Fantasy Poetry by Colleen Anderson



Someday my prince will come

Someday my prince will come…


I’ve been sitting in this ivory tower

this frozen palace, entwined bower

weaving threads, gnawing bones

waiting for a prince to take me home


I’m not allowed to sniff the flowers

shop or take sensual showers

my fingers aren’t supposed to roam

across my body’s erogenous zones


Wait a minute!

I’m tired of waiting all the time

prattling out this asinine rhyme


Someday my prince will come

So when I get him and I will

I always do—it’s foreordained

he’s going to have to keep me entertained


He better be the best

with a magic wand

that will make me come all night

shoot for the stars

I don’t want just any prince

if one is all I can have


After all, we must live happily ever after and let me tell you

faery godmothers, magic frogs, fancy shoes

or enchanted dishwashers will not content me for long

I mean really, would you marry some fellow who thinks a kiss

is a marriage made in heaven?

Known as Prince Charming only lasts till the wedding vows


On second thought, if I can leave this tale as it is, perhaps I’ll take the bumpkin down the road with a 9 to 5 job. More likely I’ll have to support him. Hmmm, perhaps I’ll just keep the tower, go strata, invest in real estate, bring in a computer and home entertainment system. I’ll leave the princes and the frogs—indeed! Horny toads may have more value and with them you know what you’re going to get.


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