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Ink Stains, Volume 9: A Dark Fiction Literary Anthology

from Guest Editor Stacey Longo

Relationships are complicated at best. Some are beautiful, some are beautiful disasters, and some are just deadly.

This edition of Ink Stains explores some of the most fantastic, frightening, and fascinating dysfunctional relationships ever put down on ink, be it with a parent, a friend, a would-be lover, or Kurt Cobain.

Authors Clay McLeod Chapman, Mario E. Martinez, Matt Meyer, Ted Myers, Adam Michael Nicks, Jay Outhier, Doug Russell, Ryanne Strong, Bobbi Thomas, Lynden Wade, Kathleen Wolak, and Todd Zack give us a look at interactions between people behind closed doors and in the dark corners of their minds where dangerous, delirious thoughts sometimes turn into actions.

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Double Visions

It has been 8 years since the country cowered in fear as the serial killer christened The Crucifier wreaked bloody havoc.

Jane Parkes had always considered her ability a fine line between a gift and a curse. She calls it The Shadow World, a place where she can see through the eyes of killers and help bring them to justice.

Her desperation to prove herself led to a basement confrontation that she wasn't prepared for. As a result the Detective that had allowed her to work on the case lay dead alongside the killer.

She put away her ability to see inside the minds of monsters for 8 long years, but now someone else has taken up The Crucifiers' mantle. Someone is killing again, only this time The Shadow World is a two way street and he wants to play.

Sucked into a desperate race for survival Jane is going to learn that sometimes when you stare into the darkness, someone stares back.
Infected Freaks, Vol 1

Armageddon began the day Red Dead entered the solar system. Fear leads to blame, blame leads to choosing sides--and both sides have bombs. Civil War in America turned into a worldwide conflict, leaving the planet in a new dark age.

Nothing has stirred about in the ravaged mountains for two years. Abraham's heart is broken save the fading hope of bringing his lost children home. He sets out without a destination searching for signs of life--what he finds is something infected.

Living husks riddled in fungus and straight out of a nightmare threaten the region. No one knows if the infected freaks are some sort of zombie created in a lab or something alien related to the approaching red planet.

Where do you go when everything in the world is destroyed?
Who do you trust when each survivor is a wolf in sheepskin?
And how do you stop something you know so little about?

For Abraham Heinz, understanding that help isn't on the way is the first step in the long journey to finding peace in a world, so cold. Survival is going to take him beyond moral limits. Hell on Earth is here in Jason Borrego's survival horror adventure--INFECTED FREAKS.
Just a Little Terrible

Just a little…

Haunting – These tomes of terror will stay with you long after you put your book down and go to bed for the evening. They’ve been known to burrow themselves into a reader’s imagination and are capable of warping dreams into twisted, unspeakable nightmares.

Just a little…

Unique – These aren’t your standard horror stories. Don’t think this collection will include tales of haunted mansions, or blood sucking vampires. Expect one-of-a-kind takes on every gothic ghoul and hideous monster you read about in this book.

Just a little…

Frightening – Prepare yourself for some of the most chilling flash fiction ever penned. The mad genius, Vincent V. Cava, has done it again with the latest entry in his creepy catalogue. Do yourself a favor and leave the lights on when you read it.

Just A Little…Terrible
A Week and Some Change

Andrew, a loner, both by choice and by circumstance, is enamored by Tracy, the new bartender at his mother’s restaurant. After learning that Tracy has died in a terrible car accident, he is devastated. But upon arriving at the restaurant to console his mother, he discovers that Tracy isn’t dead after all – in fact, she is working her shift, and no one else seems to think anything of it.

While trying to make sense of the situation, Andrew begins to experience an overwhelming sense of dread: something isn’t right. He needs to decide whether to tell Tracy and risk sounding like a lunatic, or ignore what all his senses are telling him and enjoy what appears to be a second chance.
Killing the Dead

Ryan has always lived quietly. He barely knows his neighbours, keeps apart from co-workers and is happy to be left alone. No one knows that he is a serial killer in the north of England. When Lily knocks at his door, pursued by the undead he soon realizes that everything has changed.

With the zombies growing in number, Ryan is more than happy to put his skills to the test by killing the dead. Anything to avoid that much greater challenge of learning to live and work with other people to survive.



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