5 for #SciFiSunday, Amazon Kindle Book Freebies – Jan 20, 2019

New Sci-Fi Freebies for #SciFiSunday plus free comic books!

Download these science fiction books and comics for free!

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A brand-new novel, Vindication, by Kenneth Wolfson – limited time only. Also, grab classic science fiction from Edgar Pangborn and download the first issue of the DC Comics 53 Series.


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Free Science Fiction Reads

What would you do, to save the people you love?
Would you fight an interstellar war?
Would you burn the entire universe down?

Commander Adrian Huxton has served the United Systems Armada for 30 years. He’s defeated humans, aliens, and every monster crawling from the gaps between the stars. Yet time remains undefeated and even the strongest soldiers are ground down. Now he's ready to retire and be a father to his teenage daughter.

On his last day of service, the Prophet Emoche Hulle declares a holy kingdom, and launches a rebellion that smashes the United Systems. Betrayed by his friends amidst a massive battle, Adrian barely escapes with his life and supercarrier, leaving his terrified daughter behind on a world occupied by murderous rebels.

Adrian promised he'd come back for her, and he keeps his promises. He must rally his terrified crew and put his supercarrier Vindication back into the fight. Like her Commander, Vindication has been battered to breaking point by decades of violence. Together they must win one final battle. There’s no fury like a parent when their child is in danger, and no parent has fury like Adrian Huxton.
West of the Sun

After eleven years in space, the Argo landed on the dangerous, unknown planet Lucifer. The crew faced an untamed world of huge, carnivorous birds with wolverine heads and flashing black teeth; furred, ten-foot-tall men; and red-skinned, man-eating pygmies.

They fought for mere survival. But their duty was to colonize and populate the planet . . . with four men and only two women!
Clouds of Venus

Dale Kinmont is a college student in post-catastrophe America. He's lucky; he lives in one of the walled cities for the nation's elite, and life is pleasant. He expects to graduate and find employment in his uncle's company.

Everything changes when he's framed for murder. He's tried, convicted, and sentenced to hard labor in the prison colony on Mercury.

He ends up in Hesperus instead, a flying city that soars eternally through the acidic skies of Venus. His goal now is to find a way to clear his name and return to Earth before Hesperus erupts in civil war. He also must battle the harsh realities of the planet itself. Because if the Hesperans don't kill him, Venus probably will.
Flying the Storm

"It’s only bravery if there’s a chance you’ll lose."

The Gilgamesh: a colossal airborne warship and relic of the Thirty-Year War. Once the glorious flagship of the North Atlantic Union, it has become a hive of renegades and pirates, unchallenged in the skies over Eurasia. Like an angry god, it dominates wherever and whomever it chooses. Now it has chosen the Crimean Peninsula, the most lucrative trade hub on the Black Sea.

In Sevastopol, two Gilgamesh marines are dead, and in seconds the merchant airman Aiden has become a wanted man. It doesn't matter that it was his pilot, Fredrick, who got them into the fight in the first place – Aiden finished it.

Now they must run, taking their aircraft deep into the Caucasus Mountains to evade capture and execution. Through dogfights, shootouts and cock-ups the pair must make their escape, hounded by bounty hunters and slavers, driven to discover a secret that might – just might – change the balance of power forever.
Rookie Privateer

He dreams of sailing the stars, but he never counted on space pirates…

Liam Hoffen wants off the asteroid he and his family call home. Despite passing the Mars Competency Test, he’s stuck mining a plot of land that may never pay off. To make matters worse, the girl of his dreams is about to ship off to the Naval Academy…

But when a brutal pirate horde sets its sights on Liam’s colony, he and his friends may be their ramshackle town’s only chance of survival. As they gather up all the courage and cunning they can muster, they learn that their little colony holds secrets far bigger than they ever could have imagined. The truth about their dusty asteroid could change everything, if they live long enough to do something about it…
Free Comic Books and Graphic Novels
Saltwater Witch

The comic edition of the first book in Chris Howard's exciting Seaborn Trilogy.

An army of the drowned dead, family betrayal, an exiled witch who doesn't know she has power--or that enemies are lurking all around her, spying on her. Follow Kassandra as she discovers who and what she is in this moving underwater fantasy.

Kassandra comes from the sea, but she has no memory of saltwater, seagulls, or an incoming tide. She's never seen an ocean, never heard the thunder of surf. She's an exile, betrayed by her own family, sent as far from the sea as they could arrange--somewhere in the middle of Nebraska.
Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine

Celebrate the birthday of a living legend with an All-New, All-Different, ALL-FREE commemoration of 75 years of Captain America! From fans' first impression of Steve Rogers socking evil in the jaw, to Sam Wilson wielding the shield today, this magazine has it all- bringing you fully up to date with Cap's comics and films! From a guide to the firmest friends and fiercest foes of Cap's storied history, to an in-depth look at his timeless costume, to features focusing on some of the finest creators ever to write or draw the Sentinel of Liberty- including John Romita Sr., Mark Gruenwald, Mark Waid and the King himself, Jack Kirby! Do your patriotic duty and take home this FREE slice of red, white and blue. Happy birthday, Captain- we salute you!
52: Week 1

The DC Universe spent a year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman--a year in which the fate of the world hung in the balance!

Now Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid deliver the thrilling tale of the heroes who protected the planet in their absence in this best-selling series.



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