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Free Fantasy Books for Kindle
Free fantasy books for kindleSummernight

Legends used to walk the Dragonblood Plains – great heroes now dead who left bloody scars across the face of the world. They are waking.
For Tamerlan – an alchemist’s apprentice, sold to the guild in his teens – the only thing that matters is his desperate quest to save his sister from being sacrificed to the dragon at the height of the Summernight festival.
For Marielle – a Scenter for the Jingen City Watch who can read spiritual residues – all that matters is serving justice to protect her city.
But when Tamerlan stumbles upon an ancient magic that calls the Legends forth, and Marielle scents what he’s done and starts her pursuit, they begin a chain of events that can’t be stopped – a chain that will wake the Legends, call the dragons, and change everything.
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Length: 231 pages
Free children's fantasy books for kindleOrville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Clockwork Glowbirds

Filled with adventure, magic, and wisdom. A fun read for all ages!

Orville Wellington Mouse lives with his Mum in the quiet fishing village of Muridaan Falls, Symoca. His life takes an unexpected turn when he learns his best friend Sophia Mouse is not only from another planet, but is also a member of the Shapers Guild, a group of powerful mice who are able to convert their thoughts into physical objects.

When Orville notices a group of seven glowbirds exhibiting rather extraordinary behavior, he and Sophia attempt to uncover the origin of the unusual birds but soon find themselves enmeshed in a fiendish plot to embroil Symoca in a horrific war. Captured by the powerful and mysterious Red Mouse, the two adventurers are hurled through a spectral door into the terrifying world of Periculum, home of the dreaded giant carnivorous centipedes.

With help from the secretive Metaphysical Adventurers, Proto the Rabbiton, the Mad Mouse of Muridaan, a gigantic Gnorli bird, some ghostly Anarkkian warriors, and the enigmatic Monks of the Blue Robe, Orville and Sophia must find their way home and stop the evil Red Mouse before he destroys Symoca.
Genre: Children's Fantasy
Length: 308 pages
Free young adult fantasy books for KindleWindswept

"Somewhere to the north, something terrible was happening. In the same way that he could smell the snow, and the same way he knew when the caravan would arrive, he could feel something in the air. A fire, in some town a day or so away. And there was a hint of fear in the air, the wild panic of a trapped animal before the slaughter."

The wind has always spoken to Fox, but it was just instinct, wasn't it? Not a god's Blessing ... not magic. But his powers are growing, and soon, he cannot ignore it anymore: he has a gift. And he is the only one. Why the gods chose to make his homeland magically barren generations ago, he doesn't know. Why he's been chosen now is an even greater mystery. Now, he must learn to control his mysterious Blessing, before it controls him. Or worse.
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Length: 394 pages
Free epic fantasy books on AmazonPrayer of Light and Venom

A thousand years ago, when the war against the Sorrow scarred half the world, humankind won only by a whisper.
The Order of the Blaze was founded to keep watch against its return. But they are long gone, and the Sorrow creeps back. To tempt kings and corrupt the world with lies and intrigue.
Oligan Rathratta would sell his soul to preserve his royal house. When the Sorrow offers him his heart’s desire in exchange for fealty, ambition wins over honor.
But has Oligan misjudged the price of power?
Now, in a realm ruled by a puppet-king, sorcery is purged by royal decree.
Witchfinders stalk the land seeking those with magic in their blood.
Alfred is a young priest with an unexpected gift. His only hope is to reach a distant monastery rumored to offer sanctuary and the secret to his blessing.
He could prove he’s more than a coward, if the witchfinders don’t kill him first.
But Ironghast Monastery is not to be taken lightly, and even sanctuary can prove a perilous place.
Genre: Sword & Sorcery Fantasy
Length: 268 pages
Free high fantasy books for kindleFirst Blood

No knight can match her. No professor will pass her.

Jess has a warrior's passion, a Druid's gifts, and a professor planning her downfall. If she doesn't act the proper lady, she will be sent home in disgrace. But when slavers bring misery and ruin to her homeland, she trades silk and lace for iron and steel. Expulsion is the least of her worries, with an entire fortress of enemy soldiers waiting to kill her.
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Length: 265 pages
99¢ Fantasy Books
Dragon Tide

Seleska never meant to cause any trouble when she rescued a baby dragon on the beach. After all, she'd been rescued as a child by a dragon and didn't that mean that she owed their kind a debt?
But now her new dragon friend had gotten her in a lot of trouble and if she doesn't find a way to help him, the whole world might fall apart.
Can Seleska keep her new friend safe long enough for him to save the world?
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Length: 92 pages
Fantasy box sets for kindleCharm: Box Set

The kingdom needs an heir and Princess Charmaine is quite aware that the job rests solely upon her shoulders. When her elder sister dies, Charmaine must take her place at the ball designed to find her a husband. With the wedding itself already planned, a hundred men stand ready to be chosen as her husband.
Now all she has to do is pick.

As a servant in the castle kitchens, Cynder knows his place beneath the royals.
With the impending war between the people of magic and those of his masters, there is little he can do to stop it. On one hand, he’s a staunch supporter of equal rights for his own kind, but on the other, he has already given enough of his life to these people. The only thing truly holding him to the castle is the attraction he feels for the daughter of his King and Queen.

When the two meet, sparks fly… and not just the magical kind.
Genre:Fairy Tale Fantasy
Length: 794 pages
Immortality and Chaos

The prison cracks. What emerges is something no one expected...
Wulf Rome clawed his way up from the gutter to become a general in the Qarathian army. But when he rebels against the king's mad plan for another senseless war, he is exiled to the frontier and sent on a suicide mission into the depths of a merciless desert.

But Wulf Rome is a hard man to kill. Instead of dying, he survives, and in an underground cavern he finds...something.

A vast, ancient wall with an unusual axe embedded in it. The axe gives him the power to topple the king and take the crown, but removing it cracks a prison built eons ago by the gods to contain Melekath and his Children.

Now Melekath's chief lieutenants, the dread Guardians, are free, spreading death and chaos across the land. Soon the prison will crumble completely and the land will be overrun. The future looks bleak.

Until a mysterious stranger appears. Claiming to be a god, he says he is humanity's only hope.

But the weapons he offers are dangerous and uncontrollable and Wulf Rome soon begins to suspect his motives.

As events escalate, Wulf Rome comes to see that the war is far more complex than it appears. The enemy is not who he thought it was and his allies have their own purposes that care nothing for the fate of humanity. On top of it all, there is another, larger danger, an enemy that even the gods cannot face.

Will Wulf Rome be able to navigate the treacherous paths to survival, or will life itself be devoured?
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Length: Books 1 - 5, 1,896 pages
The Dark Citadel Series Box Set

After Darik is sold into slavery upon the collapse of his family’s fortunes, he vows to escape to freedom in the barbarian lands over the western mountains. The city is under threat from a sorcerer and his armies, and Darik plans to use the chaos to escape.

When a pair of scoundrels—the elderly, seemingly buffoonish Markal, and a tall barbarian named Whelan—offer to help him flee the city, Darik has no idea that he’s about to be swept into a larger game. The two men are spies, a wizard and a paladin from the Free Kingdoms on the other side of the mountain.

Whelan and Mark are in the city to observe the sorcerer;s advance, and are alarmed at his growing strength, as he brings giants, dragons, and undead warriors into his ranks to brutally sack and enslave the khalifates of the plains. And they know that if he isn’t stopped before he reaches the mountains, he will carry his war all the way to the heart of the Free Kingdoms.
Genre:Dark Fantasy
Length: Books 1 - 5, 1,482 pages
Forgotten Ages Box Set

The greatest military leader of his time.
The most talented code breaker her people have.
Sworn enemies.

When deadly secrets from the ancient past are unearthed, secrets capable of fracturing the world and destroying all life on the planet, these two enemies will have to work together. They are humanity’s only hope.
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Length: 665 pages

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