Poems by Allen Kuzara


Florescent outburst
Two stars crash in the Hunter
Ten million suns hot

On display for centuries
Orion’s dazzling fireworks


Doin’ Time

Tomorrow was yesterday
When you’re doin’ time.
When becomes where
Leaving only why.

I knew you once
But you don’t remember.
You can’t recall
Next year’s November?

Dodging cataclysm,
A tragic end—
I jumped the stream
Not knowing when

I’d arrive. But now
Is then.
I’m waiting for
Old life to begin again.


This Time

Delinium Ice
A white-hot commodity
Offering second chances,
Bottled lightning, immortality.

But only if you pay the price,
Six-hundred credits, rising.
That’s not too steep
When your alternative is dying.

Once you’re hooked
You’ll gladly pay
To feel young again,
Touch yesterday.

The cycle repeats
Resounding the cadence,
“This time I’ll get it right;
I’ll face down my demons.”

The Ice is a cruel teacher
Repeating its experiments, unfailing.
The results stack up tall.
Your record is your unveiling.

You had your chance
The first go-around,
But you let it slip by
As life unwound.

Excuses and alibis
Lose the weight of reason
As you try a second,
Then a third, fourth season.

The same results
The same outcomes
The same dumb you
Chasing same dumb blondes

Could-have-been, used-to-be
Wish-I-had, wasn’t
All the things you’ll tire of saying
When trying again just doesn’t

Bring about a spark inside,
The hope of restoration
Of bringing back what used to work
Before youth’s cancelation

Now grimmer fates await
Buyers of Ice
The truth hasn’t freed
Them from their lies.

They’ve made their beds
They’ve sold their souls
For canisters of Ice
And bodies un-old

But unmatched to the minds
That can’t forget
Repetitious failing,
Self-inflicted torment.

One life’s enough
For disappointments
And the price for Ice
Is no atonement

For the unwillingness to change
Or learn from mistakes
And the insistence to repeat
All of life’s bad breaks.

But I know that look;
I know your kind.
You’ve got one last reason
Stuck in your mind.

You’ll blame Delinium Corp.
You’ll accuse the Ice!
“It wasn’t my fault
They changed the price.”

If you’d only had it cheaper
If you’d only had it free
It could have made a difference,
Something more than what was seen.

There’s more that’s still inside you,
Or so you’ll tell yourself.
“If I hadn’t had to borrow
For the Ice, I’d have built some wealth.”

And so, despite your resentment
You’ll pay the price for Ice.
Things might work out this time;
You’ll buy another life.



Allen Kuzara is a writer of novels, short stories, and poems. His work has been published in places such as Phantaxis Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @AllenKuzara.

Featured Image by Spirit111 via Pixabay

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