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When I Fall, I Shall Rise: A Holocaust Survivor Memoir by Dan Shtauber

It all began in 1944 when the Germans occupied Hungary.
This is when Risa Shtauber’s life turned from an ordinary life to one of surviving unspeakable horrors.

Risa was shipped together with many other Jews to the Oradea Ghetto and from there to the Plaszow Labor Camp and later to the Ober-Altstadt Labor camp. And even this was not enough… Risa was sent to the Auschwitz Death Camp to be slaughtered!

But, she survived!

Having survived, she met her husband – Mordechai Tzvi and they created a family which included 4 sons, 22 grandkids and 34 great-grandkids!

Had anyone told Risa Shtauber during 1944-1945 that she would celebrate her 90th birthday in Israel surrounded by her sons, grandkids and great-grandkids, she would tell them to stop fantasizing.

But in 2016, this came to be!

And today, at the age of 94 and living her life in Israel, she still feels victorious when remembering those horrible years!
Bells Above Greens by David Xavier

Returning home from war to the classrooms of 1950s Notre Dame, Sam Conry has lost a brother. Peter was the biggest name on campus, a man who Sam looked up to in every way. Now his memory shadows him.

Sam had never met Elle Quinn before. When he meets her on the campus greens he had never heard her name before. The more Sam discovers about her and the quiet secret she shared with his brother, the more he regains structure in his own life.

In this tender love story, Sam explores his trust of friendship and love under the bells of the Fighting Irish.

Frosted Glass by Michael J. Vaughn

A painful break-up/break-down chases high-tech marketing wiz Sandy Lowiltry from her Silicon Valley home. She comes to rest on the Oregon Coast, where she seeks solace in the opera-themed sanctuary of the Hotel Bel Canto and the arms of a handsome eccentric who spends his days combing the beach for sea glass.
Sandy soon learns what the tourist ladies already know - it's easy to fall for Frosted Glass Man. Besides great sex and alarmingly intricate campsite cuisine, Frosty offers do-it-yourself mythologies that would melt even the coldest heart. But will she really leave behind Silicon Valley for love in such a strange package?
The Fridge Drawings by D. Bunyan

Burdened with passions, resentments and unhappiness Jennifer’s extended family is arriving at her house in France for a holiday. When they leave she will give them modest gifts that will put their already fragile relationships into meltdown. Alec’s love affair with Jennifer’s son is to become one of the casualties. In his desperation to retrieve the relationship he finds himself out of his depth as the lies mount up. But the sweet, reliable Alec is forced to discover that the arts of lying and money laundering have their uses.

‘Now, how does the lovely Jennifer disguise her money?’ says Alec confidently, ‘Let me count the ways. Dollars under the wallpaper? Diamonds hammered into the floorboards? Old masters sewn into the curtains? Cocaine in the U bend?’
No, she’s far cleverer than that.
When Strange Calls You Home: A Collection of Short Stories by Kelly Punton

The dreams and the words do not frighten me; they only interrupt my waking. It is my corner of exotic. A secret junction where the mysterious meets my comforted existence.'
The characters in these stories are all searching for something more – some folk are sitting, waiting, wondering when, or even if, their lives are going to change, whilst others are finding mystery in unexpected places.

You will meet the Private Investigator desperate to find her city’s missing beloved hippo; a teenager trying to explain why an exotic language haunts her in the night; a famed artist seeking refuge from her New York city life in a dreamy, desolate ranch; and a spirited cat with a critical message.

When Strange Calls You Home invites your curiosity: is it really outrageous to treasure the mysterious and magical in even the most beautiful, painfully ordinary lives?

New Releases on KindleUnlimited
Odd Numbers by JJ Marsh

In every group of friends, each has a role. The mother, the dad, the big brother and little sister. All except Gael. The outsider. The one who wasn't there when it happened.

Dhan was the jester of the group, until the night he disappeared, taking part of their future with him.

Every other New Year’s Eve, they gather to remember Dhan’s death and to celebrate their friendship.

But what if that friendship is built on a lie?

Gael’s a journalist. Her instinct is to seek out the truth.

Two decades later, it’s her turn to organise their reunion. In a snowy chalet on New Year’s Eve, Gael starts asking questions. She wants to know what really happened that night. Old wounds reopen and a dark secret comes to light, sending a shockwave through their lives.

Truth comes at a price.

When Heroes Flew by H. W. "Buzz" Bernard

For B-24 bomber pilot Al Lycoming, the mission was history in the making. For Women’s Airforce Service Pilot Vivian Wright, it was a chance to put her skills to the ultimate test...and share in the burden of combat.

Dispatched to Benghazi on mysterious orders, Al Lycoming finds nearly 200 other B-24 bombers being assembled...and a top secret assignment that will catapult them all into seemingly impenetrable Nazi defenses.

Their mission: a daring low-level attack on Hitler’s extensive oil refineries.

But when his co-pilot falls ill at the last moment, Al secretly finds help from an unlikely source—Vivian.

Together, the two fly towards dark skies filled with enemy flak and fighters...and into the pages of history.

Meadowlark by Melanie Abrams

After growing up in an austere spiritual compound, two teenagers, Simrin and Arjun, escape and go their separate ways. Years later, Simrin receives an email from Arjun. As they reconnect, Simrin learns that he has become the charismatic leader of Meadowlark, a commune in the Nevada desert that allows children to discover their “gifts.”

In spite of their fractured relationship, Simrin, a photojournalist, agrees to visit Meadowlark to document its story. She arrives at the commune with her five-year-old daughter in tow and soon realizes there is something disturbing about Arjun’s beliefs concerning children and their unusual abilities. When she discovers that the commune is in the midst of a criminal investigation, her unease grows deeper still.

As tensions with police heighten, Arjun’s wife begins to make plans of her own, fearing the exposure the investigation might bring for her and her children. Both mothers find themselves caught in a desperate situation, and as the conflict escalates, everyone involved must make painful—and potentially tragic—choices that could change their worlds forever.

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