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Today is Too Late

The world burns and only a villain can save it…

Dark armies conquer the greatest city in the world. A girl is born who might end their reign, but only if a fearsome killer protects her from the demons of the Nine Hells.

Tyrus is the most infamous warrior in the land. He protects the royal family by destroying their enemies, but his loyalty is tested when a princess is marked for death. Haunted by old memories of honor and glory, he must choose between more murder or defying the dark empire he helped build.
Genre: Dark Fantasy
free epic fantasy books on KindleThe Knight's Secret

A terrible secret. A vengeful empress. An unstable empire.

Sir Corbin, retired Hero of Jerkum Pass, dies on the eve of an urgent mission. His granddaughter Kelsa dons the old man's armor and his wrinkles and sets out to complete his last quest. She ventures to the capital of the Iron Empire. The city is in an uproar. The emperor has been slain by rogue mages. The new empress is livid. Now, every mage is suspect, including Kelsa's mother.

Hidden behind a magic ring, Kelsa infiltrates her grandfather's regiment. The bonds between retired army mages and cavalry have begun to crack. Only Sir Corbin can mend the breach. Caught between the dark suspicions of an old friend in the cavalry and the lustful advances of a mage ex-lover, the disguised hero struggles to live up to her grandfather's shining legacy. Yet the longer she tiptoes in his shadow, the more tarnish she uncovers. Can Kelsa complete her quest before the descending wrath of the empress and Corbin's sordid past expose her?
Genre: Epic Fantasy
free romantic fantasy booksThe Palace of Lost Memories

The king's magnificent palace was built in a matter of weeks. No one saw the builders, no villagers are allowed beyond the gilded gate, and only one servant has ever left. The haunted look in her eyes as she was recaptured by the palace guards is something Josie, daughter of the village doctor, has never forgotten.

For Josie, the palace is a mystery that grows more intriguing after she meets the captain of the guards, a man known only as Hammer, as mysterious and captivating as the palace itself. Whispers of magic fuel Josie's desire to uncover the truth, but an ordinary girl like her can only dream of ever being invited inside.

When the king decides to take a wife from among the eligible daughters of the noble families, the palace gates are finally thrown open and the kingdom's elite pour in. In a court where old rivalries and new jealousies collide, the king's favorite is poisoned and the doctor is summoned. As her father's assistant, Josie finally sees inside the lavish walls, but she soon learns the palace won't surrender its secrets easily, for not a single resident, from the lowest servant to the king himself, has a memory from before the palace existed.
Genre: Fairy Tale Fantasy
free African American FantasyTimbuktu Chronicles: Aida and the Chosen Soldier

Mali Empire, 1312 A.D.

A disgraced soldier and a dangerous child witch are assigned the perilous task of saving the empire from dark forces invading from another realm. As the two battle assassins and beasts dispatched to stop them, they must also find a way to set aside their own animosity towards each other.

While the soldier questions why he, among all others was chosen for this task, the empire hides a chilling secret from him, which if revealed, could spell the doom of man for all eternity.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, the witch also hides a secret, which if exposed, could destroy the empire’s faith in her and dash the hopes of man forever.
Genre: African Fantasy
free urban fantasyNever Save a Demon

The rules for demon slaying are simple.
Rule #1: Never save a demon’s life.
… Oops.

Lyn Conway is a hot mess. She’s past due on her rent, can’t get clients to take her paranormal investigations business seriously, and … Oh yeah, she’s a demon hunter who broke the ultimate rule. She didn’t mean to save a demon’s life. She thought she was saving a cute guy from a horrific attack. But now?

Sam. Won’t. Die.

That is, he won’t die until she does.

Being bound to a gorgeous demon isn’t all that bad, until women who look suspiciously similar to Lyn start dropping dead with a demonic seal carved into their flesh. The tables have turned. The hunter is being hunted. Fortunately, Lyn lives with her number one suspect.
Genre: Humorous Urban Fantasy

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