Love Story and Romance Freebies on Amazon – May 4, 2020

Love Story and Romance Freebies

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Free Love Story and Romance Novels for Kindle
Trademan's Entrance by Cameron Vale

The hilarious tale of Stephen the Virgin and Dave the Plumber.

Virginal Stephen Patterson is suffering from writers block on his latest money-spinning bodice-ripper, and his mood can only get worse when Dave the plumber shows up two hours late, mocks him, and plunders his pantry.

But first impressions can be deceptive; Dave is a highly unusual tradesman with an odd line in biscuit-based philosophy, an open-minded approach to sex, and a cast-iron certificate in unblocking all sorts of pipes.

When Dave decides that it’s long past time for Stephen to unclog years of fear and insecurity, Stephen may finally discover who he really is.

Ticket to Forever by Lizabeth Scott

Grant has never been able to forget his first love. He’s tried to forgive himself for what happened and move on with his life. But he can’t because his life was always supposed to include her. He has to try one more time to get his girl back. A cruise is the perfect place to confront their past so they can more forward hopefully together.

Kaylee is ready for a relaxing getaway after the rough few years she’s had. She doesn’t even care that she’s going on a romantic cruise, solo. She chooses to consider it an opportunity to restart her life. Until she sees her ex walking towards her on the deck of the ship. She considers jumping overboard and dog paddling back to shore. Swimming was never her thing, but with the determined spark she sees in his eyes she wonders if she should give it a try anyway.

An African Story: The Marriage by L.A. Osakwe

Akapwon is looking for a bride. However, circumstances have caused his bride price offer to be very low and so it is always rejected. Finally he gets a bride, Maimuna, but is amazed that her father accepted his offer as he was from the Twee village. The fathers of Twee women could demand any price and prospective bridegrooms would willingly pay. Yet Akapwon, who is a poor farmer, has managed to acquire such a prize. He is suspicious. Little does he know how well-founded his suspicions are for Maimuna comes with a devastating secret.

In the nick of time, Maimuna's parents receive an offer of marriage which would save their daughter from a painful death. Without hesitation the offer is accepted. Yet danger still threatens for it has only been postponed.

As Maimuna prepares for her wedding, anxiety consumes her.

These Starcrossed Lives of Ours by Megan Linski

Christine Fjord is on the run.

After making her escape from the cult she called her family, Christie is wanted dead by the cult's cunning and venomous leader, Annabelle Lane. An expert in the art of deception, Annabelle's threats aren't to be taken lightly. Once you're in the cult, you're in it for life.

The only way out is death.

Christie's break from Annabelle's clutches leads her to a small town and into the arms of a man who is the opposite of everything she's been. Ian Rosenthal is kind, forgiving, and willing to risk his life to keep Christie safe. But is falling in love worth risking her life?

Like a Boss by Logan Chance

What happens if the one man you swore you’d never see again after a very hot and sizzling one-night stand turns out to be your new boss?
Well lucky, unlucky me, because that’s exactly what’s going on in my life.
Single dad heartthrob, Theo Sullivan thinks he can just waltz into my place of work and act like he owns the joint? Well, technically he does.
But, still.
We shared one magical, heart-stopping night together.
And that’s all it was supposed to be.
What makes matters so much worse is my new boss doesn’t even remember me.
This restaurant isn’t big enough for the both of us. And one of us is going to have to leave. And it won’t be me.
‘Cause I can do his job, and mine like a boss.

New Romance Releases on KindleUnlimited
The F List by Alessandra Torre

Take a poor girl - me.
Give her a million dollars and a chance to reinvent herself and you end up with her - Emma Blanton. A quasi-celebrity chasing fame, fortune, and one freakishly pathetic crush on Cash Michell.

Take a rich guy - him.
Give him the perfect life plus heartbreakingly good looks and you have him - Cash Mitchell. A social media stud who has been my arch-nemesis since the first time I made the tabloids.

The entire world knew of our rivalry and had taken sides.

Thank God none of them knew our secrets.
Dear Future Ex-Wife by Jillian Quinn

I, Harley McQueen, do not take Nathan King to be my husband…

I wish I could say no to this wedding. But to save our fathers’ company, my ex-best friend needs a fake bride to bail him out of his latest scandal.

Nate has a reputation with women.
I want the promotion my father has denied me for years.

Together, maybe we can make this fake marriage work.

As long as I don’t fall in love with him…

Legends of Honorable Ladies by Abigail Agar

Delightful Regency romances full of emotion, drama, action, plot twists, and of course, love!

Dancing with an Enigmatic Duke

When Emmeline was summoned to London by her brother, the Earl of Pentworth, she never expected that she would have to fight for her right to choose her own match. In the meantime, Lord Nash Torrington is facing the same difficulties as his mother will not be satisfied until he is properly married off whether he likes it or not. When his best friend's beguiling sister arrives in London, Nash sees a golden opportunity that might just solve both of their problems. Things don't always go according to plan though and he finds himself surprisingly stricken with Emmeline's wit and unique beauty. Waltzing across ballroom after ballroom together, Emmeline and Nash will quickly find it hard to believe their courtship is a scheme. Will they be able to make their dreams come true and marry for love?

The Rebirth of a Peculiar Lady

Lady Catherine Connelly is a girl different from the others: courageous, confident, assertive. But not even the ones closest to her would ever call her a conventional beauty; a title she wouldn't crave either way. One day she mysteriously leaves London as well as Oliver Garrison behind, the only man who saw her inner beauty. When she returns, there is something changed in her... Catherine finds herself in the midst of a budding war, unsure of how she should proceed. Should she uphold her parents' wishes and marry for title and position? Or should she listen to Oliver's advice to ignore other people's opinion and just follow her heart?

The Secret Plan for a Lady's Liberation

There's just one problem in Lady Charlotte Grand's beautiful life: her parents have agreed to marry her off to a two-faced, arrogant Lord. But little did she know, when she traveled to London with her family, that she was about to meet an exciting man, capable of stealing her heart. She cannot believe that Lord Ewan Conrad is a man of incredible title and status, even though gossip swirls around him. Soon enough, the heroes are about to find themselves in a whirlwind of whispers, anger and betrayal. Will Charlotte find a way to escape from the terror of the deceitful Lord? And will Ewan and Charlotte find in one another a true soul mate, despite all odds?

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