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Heir of Bluescale

"He's dead, and we're all going to die."

The words haunted Zane, their truth could not be denied. His days and those of every other dragon in Ethiolan were numbered. Seven months was the best he could hope for, after that he knew there would be no chance of his survival. The last Bluescale was dead and without a Bluescale the entire realm was doomed.

On the brink of losing the greatest war of the age, Zane received a summons from the seer of a neighboring kingdom. The message promises the one thing Zane had lost -hope.

He and his father the king make haste to answer the call and soon Zane is met with a tenacious young dragon named Paige, who holds the key to saving the entire realm.

Paige's fragile existence is soon threatened by the enemy and Zane finds that he has become this intriguing girl's unlikely protector. If he could just find a way to keep her alive for six months they just might be able to save their realm.
Genre: YA Fantasy
Gol: Legends of Ansu

A Doomed Continent Where Two Lovers Struggle To Survive

When a vengeful sorcerer unleashes a Fire Demon to destroy his rivals, he sets off a chain of events that will eventually destroy Gol, a war-torn continent at the other side of the world. Unaware that time is running out Gol’s scheming barons overthrow their king and strive to seize control, unleashing a bloody civil war. Two young lovers find themselves caught in the web of murder, treachery, and sword and sorcery threatening to destroy their existence.

Lissane, a baron’s daughter and Erun Cade, a commoner, plan to flee Gol before its foretold ruin. However, the Baron already has plans for his daughter and sends his brutal sons to deal with her lover. Gol mingles, mystery, myths, and legends with gritty action and snappy dialogue, woven to an epic tapestry of dark fantasy.
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Defiant Guardians

A Collection of Epic Fantasy Tales from Five Wizards of Fantasy

The Silent Blade - by Jacob Peppers
The Killings at Rockman's Ford - by D.W. Hawkins
The Renegade Apprentice - by Andy Peloquin
Cambion - by Stevie Collier
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Dragonlands, Books 1 - 3

Enter the world of Dragonlands with the first three novels from this bestselling epic fantasy series.

Book 1: Hidden

The mystery enshrouding Hutton’s Bridge is as impenetrable as the fog that descended at its borders eighty years ago. Each year, three villagers enter the mist searching for answers. No one ever returns.

Then a dragon falls from the sky to the town square, dead—the first glimpse of an outside world that has become nothing more than a fairy tale to Hutton’s Bridge. Except to Tressa.

Tressa grew up with Granna’s stories of the days before the fog fell. When Granna dies, leaving Tressa without any family, Tressa ventures into the fog herself, vowing to unravel the foul magic holding Hutton’s Bridge captive.

What she discovers beyond the fog endangers the lives of everyone she loves.
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Dragon's Oath

If she can't trust them, she'll kill them.


Jealous lies got me thrust out of Heaven, banished to live out my days on Earth. Being surrounded by demons and Incorrupti Knights were the least of my worries.

When three Other Natured crossed my path with stories about a sanctuary that needed our help, I knew I was here for a reason. Fallen or not, no Angel could turn their back on helping to protecting the innocent.

But the last thing I expected when I arrived was a badly injured Dragon awaiting my arrival and insistent on speaking with me. By name. Curiosity brought me to him, and the instant attraction that sizzled between us wouldn’t let me leave.
Genre: Paranormal Romance



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