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Free Young Adult and New Adult Books for Kindle
Free teen young adult fiction booksOrdinary Boy by Stacey Longo

My name is Curtis Price. Until my extraordinary death, I live an ordinary life in the poor side of town in Osprey Falls, Maine, with my mother and older sister. I am the boy that nobody sees, ignored in the shadows of the hallway. I am the kid that is picked last in gym. I am the student that is never called on in class to answer the question, and, after a while, I stop bothering to raise my hand.

It is not until my stepfather shoots me that I am finally—finally—noticed.

Before I meet my untimely end, let me start at the beginning.

Home of the Can Man's Daughter by James Vachowski

Every boy sees his grandfather as something of a legend, and Richard Petty Schultz is no exception. His Poppy fought the Nazis during the War and notched 17 confirmed kills before a sniper’s bullet left him blind in one eye. In peacetime, the man survived heartbreak, cancer, bankruptcy, and a stroke. Most importantly, Poppy Schaeffer built the Eiffel Tower, which made Christmas everything that it is today.

But even the greatest of men have to die sometime.

Over the course of one hot summer weekend, Richard narrates from his eighth-grade perspective as he and the rest of the tourist-trap community of Christmas, Florida, struggle to accept Poppy’s impending death. A legend of a man who drew in traffic from across the Southeast by building scale replicas of French monuments using nothing but empty beer cans and quick dry cement, Poppy Schaeffer’s passing marks the end of an era for a town that has itself been dying for years, thanks to an untimely Interstate bypass.
The Belief in Angels by J. Dylan Yates

Jules Finn and Szaja Trautman know that sorrow can sink deeply—so deeply it can drown the soul.

Growing up in her parents’ crazy hippie household on a tiny island off the coast of Boston, Jules’s imaginative sense of humor is the weapon she wields as a defense against the chaos of her family’s household. Somewhere between routine discipline with horsewhips, gun-waving gambling debt collectors, and LSD-laced breakfast cereal adventures, tragedy strikes a blow from which Jules may never recover.

Jules’s story alternates with that of her grandfather, Szaja, an orthodox Jew who survives the murderous Ukranian pogroms of the 1920s, the Majdanek death camp, and the torpedoing of the Mefkura, a ship carrying refugees to Palestine. Unable to deal with the horrors he endures at the camp, Szaja develops a dissociative disorder and takes on the persona of a dead soldier from a burial ditch, using that man’s thoughts to devise a plan to escape to America.

While Szaja’s and Jules’s sorrows are different on the surface, adversity requires them both to find the will to live despite the suffering in their lives—and both encounter, in their darkest moments, what could be explained as serendipity or divine intervention. For Jules and Szaja, these experiences offer the hope the need in order to come to the rescue of their own fractured lives.

A Mark on My Soul by Jordan Greene

Noah Andrews hates to lie, but that’s exactly what his life is. One big lie.

At least that’s how he feels as a nerdy, closeted, gay high school senior in a suburban North Carolina town.

But after months of fretting and hiding behind his quotes, Noah finally does it. He comes out to the world, and realizes he had nothing to fear after all. With his lies behind him Noah is ready to take on his new future.

On the same night Noah gets a message from an anonymous boy with a crush on him, and all his dreams begin to come true.

But is Noah truly ready for what life has planned for him?
Norah & Kettle by Lauren Nicolle Taylor

After World War II, orphaned Kettle faces prejudice as a Japanese American but manages to scrape by and care for his makeshift family of homeless children. When he crosses paths with the privileged but traumatized Nora, both of their lives are forever changed...

Lauren Nicolle Taylor’s Nora & Kettle is a heart-wrenching historical fiction novel that will appeal to fans of books by John Green and Ned Vizzini, novels such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Beginning of Everything, Eleanor & Park, The Book Thief, and classics like The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye.
New Releases in #YA, #NA, and Bildungsroman on KindleUnlimited
The Girl Who Made Them Pay by Tikiri Herath

Two girls are fleeing a fate worse than death…
….when one vanishes into thin air.

After a terrifying transatlantic flight, Asha and Katy land at Heathrow International. They believe they’re finally safe.

The sinister men trying to enforce them into a life of cruel bondage are a continent away.

But did they let their guard down too quickly?

Within a few hours, Katy is abducted in broad daylight. In desperation, Asha slips out of the airport, eluding border agents, with one thin clue to her friend’s disappearance.

Every step she takes embroils her deeper in the dark dangers that lurk in the back alleys of Europe.

Who took Katy and will they let her live?

Asha’s terrified of discovering the truth, but she’ll never back down.

Not until she finds her friend. Dead or alive.

And time is running out.

This is a gritty tale of crime and revenge that will take you on a jaw-dropping race from the underbelly of London to the cobblestone squares of Brussels, and to the medieval land of Luxembourg where fortresses and castles can hide the most unimaginable secrets.

Nate and the Invisible Girl by Michelle MacQueen

Rule #1 of falling in love with the girl you left behind: This time, stay.

Even when said girl is the one pushing you out the door.

Ten years ago, Nate Madison left Gulf City when his parents divorced, splitting up their family. He never expected to return, to have to face everyone he left behind.

When he crashes in the most important surf competition of his career, it takes away the one thing he’s always relied on, a love for the ocean.

And he isn’t sure he wants it back.

Broken, he returns to the last place he remembers feeling safe, the last people who loved him. Only, none of them are the children they were when they last parted.

Not his two siblings.

Not the girl next door, the one who’d been his best friend, his everything.

Samantha Reed thinks she’s invisible, that no one sees the girl beyond the illness clouding her days.

But he does. The more time Nate spends letting Sam heal the rift between him and the sea, the more he realizes all he sees is her.

When his old life comes calling, will he have to choose between Sam and the future he always saw for himself?

The Cast Off by Taylor S. Shafer

Sixteen-year-old Garrick is never far from his trusty revolver or his crippling anxiety. While most people live in the utopian enclaves, walled cities built on the ruins of the old world, the lonely cowboy avoids civilization whenever possible.

But he can’t avoid fate. Garrick narrowly escapes a suspicious explosion that kills his father and draws the wrath of ancient war machines known as the Arcadian Crows. Pursued by murderous conspirators as well as the relentless Crows, he flees into the Louisiana wasteland.

Garrick soon finds himself alone save for the company of his loyal hamster Seven. The grief and confusion following his father's death is almost too much to bear. He can't run forever, and he'll need help to stand a chance against his pursuers.

There's just one more problem. To Garrick, the only thing scarier than confronting the Crows is talking to the pretty girl who knows their secrets.

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