Saturday #FrightNight Amazon Kindle Horror Freebies – May 25, 2019

Saturday Night is #FrightNight

This Week’s Free Horror Reads!

Dystopian horror, vamp hunters, creatures from the dawn of time… check out these free to download horror books on Amazon!

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Free Horror Books on Kindle
free horror stories on AmazonGhost Stories

In his first collection of short stories, Ron Ripley delivers eight spine-tingling tales of the strange and the macabre. Weaving an intricate web of storytelling, readers are asked to join him on a journey through some of the darkest of his works.

Book a room at the old Crowe’s Bed and Breakfast, but be certain you can leave.

Join the Treasure Hunter as he digs up graves and awakens more than just the dead.

Lay beside a homeless man in a Shelter, but make sure you’re not trespassing.

Set up your cameras alongside The Ghost Hunters, just don’t follow them into the dark.
Genre: Horror Anthology
free kindle horror novelsThe War on Horror

What happens when the zombie apocalypse turns out to be a zombie aberration?

Three years have passed since the rising of the undead, and life has more or less returned to normal.

Zombie encounters are now few and far between. The undead are more of a nuisance than a menace; they are less likely to sink their teeth into unsuspecting civilians than they are to be attacked by vigilantes and rabid lynch mobs.

Laws have been passed for the zombies' own protection, and they are safely and humanely quarantined from society.

Dead Rite, an undead management and control firm, suddenly finds itself on the brink of bankruptcy. The zombie population is dwindling and the bills are piling up.

So when a lucrative opportunity unexpectedly presents itself, it seems almost too good to be true.
A tale of misfits, weirdos, outcasts, alcoholics, trust fund activists, dead-head hippies, sleazy politicians and psychotic hillbillies; all foot soldiers fighting in the war on horror.
Genre: Humorous Horror
free dystopian horror novelEmpty Bodies

In a single moment, everything changes. Hundreds of thousands of people suddenly collapse, leaving their friends and loved ones behind, terrified and confused.

Moments later, the fallen rise and the survivors become the hunted.

Follow three intertwining stories through the apocalypse.

Will Kessler works a dead-end warehouse job in Tennessee, driving a forklift and unloading shipping containers. When he wakes up from a nap during his lunch break, he finds most of his co-workers have mutated into monsters, and they have turned the 50,000 square foot building into a war zone, murdering any other survivors. Alone and weaponless, Will must fight through the undead horde to secure the building and answer one question: Is he truly alone?

In Texas, Gabriel Alexander boards a plane, thinking he is heading back to his wife and daughter in Washington D.C. After his flight takes off, several passengers fall suddenly ill, sending the cabin into a panic. Soon, the sick passengers go on a rampage, attacking others on the plane, including the pilot. And with no one to fly the plane, it dives toward the ground, taking Gabriel and the start of the apocalypse with it.

Jessica Davies runs the front desk of a hotel in the North Carolina mountains. It seems like another dull day of checking tourists into their rooms when she receives a call from a guest to bring them some aspirin. The elevator door opens, forcing Jessica into a hell she could’ve never imagined.
Genre: Dystopian Horror
free dark fantasy booksBlame the Goth Girl

Onyx can smell evil. No one; not even werewolves, wendigos, or vampires, can hide from her once they've committed a crime.

When Onyx’s paranormal investigation of a local haunting triggers the death of a divorced mother, she is cut short by the provocative Detective Elliot Stevens.

Now she must either tempt Elliot astray from his clean-cut, straight-edged path or change her apathetic ways and learn the truth about who and what she is — before what she doesn't know can kill her.

Follow Onyx as the ever-evolving mysteries unfold, revealing answers while at the same time, bringing about more questions as to her true purpose.
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
free horror storyBlood Fugue I

Armed only with an ancient tribal journal, her rifle, and a unique Apache tomahawk, Jenny must save her grandfather's life and embrace her dangerous heritage. Or be devoured by it.
Genre: Horror Short



99 Cent Horror Books on Kindle
The Haunting of Riley Watson

When Lucia Star, a fake psychic and desperate for cash, takes a job at a ski lodge in the mountains of Vermont, she ends up in the middle of a real-life haunting. Soon, the ghosts are out in full force, and Lucia is stunned to discover she’s one of only two people who can communicate with them. Can Lucia give the spirits what they want?
Genre: Occult Novella
The Vampire of Northanger

Catherine Morland---nobody's picture of the heroine of a novel---is a sheltered young lady who is mad for gothic novels, especially ones with vampires. Thirsting for adventure, she leaps at the opportunity to holiday in Bath. But the city is filled with perils, threatening to plunge our hapless heroine into violence or impropriety. Vampires walk the streets at night, preying upon the unwary, and more than one has designs upon Catherine herself.

Cross and stake at the ready, the charming, awkward Miss Morland navigates Bath society even as she takes up the vampire-hunting trade. A wealthy but eccentric family, the Tilneys, take an interest in her, and Catherine finds herself captivated by their quick-witted son, Henry Tilney. As the danger in Bath grows, the Tilneys extend Catherine an invitation to join them at their estate, the ancient Northanger Abbey. There she will face unexpected dangers and discover hidden strengths. But will Catherine's adventure end in matrimony or in bloodshed?

The Vampire of Northanger is a funny, violent romp through a supernatural England, inspired by Jane Austen's classic novel, Northanger Abbey.
Genre: Humorous Horror
Bubba Ho-Tep

An elderly, incontinent Elvis Aaron Presley teams up with an deeply incognito John Fitzgerald Kennedy to defend their East Texas nursing home from an ancient Egyptian soul-sucking mummy. This is the short story that became the cult classic major motion picture, inspiring a generation of care-givers, archaeologists, and public servants. TCB.
Genre: Horror Short
The Shadow's Apostle

As the Bulgarian struggle for freedom from the crumbling Ottoman Empire reaches its climax a young soldier named Serafim receives some mystical prayer beads from his father figure. He is entrusted with the task of searching for a special craftsman to engrave them, while ensuring their continued safekeeping. The mythical Broenitsa, which are imbued with the power of Bulgaria's glorious past, are coveted by many and protected by few.

As the fate of the beads shifts to present day three Englishmen become unwitting guardians of the sacred artefact. The recipients are out of their depths but take it all in their stride as they encounter the Bulgarian Mafia, an idiot freedom fighter named Lucho, whirling dervishes and a whole host of beguiling characters on a journey into the unknown.

Indiana Jones meets Trainspotting, meets something quite different.
Genre: Occult Horror

Sisters Angela and Lillian Tremblay return to Summerhaven, New Hampshire, after sixteen years away, ready to face the secrets and half-forgotten memories from their childhood.

One winter's day, Angela finds Lillian dead in the basement of their family home. The police are convinced it’s a suicide, but the town’s residents know better. The house once belonged to an ancient woman who killed children and bathed in their blood. A woman known as the Summerhaven Witch.

When a local woman with psychic abilities connects Angela’s past to her present, the truth threatens to push Angela over the edge.

Memories can scar. Secrets can kill.

The only thing left is for Angela to speak the words that will allow her to talk with the dead.

She must speak the incantations.
Genre: Supernatural Horror


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