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Free Fantasy Books for Kindle
Free fantasy books for KindlePriestess of Camelot

A Nordic pagan priestess falls in love with both Merlin and King Arthur and bears their sons. Along with her daughter, she constructs a plan that will endure 1,500 years.

Anya, a pagan priestess of the Nordic Rus tribes, leaves her home country and arrives in Britain. There, she joins the sisterhood of Avalon, headed by the scheming Morgaine.

When Anya runs afoul of the Avalonian high priestess she is sent to Camelot to spy on the court while acting as healer. But there, she falls in love with the High Druid, Merlin, and King Arthur, bearing sons to both of the great men of her time.

After losing both of the men she loves to Morgaine’s treachery, she embarks on a plan that unfolds over the next 1,500 years to return Goddess worship to the island nation and save it from a danger Anya can see but cannot understand.
Free epic fantasy books on AmazonThe Best of Men

"Epic Fantasy on a grand scale" British Fantasy Society Review

Something is coming.
Seama Beltomé can feel it. He can see it.
The four nations of Asteranor are already at war or soon will be. But what’s coming is worse than that.
Seama is reading Haslem’s Song of Ages. Or whatever's left of it. An obscure history of mankind, it announced its presence by bursting into flames in the Escartine Library. The few pages rescued reveal a tantalising glimpse of the Earth’s deep past, a revelation of Ages and deeds unknown.
And they carry a dark warning:
what is forgotten cannot cease to have been,
a crime against existence cannot be undone,
and the banished will seek to return.
Seama has been summoned because the time has come.
Something more dangerous than death, an ancient evil, stands just beyond the gates of the world.
It waits only on a passage opened, a door unlocked.
Seama can hear the rattle of the keys.

Set on an Earth remade, The Best of Men is volume one of the Song of Ages trilogy, an epic fantasy of monsters, gods, warriors and wizards, of heedless villains and decent everyday people.
Free epic fantasy books for KindleDragonfly

How do you live in a peaceful nation when the blood running through your veins comes from a violent land?

Betrayed. Broken. Lost.

Trusting and naïve, Greeta knows she’s different. All she has to do is look at herself. She’s tall and pale, but lives among people who are small and dark. Although she remembers nothing of her origin, Greeta knows she possesses the blood of Northlanders, fierce and mysterious warriors decimated years ago by gods.

Betrayed and devastated by those she loves, Greeta abandons the peaceful village that once welcomed her. After enduring travels that leave her lost and alone, Greeta meets Finehurst, the man who could be her true love – until she learns his dark and disturbing secrets.

Secrets that give him the power to place the entire world under his spell.

Can Greeta warn the village she fled before a new danger destroys them all?
free epic fantasy books for KindleThe Jade Castle

Bekk cannot seem to stay awake. As a sophomore in high school, it doesn’t bode well for his education, or the social services agent breathing down his older brother—and guardian’s—neck.

But Bekk can’t help it. He’s being plagued by dreams—dreams from his childhood, about a land called Iyah.

If he doesn’t snap out of it soon, he’ll be taken away from the only family he has left. But when the school psychologist insists it’s a childhood reaction to the trauma of his parent’s death, Bekk’s only recourse is to figure out the meaning of his dreams, before it’s too late.
free swords and sorcery fiction Marik's Way

Stay out of trouble.

Though this is Marik’s mantra, he rarely seems able to follow it. Having escaped a brutal civil war in his native South, the former soldier now roams the distant North, trying to forget his past and forge some kind of future. Marik suspects he is paying the price for the moment of weakness that caused him to flee his comrades and family and everything he knew. Because however hard he tries, intrigue and danger are never far away …

After an unlikely series of events see him employed as a bodyguard, Marik survives a terrifying shipwreck and washes up on a distant shore. He finds himself in the Salka Delta, an isolated region of islands and marshes. Here, a mercenary named Reverrik has enslaved the local people and Marik is soon recruited by a tiny band of rebels. As well as traitors and outlandish creatures, he also faces
Hammerhand, a giant enforcer feared by all.

Staying out of trouble is never easy.
New Fantasy Releases on KindleUnlimited
Lastest epic fantasy book releasesThe Bones Beneath

Once they were royalty, now they’re renegades.

Halina and Gethen are the last fighters standing against the evil engulfing Quoregna. Newly allied Nalvika and Ursinum march against their eastern neighbors in overwhelming numbers. Citizens are conscripted or killed, their possessions seized. Shrikers roam the lands, stealing children’s souls to empower King Waldram’s necromancy, while mages and hedge witches are seduced by the dark magic feeding his madness. Besera teeters on the brink of collapse and Or-Halee is under siege. Only distant Teleyansk remains free from war’s chaos.

Relentlessly hunted by their enemies, Gethen and Halina must journey to Quoregna’s farthest reaches in search of allies. Can they muster aid from strangers, or will fear of Waldram’s combined armies force the militess and the mage to travel a deadlier road to raise a force against his tyranny?
New epic fantasy booksThe Crimson Hunters

Some mercenary groups are elite, unstoppable, demon-slaying heroes. The Crimson Hunters are not those type of mercenaries.

The world of Dellerin has fallen to The Dark One’s rule. Weavers have been hunted out of existence, and demonic attacks are on the rise. It’s a terrible time to be a mercenary outfit, and a worse time to be an incompetent mercenary outfit. The Crimson Hunters haven’t had a win in months, but this contract feels different. This contract will be the one to pull them from the gutter.

The omens are good, the gods are smiling, and the bounty is curiously substantial.

There’s an injured demon on the run, the trap has been set, and everything is falling into place.

The Crimson Hunters are about to get paid!

Emperor Forged

The emperor is dead, betrayed. Now a new ruler must rise from the ashes.

Mykah Arium is one of the greatest generals in the Empire. Now the emperor is dead, betrayed by a conspiracy that rules in his place. Mykah’s home rots to corruption.

Rebellion is his only option. Mykah gathers his armies of soldiers, barbarians and peasants with raw charisma. But defeating the greatest nation in the world needs more than just armies. He will need his own empire.

Staying ruler is harder than becoming one and helping Mykah are his officers: elite sorceresses, energetic berserkers, and a horned beauty strong enough to battle dragons. Mykah’s past allies are just as beautiful and powerful. They’re also trying to kill him.

Two questions remain: How will Mykah defeat the empire’s nearly invulnerable dragons? And does he have the will to rule over his conquered territory when his true goal is vengeance?

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