis
Films: Love Death + Some Regression – Karin Lowachee
Science: Net Up or Net Down? – Jerry Oltion
Plumage from Pegasus – Paul Di Filippo
Coming Attractions –
Curiosities – Thomas Kaufsek

Mark Heath, Danny Shanahan.

David Hardy

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